Top 10 Business Ideas In Assam For Women!

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Top 10 Business Ideas In Assam For Women!

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Business Ideas In Assam

Small Business Ideas In Assam For Women

Key Takeaways

Business Ideas In Assam

Assam manufactures some of the world's most exquisite and costly teas. The secondary sector of the economy in Assam consists of factories that produce on a large and medium scale. Among the state's other sectors are fishing, sericulture, forestry and wood products, chemicals and fertilisers, handloom weaving, and garment manufacturing.

Assam is India's largest producer of crude oil and natural gas. Agriculture-based socioeconomic conditions in Assam have generated prospects for a small business idea for woman. Apart from purchasing a franchise, you might want to try beginning your own small company. The following small business ideas for Assam have the ability to generate substantial profits if properly planned.

Small Business Ideas In Assam For Women

1- Courier Service

Indeed, courier service is a necessary component of every state. Establishing a courier firm represents a lucrative business prospect in the business services sector. There is no need for inventory stock in this market. As a result, it needs a modest initial expenditure. Additionally, when you begin as a franchise partner, you gain access to an organised structure. Numerous existing labels in Assam deliver courier and cargo franchise opportunities. It is a business idea for woman with good knowledge of courier.

2- Making Candles

A candle-making company can be started on a shoestring budget and from home. Candles are purchased not just for religious reasons, but also to smell and decorate one's home or place of business. The success and customer appetite for scented and decorative candles creates an enormous market potential for entrepreneurial innovators. It is one of the most profitable business for ladies sitting at home. A small-scale candle-making enterprise may be an excellent source of additional revenue or even a full-time income for entrepreneurs. It is one of the best business ideas in Assam.

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Business Ideas In Assam

3- Bread/Cake Shop or Bakery

In India, bakeries are a long-standing institution. At the moment, the bakery and cake shop model is gaining enormous prominence in small towns and cities. It is one of the best small business ideas in Assam for women. You can even easily launch a franchisee of a well-known brand. Nowadays, there are several national and international brands providing bakery franchise opportunities in Assam. Several of these brands offer a diverse product line that includes biscuits, sweets, and non-veg snacks.

4- Aquaculture

The Assam state fisheries department's mission is to promote and develop economically viable fish farming in the state. This arm of the state government seeks to encourage the concept of industrial fish production in nearly all of the state's water bodies. In Assam, establishing a fish farm is one of the best business ideas in Assam. Fish farming is a unique market opportunity that requires specialised experience, expertise, and regular supervision. Commercial fish farming has been a financially profitable business enterprise on a global scale.

5- Poultry Farming – Egg and Meat Production

Do you like chickens and ducks? If you do, you would undoubtedly like this one. There might be a lot of people who are vegetarians and do not enjoy eating meat, eggs, and other meat-based items. However, meat and eggs are enjoyed by 95 percent of Assamese residents. You can operate a poultry farm from the ground up. You would only need to invest Rs 25,000-30,000 if you start with 300 chickens. This is not a significant sum for a business. In Assam, this can turn out to be a very lucrative and well-run business. However, if you want to make a profit, you'll have to market the finished goods yourself rather than through other retailers. This can be one of the most scalable side business ideas in Assam for ladies.

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6- Tourism

Assam is home to a plethora of historical monuments that are well-known for their cultural diversity, magnificence, architectural precision, and exuberance, such as Khaspur, Charaideo, and Rang Ghar, Asia's oldest remaining amphitheatre. Apart from that, the vast natural beauty of Assam, its national parks, captivating landscapes, plantation sector gardens, biodiversity, and the Assam tea festival are all worth seeing. People from all over India pursue refuge in Assam's immaculate veritable paradise to escape the mud, ashes, and dead ends. Assam provides a variety of market prospects for entrepreneurs looking to make a reputation for themselves in the tourism industry.

7- Making Tea Bags

Assam is renowned for its tea. Assam Tea is exported in vast quantities. This company generates significant income for the state. Here, you may start a tea bag manufacturing company. Teabag manufacturing needs only two primary raw materials: tea and paper bags. A tea bag is a thin, porous sealed bag containing tea leaves that are used in conjunction with a hot cup of water to cook tea. With a modest capital expenditure, an ambitious entrepreneur with sufficient knowledge of tea leaves may start a tea bag manufacturing company. This is a home business ideas in Assam for ladies.

8- Production of Bhut Jholokia

It is the world's hottest chilli, raised in India's northeastern regions. Assam has ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of these chillies, making it a lucrative small scale business ideas in Assam for ladies. Despite its high price of Rs. 2100/kg (approx), demand for Jolokia is increasing due to its use in cooking, peppers, pickles, chilli sauces, dips, as a self-defence tool, and medicinal uses in decreasing asthma, treating arthritis, toothache, and muscle pain relief, and as a cure to summer heat.

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Business Ideas In Assam

9- Tea and Coffee House

The tea and coffee shop is one of the most profitable market ideas in Assam's metropolitan and city regions. The tea and coffee shop industry has grown exponentially over the last decade. With a significant capital expenditure, an individual who is excited and knowledgeable about coffee can open a tea and coffee shop. Tea and coffee shops are seen as a third spot to unwind outside of work and home. The tea and coffee shop market is an excellent place to transform your passion for coffee into the list of small business ideas in Assam.

10- Shop for Sarees

Not only in India but also in other countries, Assam silk sarees are extremely popular. The state's artisans create a variety of handloom sarees in cotton and silk fabrics. In India, sarees are one of the most common ethnic garments. Sarees are worn by women from all states on special holidays, weddings, and festivals. Thus, opening a saree shop is one of the most lucrative business ideas in Assam. Since the state is a pioneer in the manufacture of high-quality, high-quantity silk, it has provided the textile industry with a major boost. Silk-made clothing and dresses are still in style, both in India and abroad. The high quality of its product, as well as its leadership in MUGA and ERI silk development, contributed to its enormous demand in the international market. You may either start a textile manufacturing business or work as a silk dealer both locally and internationally.

Key Takeaways

Assam is a state in northeast India that is well-known for its tea gardens and wildlife tourism. If you're looking to start a small company, Assam is the best place to do so due to the opportunities available. Assam Startup is a government-led project to develop a start-up ecosystem in the state. The aim of this initiative is to foster an entrepreneurial community in Assam by encouraging and inspiring young people to become work creators and fulfil their entrepreneurial ambitions. Assam would thereby become a leading start-up centre in the country. These were some of the most innovative business ideas in Assam for women. You can choose any of these based on your interests and abilities.

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Q. Why should a woman start a small business in Assam?

Ans. Assam has Northeastern India's largest economy. Assam alone accounts for 1/7 of global tea production and is also the world's largest tea-growing area. In India, Assam alone produces 53.55 per cent of total tea output, producing 694.53 Million kgs of tea in the fiscal year 2019-20. Today, Assam's GDP is estimated to be more than 4.09 trillion rupees.

Q. What kind of business can an Assamese woman start?

  • Services of delivery
  • Tea Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Bakery
  • Quick Service Restaurants

Q. Which business ideas in Assam is the most profitable?

Ans. Not only in Assam, but across India, the fitness sector is one of the most profitable and lucrative growth opportunities.