Business Ideas In Goa for Women [Best Ideas]

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Business Ideas In Goa for Women [Best Ideas]

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1. Business Ideas In Goa

As our country has prospered in this digital age, more female entrepreneurs are stepping forward to support their families through their companies. Most of the women started their small businesses in Goa in the pandemic and. You can start your business in 2022 without any hassle or paperwork.

So, if you are searching on the internet, business ideas for ladies sitting at home or small business ideas, then stay till the end to get a complete overview of it. We have classified the best business ideas for women, into three categories that one should choose as per their skill set and risk appetite. The list is home-based business ideas for ladies, small-investment business ideas, and side income/part-time business ideas.

2. Best Business Ideas In Goa For Women

Home-made or Home Based Business Ideas

1- Seafood Dishes Expertise

Everybody knows Goa is famous for its beaches (35), so you’ll never have to deal with running out of seafood. So if you are good with your hands, you can start this business with almost zero investment. Start a social media page, share your signature dishes like fish fry, mutton curry, crabs, etc., and show your audience how to prepare those dishes. Take orders online and deliver them. In the future, if you wish, you can start serving these dishes to nearby restaurants or your own with these or by joining an enthusiastic business partner.

2- Tailoring

Most Indian females are good at stitching and embroidering clothes, so you can start this business by stitching the dresses for your neighbour/friends at a nominal rate, only if you are passionate about it. If you are the one searching for side business ideas for ladies, then go for it. The best part is that you do not need any investment or a setup (unless you are earning 25-30k/month) for running it. When you see an increment, rent a space and hire a team to scale it.

3- Nursery

If you do not want to invest capital for starting a business, this one is for you. Start a nursery and take care of other children only for a few hours, and you can earn a lump sum amount. Create a pamphlet, business card and show others that you are running a nursery, and if they want, you can take care of their children in case of an emergency. You only need to invest in some toys, and you are ready to go for it.

4- Selling Cashew Nuts

Goa ranks 6th in overall India for producing 27,000 tonnes of cashew nuts a year. Cashews are the most expensive food crop cultivation in India that too with a higher profit margin. So if you have agricultural land, you can cultivate them and sell it in a local shop or start selling online to reach a larger audience. This business idea requires an initial investment but has a higher return in the future.

5- Photography

Goa has beautiful beaches, good scenic locations, wedding destinations, and the best place to spend time with your loved ones. If you have the natural skill set for photography, go for it, and if not then: learn about the camera settings, basic exposure & lighting, focus, and the basic principles of lenses. Now you are ready to start this venture, but no one will hire you unless you have a strong portfolio. So make a website, run Google advertising, and set up a Google My Company page to build a strong portfolio and begin pitching clients.

3. Small Business Ideas In Goa

1- Travel Agency

If you are good at offering services, you can start a travel agency by collaborating with other agencies (initially) and grow your business. Book tickets for your clients and offer them a value for money package and provide an excellent experience. Add places in your itinerary to cover all the main destinations like Panjim (spiritual places), Old Goa, Dudhsagar waterfalls, beaches, and carnivals. Goa is primarily known for its tourist destination, and you do not want to miss this part, but it will require a lump sum investment initially to sustain this business. Because of the pandemic, the travel agency is at a halt, but post-pandemic, it will increase, and hence then you should invest in this business.

2- Massage Parlour

Goa attracts lacs of tourists every year, which increases the business opportunities for retail businesses. So you can offer them massage services at a better price or partner with a hotel and offer combined services to increase your chances of getting clients. You only need to invest in a rental space, a few essential oils, a bed, etc., and now you are ready to fly off with this business.

3- Wedding Planner

Many couples plan their weddings in Goa because of its beautiful scenic locations, party hall, etc., and if you are good at managing events, we highly recommend you to go for this business. To manage wedding events successfully, you need to have excellent business partners like marriage hall decorators, catering service providers, cake decorators, etc. You can run this business idea by printing pamphlets, visiting cards, building business partners, and sharing it with your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc., to get the initial clients and referrals.

4- Guest House

If you have an extra flat, you can rent it to the tourists and charge them till they stay there. Tie up with a travel agency and tell them to rent your apartment to others by offering them a healthy commission/sale they provide you. This business requires a huge investment, only when you don’t own a flat, or else it is 100% profitable. Offer your tenants a clean room & bedsheets, some essential utensils for cooking, and make them feel special while renting your flat.

4. Side-Income Business Ideas In Goa

These side-income business ideas usually require enormous investment at the start, and within a few months, you will start seeing profits. We do not recommend this business idea for middle-income group females, as you have to invest all your time, energy, and money.

1. Casino

Casinos are a good place known for gambling, one can invest and try their luck to win a jackpot, but there are only a few places where casinos are legal. Goa is one of the luckiest places for gambling. Goa has the wealthiest casinos like Deltin Royal Casino, Casino Carnival, Majestic Pride, Casino Palms, etc., which allows you to enter with a nominal fee and play there to your limits. So owning a casino business is extremely profitable in 2021, but due to the pandemic situation, you must wait for a few years and then get your hands dirty to get the initial boosts. You can even start it with a few business partners.

2. Water Sports

If you’re both a water and sports lover, then you should start this business. Goa has 35 beaches in total that makes it a highly profitable business for you. Of course, you'll need to make an initial investment, but within a few months, you'll have nothing but benefits in your bank account. Offer tourists of Goa to explore different water sports like scuba diving, jet-skiing, windsurfing, boat ride, etc., and make their experience of visiting Goa worth it. You can work under someone to under this entire business and then start one.

various bikes parked in a que
Small Business Ideas In Goa

3. Bike Rental

Don’t be surprised females can start this business too. You just need to build an app and market it harder to get the first few clients, and afterwards, it’s easy to scale this business. Hire a software developer to code for your app, and you as a founder learn how to market your business. Have an enthusiastic business partner, drivers, etc., and offer them good rates/customers to keep them for a long time.

Key Takeaways

Lastly, anyone can start a business irrespective of their gender, but for that, you need a strong desire and action plan to put your thoughts into execution. Stay committed to your business for at least five years before you directly jump to the conclusion.

If you are starting any of the above businesses, you need to track the orders, delivery, discounts, expiry dates, etc., and for that, you can contact us here. We help you track every buck you spend on your business, employee attendance, salary, and compensation to help you scale your business at a faster rate than you could imagine.

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Q. Do I need any investment to start photography businesses?

Ans. You can start with a basic camera of approx 10-20k rupees to help you get started. Initially, focus on improving your skills.

Q. Can I rent someone else's guest house and earn money?

Ans. Yes, you can, but mention your commission in the rent, or else it is of no use.

Q. Should I start with a wedding planning business?

Ans. If you possess the creativity and decorating skills, then you must enter this business.