Best Seasonal Business Ideas In 2022 [Seasonal Businesses]

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Best Seasonal Business Ideas In 2022 [Seasonal Businesses]

How To Start A Seasonal Business In India?

Seasonal business in India is one of the highly profitable temp occupations around. Whenever an individual decides to open up a small business in India, seasonal business ideas, comes first to mind. Likewise, with other professions the trend in this industry also changes with season like for example- winter business ideas, summer season business in India, rainy season business, and more.

What Is A Seasonal Business?

A Seasonal Business is based on specific timelines that range and change according to the customers' needs like-

  1. Weekly needs
  2. Monthly Needs
  3. Yearly Purchases
  4. Festive shopping
  5. Daily use purchases

All Season Business

India is a land of diversity, festivals, culture, and opportunities. And with such ample celebrations to enjoy around seasonal sales is one of the most sought-after best seasonal business ideas. From local retailers, seasoned entrepreneurs, and big conglomerates, everybody wants a piece of the festive business profit.

With proper planning, strategy, and attractive offers, you can take home a big amount of profit this festive season. There must be numerous small business ideas going around in your mind that could bring in the most profit every season, but just ideas won't play along if there isn't smart execution during the Pandemic.

Strategies For Seasonal Businesses During COVID-19

Many small and big businesses are taking extreme precautions like-

  1. Social Distancing
  2. Limited Customer entry
  3. Limited time for Shopping
  4. Daily Sanitisation
  5. No entry without masks
  6. Limited staff
  7. Cashless Payment options

With these measures on function, people are coming out of their houses to shop for festive needs. Check out some of the top business ideas that can be invested and profited upon in 2022. This list is a complete guide on how to start a seasonal business that will serve you long term.

Seasonal Business Examples In India

1. Indian Sweets & Dry Fruits

Indians love to gorge upon lip-smacking sweets and delicacies, especially during festivities. People are always on the lookout for traditional Indian sweets and reasonably priced dry fruits for entertaining guests at home. Sweets and dry-fruit gift packages can also be outsourced to corporate offices, local retail shops, supermarkets, and more. If you lack funds and resources, then begin making seasonal sweets at home with low investment and decent profits. This is also a good opportunity for seasonal business in Diwali.

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2. Customised Thali Business

From Karwa Chauth to Rakhi, almost every Indian festival has its customised Thali sets that are filled with the pooja essentials. Pre-fixed small bowls, Diya, and colourful patterns make up for an attractive package. You can also price your thalis according to the size and materials you provide inside them like- Kumkum, raw rice, sandalwood, and other pre-arrangements get high demand during festivities.

These Designer Thalis will be pre-decorated for aarti, puja, hawan, marriage, and other auspicious ceremonies that take the hassle and confusion of decorating thalis. This is one of the trending seasonal business plans in India.

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3. Raincoat & Umbrella Business

It is the best Rainy season business idea that serves interstate, intrastate, and cross country. Rains might pour down for 4 months non-stop but no job stops, hence, rainy season products in India go higher in demand every year.

Sturdy quality raincoats and umbrellas are high in need amongst school children, construction site workers, e-commerce and food delivery people, pedestrians who travel via public transport. The investment and the space required to start this business is low and profits are substantial.

4. Kites Business

Kites have been around for centuries and have been an ardent favorite amongst generations of people. After the advent of technology, this business hit slow strides but even today on the 14th and 15th January i.e, Makar Sankranti/Uttarayan, there rises a huge demand for them.

In cities like Ahmedabad and Rajkot, there is a huge demand for designer kites that sell out in thousands and engage in competition at big grounds. If you're thinking about how to start a kite business, do try your luck with this business in Gujarat.

5. Diwali Gifts Business

One of the most profitable seasonal businesses in India is the Diwali gifting market. This includes a large sector of corporates, Mnc's, clients, customers, vendors, contractors who are on the lookout for bulk Diwali package offers to gift their employees and staff during the festival.

This seasonal business requires moderate funding and less space to start. Finding the right distributor or wholesale market will help you price your products smartly. Some areas to explore are-

  1. Useful Diwali Gifts
  2. Budget Diwali Gifts for employees
  3. Corporate Diwali gift box
  4. Customised Corporate Diwali Gifts

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6. Rakhi Business

Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is one of those Indian festivals that are celebrated amongst all classes, cultures, casts, and races respectively. Hence, Rakhi business in India can gain a good profit. There are variations of selling in this business like- making handcrafted Rakhis or wholesaling readymade ones.

