Business Ideas For Pune [Booming Businesses]

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Business Ideas For Pune [Booming Businesses]

Pune is one of the country’s largest cities and a hub of IT, education, and manufacturing. The city of Pune has a potential ideal for starting with a small business as it has a high per capita income and a sped-up economy. Any normal day in the city of Pune is scheduled with meetings, exhibitions, business events, and trade shows, thus making it the busiest metropolis. These activities are expected to get a bigger boost in the coming future.

So there can never be a lack of opportunities for starting a new business. Every day begins with the hope and opportunities of a hundred new companies. If someone is looking to hire a skilled person to divide the work and get it done quickly, Pune has a large, capable population. Given below is a list of small business ideas one can start in Pune with low investment.

  • Technical Support
  • Stock Trading
  • Gadget Repair
  • Business Broker
  • Online Marketing Company
  • Baby Care Centre
  • Quick Service Restaurant
  • Old Book Business
  • Coaching Institute
  • Wedding Planner

1. Technical Support

Having a huge IT sector, Tech Support’s business can be one of the best business ideas to start in Pune. This business requires solving intangible problems concerning hardware and software, which the servicer needs to talk through with their potential clients. In the beginning few months, the individual can start as a sole operator and save money. But gradually, when the client base starts to expand, they can hire employees to work under them. This will help save time and get the work done faster and strengthen the base further.

2. Stock Trading

Stock Trading is a lucrative small business idea, especially for the people residing there. Starting this venture can be a tough call on your own, so it will be better to hire a group of people. The individual has to do some research on the European and American stock exchanges for better insights. They can also take some online courses based on finance and gather proper knowledge about stocks. If the individual gets an adequate grip about the business and how it can be carried out, they can earn enough money every day and even make a career.

miniatures of workers repairing various gadgets

3. Gadget Repair

Living in the digitalisation era, a new mobile phone or a gadget is almost launched every day, replacing the old model. There are two types of people: the first who is always updated with the trend and the second who is not bothered by it. They continue to use the same model till the time it is working. If there are any problems, they try to find the solution by repairing it and not replacing it. Thus a mobile phone technician can make marginal profits by starting this business.

4. Business Broker

Another important sector of the city of Pune is business. New businesses are coming up every day, providing a variety of services. Also, the existing ones need new potential clients or might want to sell off their business to someone else. Others are willing to purchase an existing business. A business broker bridges this gap. Even though it is a complex niche, it is a very successful one. If an individual has prior business experience in the business industry, they can easily identify major hotspots.

5. Online Marketing Company

During the lockdown after the Covid period, almost everyone has established their business online. To gain proper success, the business has to be appropriately marketed on online social media platforms to attract new clients every day. So if the individual can brace themselves with the changing algorithms of Google and have prior experience in this niche, they can easily turn their skill into their business. They can begin with a part-time job and then later convert into something full-time.

6. Baby Care centre

This business is already established in many metropolitan cities and has been successfully running. In developed cities, women go out to doing jobs and thus need someone to take care of their children. Thus starting a baby care centre will be a wise decision. In the beginning, it will not require much investment, but as the business keeps growing, they can expand their business by offering more services. A female will be more suitable for running this type of business, but a male can also start by employing a few female workers.

7. Quick service restaurant

A quick-service restaurant is one that provides fast service, for example, Mcdonald and KFC. This would be a successful idea for a city like Pune because it consists of many young people, meaning an exponential growth. Online delivery services can also be an added advantage to the business. If the individual is reluctant to start something of their own, they can take a franchise from any renowned company.

8. Old book business

Buying and selling second-hand books can come around as a great opportunity in a city like Pune. The individual can contact students of various colleges before the beginning of new sessions and offer them the books according to their requirements by giving them books at a lower price available in the market. Xerox copy notes can also be sold to earn extra income, as not all students are willing to invest in purchasing books.

tutor giving class to students

9. Coaching Institute

Many students have to move out of their hometowns to prepare for higher education because sufficient coaching is not available in their city. They have to move to cities like Delhi, Kota, Bengaluru to take tuitions for higher studies examination. Thus by opening a coaching institute, one can easily bridge the gap and help the students prepare in their hometown. This coaching business is sure to prove profitable.

10. Wedding Planner

The only thing that Indians spend money on like crazy is weddings and want them to be perfect in every way. From perfect decoration to tasty food to perfect candid photography, they want everything to be top-notch. Once the brand has been established, the business can be expanded in other cities as well. But before an individual decides to invest in this business, they must get an experience of six months at least.


Today, we see a lot of young and dynamic people who want to start a small business and are still searching for low-cost business ideas and if you have a substantial amount of money and are willing to spend it in a company to make a living, Pune is the location for you. It is home to a vibrant crowd of students and young professionals, which is ideal for launching companies that cater to these demographics.

So, someone beginning a company here would benefit from a huge customer base. It's time to choose one based on your investment, expertise, manpower, industry desire, and other factors. You have a variety of choices to pick from, and you will make a lot of money. Simply put, trust in yourself.

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FAQs on business ideas in Pune

Q. Which places are considered to be illegal for running a business?

Ans. Businesses set up on buildings’ margins or public roads and footpaths are considered illegal. If a written licence has been obtained from the PMC and proper rules and regulations are followed, there won’t be any problem.

Q. What actions will be taken for illegal setups? Can they ask for reimbursements for the damage done?

Ans. When the patrolling is being done, firstly, their materials will be snatched from them, and further understanding of actions which are to be taken will be explained to them. They have to comply with these said actions within a span of seven to fifteen days. Also, they cannot ask for reimbursements for the damage done.

Q. What small businesses are in demand in the market of Pune?

Ans. With the increase in digitalisation and e-commerce platforms, digital marketing is very famous in the market presently. Not only are the people earning a fair share of money out of it, but it is being used for every business type irrespective of its size.

Q. What are some of the most successful small businesses for 2021?

Ans. In the post-Covid period, some of the businesses that would be successful in the year 2021 are online teaching, online reselling, medical courier service, and transcription service.

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