Cake Shops in Chennai: Detailed List [2022]

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Cake Shops in Chennai: Detailed List [2022]

Cakes make for an unparalleled dessert experience. Be it a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, or just any other event - there is a cake for the occasion! Over the last few years, the baking industry in India has grown rapidly. This has introduced a unique variety of delicious and artistic cakes to all dessert lovers.

You can customize your cakes and pastries from both bakeries and small businesses according to a chosen theme. Chennai, in India, is home to many bakeries that serve delicious handcrafted cakes tailor-made for all your dessert needs. Let us look at some of the best cake shops in Chennai!

1. Hot Breads

Founded in 1989 in Chennai, Hot Breads aimed at bringing freshly-baked cakes to the markets of Chennai. This bakery has received a lot of love from its customers over its 30-year journey. Hot Breads offers a wide range of cakes, including classic cakes, birthday cakes, designer cakes, fruit cakes, and so on. The bakery has 19 outlets in Chennai and 3 in Pondicherry.

This cake shop in Chennai provides the facility to shop online from the comfort of your home. They also offer same day express delivery so that you can indulge in the finest and freshest cakes. If you're visiting Chennai, make sure to visit their stores!

2. Fresh Baked Goodness

Fresh Baked Goodness is a cake shop located in Mylapore, Chennai. This shop is famous for its women who create cakes that are too soft to be true. FBG started as a household store but soon grew to be a favourite bakery among the people of Chennai within just five years.

FBG serves great celebration cakes, puddings, jams, pies, tarts, brownies, cheesecakes, and high-tea cakes. Their most famous item on the menu is the classic 6 layer Brahma cake. They have options for both delivery and takeaway.

You can easily order online from their website or visit their welcoming cake shop in Chennai!

3. The Cupcake Company

'All we need is love and more chocolate' is what The Cupcake Company believes in, and we cannot agree more! This beautiful, pink-themed shop offers its customers a vast range of both classic and customised cupcakes, cookies, shakes, and flavoured popcorn.

The Cupcake Company owns two outlets in Chennai. These are located in Alwarpet and Srirampuram. Their team of bakers understands that a cake is the centerpiece of every event, and ensures that their handcrafted cakes steal the spotlight on every occasion.

This cake shop in Chennai offers online bookings for both orders and consultations.

4. Oven Fresh

Oven Fresh is a famous cake shop in Chennai with 11 outlets located in different parts of the city. Oven Fresh's mission is to provide everyone with fresh, high-quality baked products without compromising the taste or the quality, and they have managed to stick to their promise.

Their menu also has delicious whole-wheat sandwiches, thick milkshakes, and the famous South Indian filter coffee. Their kid's cakes are also widely popular. This range includes Car Fondant Cake, Kitty Cake, Noddy Cake, Unicorn Cake, and many more. The Mango Delight, Butterscotch Delight, Coffee Almond Delight, and Blueberry Galaxy cakes are the top-selling items at Oven Fresh.

5. Café Cakebee

Café Cakebee is a classic cake shop in Chennai located at Alwarpet. This Café is a solution to both your sweet and savoury cravings, Café Cakebee is visited by hundreds of food-lovers daily. Their most-loved items are burgers, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, cold coffee, meal bowls, and smoothies. This should give you a fair idea about how diverse their menu is.

Their best-selling desserts include Hazelnut Cheesecake, New York Cheesecake, Hot Chocolate Cake, Heavenly Carrot Cake, and Tiramisu. If you are visiting Chennai, or are a resident, visit Café Cakebee to check out their scrumptious line of food and desserts!

6. Old Madras Baking Company

Old Madras Baking Company is the perfect place for you to bask in the smell and warmth of freshly baked bread. From gluten-free bread, flavoured muffins, crispy cookies to brownies, carrot cake, and banana bread - the Old Madras Baking Company has it all.

They also offer exciting gift hampers which cater to all your gifting needs. With great ambiance and quality food, this place is undoubtedly a favourite place for all the foodies out there.

7. La Chocolate

La Chocolate has served its customers for ten years at three beautiful locations. Inaugurated in 2011, this place is home to a vibrant array of products. The menu at La Chocolate is divided according to the different bases for their products. Currently, they offer cakes made out of a chocolate base, vanilla base, fruit base, and exotic base.

Some of their other products include pastries, brownies, cookies, and cupcakes. This cake shop in Chennai also allows online ordering. For those with a gigantic sweet tooth, La Chocolate is the place to be. Check it out if you already haven’t!

8. Krispy Kreme

Searching for the paradise of chocolate? Well, Krispy Kreme is the place then. Krispy Kreme has twelve outlets in Chennai alone, with the most visited outlets at Chennai Airport. This eatery was opened in 1937 in Old Salem, NC. With its first retail store in 1989, Krispy Kreme has sincerely carried forward the legacy of its founders and serves the best doughnuts and coffee to date. This cake shop in Chennai offers a range of assorted regular doughnuts, assorted premium doughnuts, doughnut boxes, milkshakes, chillers, and brews. Their Original Glazed doughnut is famous all over the globe. The 6-piece and 12-piece boxes are equally renowned and bought as a gift by many customers. If you want to make your tastebuds dance, Krispy Kreme is undoubtedly a great help!

9. Chennai Classic Cakes

Located in Perambur, Chennai Classic Cakes is an intimate café with a great ambiance. The café serves paninis, burgers, pizzas, pasta, and of course, exotic cakes and pastries. What’s even better is how affordable all their products are!

The bestsellers at Chennai Classic Cakes are the Classic Rose Almond, Classic Choco Cream, Classic Butterscotch, Classic Choco Fudge, and Classic Rich Choco Truffle cakes. You won't regret tasting the menu at this unique cake shop in Chennai.

10. Adyar Bakery

Adyar Bakery is a cake shop in Chennai situated in Adyar. Their menu is filled with numerous mouth-watering dishes, including cakes, fresh juices, ice creams, pastries, and whatnot. If you are visiting Adyar for the first time, make sure you swing by Adyar Bakery and pick one or two items for yourself, although you’ll certainly be spoilt for choices.


"Life is too short to say no to cake."

This quote rightly justifies why cake is everyone's favourite dessert. A cake is not just made with kitchen ingredients, but also with love. When ordering across the various cake shops in Chennai, you can choose between readymade cakes and customisable options. Either way, you will be in for a treat!

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Q. Which is the best cake shop at Chennai Airport?

Ans. Krispy Kreme is a premium bakery and café. It has outlets at Airport Arrival Belt 3, Airport Departure Gate 5, Airport Departure Gate 1, and Airport Departure Gate 14.

Q. Does La Chocolate offer online ordering?

Ans. Yes, La Chocolate is a cake shop in Chennai that provides online ordering features for various products listed on their website.

Q. Is there any good bakery in Alwarpet, Chennai?

Ans. Café Cakebee is a classic eatery located at Alwarpet, Chennai. This eatery is a solution to all your cravings, whether you are looking for main course items, salads, breakfast, beverages, or desserts.

Q. What is the best dessert available at Fresh Baked Goodness?

Ans. The Classic 6 Layer Brahma Cake is the most popular cake available at Fresh Baked Goodness in Chennai. This cake shop in Chennai serves many fresh, handcrafted cakes.

Q. Where can I get same day express delivery?

Ans. Hot Breads is a great cake shop in Chennai that provides same day express delivery, 12-hour delivery, and 24-hour delivery options. Hot Breads has 19 outlets across Chennai and offers a wide range of cakes. This includes birthday cakes, fruit cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and so on.