Cake Shops in Pondicherry [Top 5 Shops]

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Cake Shops in Pondicherry [Top 5 Shops]

When we hear the words ‘party’ or ‘celebrating,’ we are immediately drawn to cakes. If you are planning a surprise party for your friend who has just turned one year older or would like to celebrate another friend who has worked hard for their success, you should consider bringing along a cake that matches your theme! There are many restaurants in Pondicherry where you can go to. But here are the top five restaurants you must go to if you are in Pondicherry. These small and cosy restaurants are a hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant.

Top 5 Cake Shops in Pondicherry

  • Zuka Cake
  • Just Cake
  • Eat my Cake
  • Grande Hot Bakers
  • Bread Basket Cake

1. Zuka Cake

Zuka Cake & Dessert Shop is a cosy dessert shop offering decadent cakes and other sweets, along with a cappuccino. Their cake makers sell special cakes to celebrate your occasion. Some of their cakes are made with the finest ingredients. They have an amazing and unique variety of chocolate options, many homemade ones that can be taken home for you to enjoy at your leisure for an affordable price. Zuka also offers in-store shopping, and you can even choose to pick up those delicious treats for later!


  • 319, Mission Street,
  • MG Road Area,
  • Pondicherry, PY 605001

2. Just Cakes

is the ultimate destination for quick and delicious desserts. They provide authentic pastries and chocolate cakes that are simply to die for. Their ambience has a calming effect on every customer, ensuring them of a pleasant journey altogether. The company offers a range of products catering to different taste buds - all with the extra boost of freshness! Just Cakes can be found online and has online payment gateway integration available, so customers never have to leave home to get their latest fix of delicious pastries!


  • Pondicherry University,
  • State Highway 49,
  • Near Kalapet,
  • Pondicherry, PY 605014

3. Eat my Cake

Eat My Cake is a new ocean-adjacent business in Costa Rica with 2 locations offering an ample variety of cakes and desserts. The cafe offers outdoor seating on a terrace that overlooks a beautiful garden and is the perfect place to have your birthday party or celebrate any other special occasion. Everything is made from scratch and only uses natural ingredients, offering delicious cakes for all kinds of tastes! Eat my Cake also provides its visitors with an atmosphere where they can relax and enjoy their pastries, but online services are offered to customers.


  • 5, Romain Rolland Street,
  • White Town,
  • Pondicherry, PY 605001

4. Grande Hot Bakers

Established in 1996, Grande Hot Bakers in Pondicherry serves as the best bakery & confectionery product manufacturer that deals with a wide range of sweetmeats such as pre-packaged cakes, pretzels, and other dry baked products. Customers both local and from different parts of Pondicherry want to experience what they have been missing out on. Today, they are loyal customers to this business who enjoys celebrating every moment with their loved ones by indulging in these mouth-watering delicacies. This business aims to expand and cater to a larger client base shortly while still providing its customers with superior quality products and services.


  • No 382/ C
  • Bharathi Street
  • Pondicherry Ho, Pondicherry - 605001

5. Bread Basket Cake Shop

Bread Basket is one of the best cake shops in Pondicherry. It’s a heaven for those who love cake. There are many varieties of cakes with different flavours and tastes at Bread Basket. This shop is located in Pothys opposite road so you can do some shopping before or after celebrating your birthday over here. The ambience of this shop will be beautifully designed with candy pink walls and candy pink chairs and tables too. The seating arrangement is perfect for expecting a group to celebrate their birthdays here. Moreover, during the evening, the lighting setup at Bread Basket was awesome to stay longer into the evening, watching everyone enjoying their time off over desserts in a party zone.


  • East Coast Rd,
  • Reddiarpalayam,
  • Puducherry, 605010


Pondicherry is a union territory of India. It’s a place that’s rich in culture, history, architecture and of course cakes. A place that’s full of history, Pondicherry is also known as the “City of Love”. However, choosing a cake can be a very difficult process. There are so many different bakeries, shops, and restaurants that offer cakes, so it can be difficult to choose the best one. This list is created to help people who are travelling to this city to find the best places for purchasing cakes and other desserts from scratch in a vogue price range with good quality.

Top Cake shops in Pondicherry along with their contact details

Cake Shop

Phone Number

Zuka Cake


Just Cakes


Eat My Cake


Grande Hot Bakers


Bread Basket Cake 


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Q. How to Start a Profitable Cake Shop Business?

Ans. You can follow the below 10 steps to start a Cake Shop:

  • Understand the Local Market.
  • Select your Niche.
  • Create a Business Plan.
  • Find Out a Good Retail Location.
  • Franchise or Own Brand.
  • Register your Business & Procure Licenses.
  • Name your Cakeshop.

Q. How much money does it take to start a cake shop?

Ans. The cost of equipment and location is typically variable in a cake shop. The approximate investment to start a bakery may be close to 1.5 million INR, but there are still other costs that are unique to your business model and financial situation you might have to deal with, like suppliers and utility fees, for example! We give some insight into the cost involved so you can budget appropriately.

Q. How do bakeries make money?

Ans. Bakeries and businesses make money in more ways than just simply making a profit. Calculating the actual costs to make and purchase a product, as well as its specific profit margins, are complex tasks that may differ depending on their direct competition. For example, one company might add extra expenses – such as additional staff or advertising – while another could remove certain items from the cost table altogether. Although every business is different, there are certainly similarities between each, at least when it comes to the basics of branding and reputation. Ultimately though, profitability boils down to a number of factors that must be taken into account at all times, including annual revenue and gross profits, for example!

Q. How much do cake shop owners make in India?

Ans. According to various industry standards, the average profit of the small bakery industry is about Rs. 60,000 to 1.2 Lakhs per month. To increase profit from your bakery business, you need to learn about different business strategies and just how it benefits you in the long run! One strategy that customers in this field will highly appreciate is if you are able to start an online portal or a website that can sell products by just adding some supplements within their regular items. Furthermore, it goes without saying buying procedures should be made as user-friendly as possible, especially for those who have limited experience in E-commerce-based online marketplaces. They usually struggle with payment gateway security protocols from time to time.

Q. Is a bakery a good business?

Ans. Baking is a hot business, so it’s no surprise that anyone looking to start something new might want in on the action. But before you jump in, you should consider the many factors involved and set yourself up for success from the get-go. Make sure you establish your business elements firmly and do what you can to provide quality goods or services. Also, keep an eye out for changing consumer needs and demands as they will significantly impact your company’s success.