Not just that, the yearly turnover for Rakhi in India reaches billions as it also gets imported overseas in bulk. If you are wondering about rakhi making machines and material cost, research on distributors. This indeed is a profitable export-import business for many.

7. Summer Businesses- Ice Cream & Mangoes

If you're wondering what is the best business for summer? Any occasion or in general Summer season in India is incomplete without those delightful mangoes and ice-creams. Running a mango business has proven greatly profitable in India. From varieties ranging from Kesari, Haphus, Totapuri, to Alphonso, almost every family in India consumes around 20 dozen mangoes with every meal.

The ice-cream business in India reaches its peak during the summer season and requires a low amount of investment. All you need is a rent-controlled storage space for your freezers and flavour boxes to make your businesses ready to go. Starting with local restaurants, Kirana stores, and many more options to expand your market.

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8. Firecrackers Business

Nothing excites the Indians more than bursting firecrackers up in the sky during every celebration. Firecracker Business in India is one of the most lucrative seasonal business ideas throughout the year.

May it be Diwali, the wedding season, or the cricket tournaments, every celebration is incomplete without firecrackers. If you are planning to start a short term seasonal business firecrackers might be your way to go as people from all economic strata purchase them yearly.

9. Holi Colors And Spray Gun Business

Holi is the truest form of expressing love via colors. The festival of colors doesn't need a specific target audience or age group to market well. More and more people are investing in herbal gulal or colors that don't harm their skin or the environment.

Every other family is on the lookout for organic Holi colours and fancy/designer spray guns or Pichkaris during March. A moderate amount of investment in this business has reaped huge profits.

10. Christmas/New Year Business

This might be like the last but not the least of all seasonal businesses. Christmas and New year business offers you to explore a variety of options such as-

  1. Christmas tree ornaments
  2. Home decoration items
  3. Christmas gifts (electronics/household items)
  4. Greeting cards
  5. Edible arrangements
  6. Baked goods
  7. Winter clothing

The investment in this business can vary depending on the social and economic strata.

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In Conclusion

These business options were our favorite and the markets. Remember most of these businesses can be taken and sold online, along with maintaining seamless digital accounts using OkShop. Tell us below in the comments section if we missed out on something that matches your list.

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FAQ’s on Seasonal Business Ideas

Q. What are some seasonal businesses?

Ans- Some best examples of seasonal businesses are-

  1. Tuition Classes
  2. House Renovation
  3. Gardening
  4. Firecrackers retailing
  5. Diwali Gifting
  6. Sweets and Dry-fruits
  7. Rainy season items business
  8. Summer fruits business
  9. Winter wear business
  10. Events business

Q. How do seasonal businesses survive?

Ans- To survive, seasonal businesses in India take the following steps-

  1. Cash and Financial Tracking
  2. Managing Credit/Debit records
  3. Offering discounts during off-season
  4. Engaging loyal customers yearly
  5. Developing season-based product lines
  6. Being creative with inventories
  7. Better discounts for the local crowd

Q. How do you manage a seasonal company?

Ans- The best methods to manage your seasonal business are-

  1. Understanding the target audience
  2. Keeping track of timely demands
  3. Organised and detailed planning
  4. Manage side business
  5. Understand the seasonality impact on the team

Q. How do you keep up with seasonal demand?

Ans- Always follow these steps to meet the seasonal demands of clients-

  1. Manage your client and distributor data
  2. De-seasonalize your data graph to understand downfalls
  3. Stock up on the latest products that'll grow in demand suddenly
  4. Keep cut-to-cut communication with your investors and partners in business
  5. Offer affordable pricing and outdo competitors

Q. What is the best business for summer?

Ans- The best business for summertime in India are-

  1. Mangoes
  2. Ice-creams
  3. Gardening
  4. Juice centres
  5. Food/Cafe business
  6. Vehicle rental services
  7. Educational courses
  8. Sports Instructors Agency
  9. Drivers- Weekly, Monthly, Hourly
  10. Part planning

Q. Which business is in demand in India?

Ans- The best business in India currently in demand is Manufacturing. Learn all about Manufacturing works in this blog- How manufacturing takes place?

Q. How do I start a seasonal company?

Ans- Follow these simple steps to start and manage your seasonal company-

  1. Understand and research your target market
  2. Keep Trend update on customers demands
  3. Create a solid business plan
  4. Plan marketing strategies to create word of mouth going
  5. Manage finances and invest smartly
  6. Hire limited and expert staff
  7. Register your business
  8. Obtain all licenses/permits
  9. Improvise products offers and packages from time to time
  10. Stock only needed essentials