Business Ideas In Nashik [Top Businesses In 2022]

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Business Ideas In Nashik [Top Businesses In 2022]

Nashik is a small town in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. It has beautiful mountainous terrain and a mild, wet climate. The river Godavari flows through Nashik. The city is also of religious significance to Hindus, especially Shaivites, and one of the locations of the Kumbh Mela. Nashik is also the ‘Wine Capital of India’ and well known for its grape cultivation and winemaking in its vineyards.

The best business ideas take into account the nature of the location of the business. Your business should adapt to the variables unique to the region for maximising profits.

Knowing these factors is important if you want to set up the best business in Nashik. Read on to learn more.

Unique Business Ideas To Start In Nashik

1. Vineyards

Nashik has the perfect climate for growing grapes. As a result, many large vineyards and wine processing businesses have popped up on the outskirts of the city. While winemaking can be a complicated process and not the best small business idea, the vineyards themselves offer many opportunities for new business ideas.

Vineyards are popular with urban tourists interested in wine tastings, visiting distilleries and processing plants, et cetera. The quiet, lush atmosphere of vineyards also makes them ideal for events and photography.  This makes them wonderful for unique, small businesses in Nashik. You do not need to buy an entire vineyard for a business like this. You can simply lease or rent parts of it for your purposes. Alternatively, you can talk to vineyard owners and sign an agreement or contract where you can use their property for tourism and share the profits.

This can be a wonderful, low-investment, and relatively small business in Nashik.

2. Small Business Ideas in Religious Tourism

If vineyards are popular with young, urban tourists, religious tourism is preferred by older, middle-class tourists. Given the city’s extensive religious, cultural heritage, Religious tourism offers extremely lucrative opportunities for a small business in Nashik.

You can start a travel agency offering package deals for pilgrims to visit temples. You can create lucrative packages, including benefits such as the arrangement of pooja offerings, a personal pandit, visits to different temples, a guide for information regarding the religious significance of each temple, etc. Older pilgrims arriving from out of state who may be unfamiliar with the city and the language are ideal customers for a business like this.

You can also start a small business in Nashik dealing with religious tourists, for example, a shop selling pooja offerings and commodities, religious idols and figurines, etc. A Dharamshala or inn can also be an excellent small business idea for religious centres. Catering to pilgrims can offer a good year-round income. It is one of the best businesses in Nashik.

3. Small Manufacturing Business Ideas

If tourism is not for you, then you can go for a more traditional route with a small manufacturing business. In Nashik, large-scale industries produce a variety of commodities from pharmaceuticals to electricals and paint. It is a hub for companies like CEAT, Shalimar Paints, Siemens, GlaxoSmithKline etc.

When it comes to manufacturing business ideas in Nashik, the presence of these large companies makes the city very competitive. Therefore, it is advisable to start something small and locally viable. You must look around and understand the commercial geography of the city. What are the raw materials that are easily locally available? What kinds of goods and commodities are in demand locally? These are some of the questions you will need to figure out the answer to before starting a manufacturing business in Nashik.

Pooja commodities like incense sticks and religious figurines can be manufactured locally on a small scale and are likely to have good local demand. Souvenirs that use traditional local art forms and crafts are popular with tourists and are another good, small business idea.

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4. Small Scale Business in Educational Services

Nashik is a large and very popular educational hub in Maharashtra. The city has two state universities, several degree colleges, and many private engineering and diploma colleges. If you want to start a small-scale business in Nashik, the education sector may prove very profitable.

If you have a degree from a good college or university or experience in teaching or tutoring students, you can start a small coaching or tutoring institute. You can use your professional credentials to build your institute’s reputation and for marketing. If your students perform well, then that adds to the brand value of your institution as well.

A coaching institute is the best business in Nashik for well-qualified people but does not have a lot of capital on hand. A tutoring service can be started from a single room in your home and marketed through simple word of mouth. It is easy to grow and does not need much investment beyond some tables and chairs and a blackboard. Teaching is also a very fulfilling small business idea for someone who does not want to earn money and contributes to society simply.

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5. Franchise Ownership

Franchise ownership is a popular small business idea with business owners who don’t want to spend time marketing or building a brand for their business. When you take franchise ownership from a larger company, you can depend on them for creating the business plan and marketing. All you have to do is maintain the business itself. In this way, franchise ownership lets you focus more on the day-to-day running of your new business. You don’t have to worry about the complications of constantly creating new marketing tactics or business strategies as those are taken care of by the corporate office.

Another benefit of a franchise as a small business idea in Nashik is that tourists prefer going to restaurants and shops that are part of a larger well-known brand. Tourists are usually unfamiliar with the local markets and restaurants. They don’t know which shop can be trusted upon. Franchises are familiar and reliable; therefore tourists feel more comfortable spending money there.

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Golden Compass Needle on a Black Field Pointing to the Word "Franchise"

Restaurant and fast-food franchises are popular because they offer cheap, delicious food and are popular with the younger crowd. Fast food restaurants are profitable in Nashik because it is a large educational hub with several universities and many colleges. College students favour fast food because of its cost efficiency and easy availability.

Franchise stores of clothing and other consumer goods brands, for example, gift shops like Archies, can also be a good choice. In a fast-growing city like Nashik with an increasingly upwardly mobile middle class, there is a great demand for well-known, high street fashion brands. These brands are status symbols and thus extremely desirable.

If you are looking for new business ideas in Nashik, you should look into getting a franchise deal.

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Q. Is it profitable to start a business in a small town like Nashik?

Ans. Yes! Nashik may seem like a small town but it has a population of over 1.4 million and is growing fast. In addition, it is also a tourism hotspot. This makes Nashik a very lucrative place to start a new business.

Q. Is it difficult to manage a small-scale business?

Ans. Any business requires hard work and management skills. If you have a goods business, you will have to keep meticulous inventories and manage transactions and accounting. In a service business in addition to managing your accounts and transactions, you may also have to hire staff to look after your customers. Luckily, these days we have apps that make managing your small business very easy. Apps like OkCredit for accounts management and OkStaff for staff management are a lifesaver for any small business.

Q. What are the kinds of business opportunities available in the tourism sector in Nashik?

Ans. Religious tourism offers huge business opportunities in Nashik since the town is considered to be of great religious importance in Hinduism. Nashik’s vineyards and mountainous geography also make it popular for nature tourism.

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