Cake Shops in Kolkata: Detailed List [2022]

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Cake Shops in Kolkata: Detailed List [2022]

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion, or you're just in the mood for something sweet, it’s always a good time to have cake. A wonderful cake is not only delicious, but is also customised to your specific needs in terms of size, shape, and toppings. These cake shops in Kolkata can make anything from towering wedding cakes to tiny personal cupcakes. While you're choosing your perfect cake, you must have a look at what’s available on the market.

1. Nahoum and sons

This 116-year-old Jewish Bakery has endured the test of time with its old-world charm and delicious recipes. When Christmas approaches, you are sure to see a huge crowd outside their store, wanting their hands on the cream-filled cakes, chocolate rum balls, or the good ol' plum cake. They are truly one of Kolkata's premium cake store.

  • Location: Hogg Market, New Market (F47).
  • Timings: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Prices start at: Rs. 25.

2. Flurys

The legendary Flurys bakery started off as a classy tearoom in 1927 and quickly became known for its European-style cakes and pastries. Although several years later, their excellent standards haven't changed a bit. They are still regarded as one of Kolkata's greatest cake shops, with a delectable selection of treats. Drop by for a luscious fruit cake or a chocolate truffle cake. If you’re craving something savoury or sweet, it doesn't matter! You’d be surprised with their array of options. It’s a foodie’s paradise.

  • Location: Park Street, 18 A.
  • Timings: 7.30 a.m. to 10.45 p.m.
  • Prices start at: Rs. 100.

3. Kookie Jar

Kookie Jar stores can be found all around Kolkata. If you're a local, you must already be familiar with their fantastic selection of desserts, including anything from macarons and tarts to brownies and cakes! If you’re a sweet lover, Kookie Jar is the place for you! Their Chocolate Praline Pastry and Black Forest Cake are a must-try.

  • Location: Saltlake City Centre, Sector 1.
  • Timings: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Prices start at: Rs.50.

4. Mrs Magpie

Mrs Magpie is a premium and luxury bakery, with beautiful interiors and a delectable menu. This small café-turned-bakery is well-known for its decadent cupcakes! Mrs Magpie's lemon tea cakes and choco-chip loaf cakes will satisfy all your cravings and are perfect for special occasions.

  • Location: Keyatala, Southern Avenue, 570 Lake Terrace Road Extension
  • Timings: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Prices start at: Rs.55.

5. 8th Day Cafe and Bakery Shop

The 8th Day Café and Bakery is a Colonial-style shop amid the Park Circus lanes, paying homage to Kolkata's past. This establishment is well-known for its excellent coffee and delectable breakfast options. Their red velvet cupcakes and the traditional apple pie is a must-try for all!

  • Location: Park Circus, Arcadia, 6, West Range, Mullick Bazaar
  • Timings: 9 am to 9 p.m.
  • Prices start at: Rs.99.
Board with delicious caramel cake on table

6. Lalit Great Eastern Bakery

With its luxurious wooden decor, this bakery that was established 177 years ago, has a refined elegance. Their pineapple cake and the butterscotch cake are bestsellers and are definitely worth a try. They bake the best fruit cake in Kolkata and are the perfect option for an evening snack.

  • Location: The Lalit Great Eastern, Hogg Market, and New Market are the locations.
  • Timings: 7.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.
  • Prices start at: Rs.50.

7. The French Loaf

Owing to their vast array of delicacies at an affordable price, the French Loaf is one of Kolkata's most popular cake shops. During this time of year, the aroma of freshly cooked cakes envelops you when you visit their store. We highly recommend that you try a bunch of their desserts, because they all have a unique flavour profile. Their warm and inviting atmosphere is always an added bonus.

  • Location: Sarat Bose Road, 2/7, Vasundhara Building
  • Timings: 8 am to 10 p.m.
  • Prices start at: Rs.50.

8. Good Taste by Crafts Factory

This place will greet you with the kindest and most warm atmosphere! Their cakes are extremely popular because of the mouth-watering taste that makes you shop from them again and again. Their red velvet cake is immensely popular and is a must-try. The craftsmanship, attention to detail and overall décor are of exceptional quality. They are very affordable and also deliver to your doorstep, making it the perfect combination.

  • Location: Sector-1, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091.

9. Yummy Puds

Parwati Ladha is the brains behind Yummy Puds. She is well known for her unique and delicious flavours. Her cupcakes come in a number of flavours, like zesty orange, mojito, bubble gum, and many more. The best part is that they’re delicious yet affordable, making them perfect for any occasion. Next time you’re in Kolkata and are craving some customised delights, Yummy Puds is the place to go.

  • Location: Saltee Plaza is located at Flat-1/C, Nayapatti, AN Block Road, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091.

10. The Rouge

Opened in 2012, this bakery is the newest of the bunch. However, in a short period of time, it has carved itself a niche among the city's foodies. The atmosphere and furnishings of the store are memorable, and you will see a beautiful exhibit of paper napkins on which people have scribbled their thoughts. Their cupcakes, particularly the red velvet one is a fan-favourite. We also recommend their tea loaf cakes and macarons.

  • Location: AJC Bose Rd, Ballygunge, Kolkata 700017.

11. Melodrama

This is another home bakery that has recently become a popular choice among cake enthusiasts of the city. To bring out the best flavours, all of their goods are created with the utmost care and the finest ingredients. This bakery is famous for its chocolate fondant cakes, chocolate truffles, and cupcakes which are among the best you'll ever have. During the Christmas season, they also prepare exquisite-tasting cakes that are in high demand, so make sure you arrive quickly!

  • Location: Jodhpur Park, Kolkata-700045, 267 Jodhpur Park, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata-700045

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Q. Who owns Kookie Jar?

Ans. The Kookie Jar is founded by Lovey Burman.

Q. Which is the largest cake shop in India?

Ans. The largest cake shop in India is the 7th Heaven Way.

Q. What are the prices of a cake?

Black Forest Cake

Same Day

Rs. 649

Red Velvet Cake

Next Day

Rs. 1895

Mango Cake

Next Day

Rs. 1295

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Same Day

Rs. 795