Cake Shops in Surat [Top 10 Shops]

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Cake Shops in Surat [Top 10 Shops]

People who love desserts of any sort show a lot of interest when such mouth-watering delicacies, like cake, are offered. The history of cake is diverse. It was invented primarily by the Greeks and later reached England. Although the Greeks made a distinguishable cake, England considered bread and cake as equal in the early days.  

There are many types of cakes. These include butter cake, sponge cake, coffee cake, chocolate cake, and layer cake. Apart from these types, various fusion cakes are made by experimenting with the ingredients. A cake enthusiast finds it very difficult to select one over the other, as all of these types give each other tough competition regarding taste.

Besides making a cake, decorating it for special occasions, like weddings or birthdays, is also a task. Decorating a cake needs unique skills, and many people specialise in this art.

If you are in Surat and looking for a cake for a special occasion or to satiate your sweet tooth, there are numerous options. Given below is a list of the 10 best cake shops in Surat.

10 Best Cake Shops in Surat

1. Swiss Whisk

It is not your typical cake shop; they are a coffee shop that serves healthy food like no other food joint in Surat. They make cakes with unique flavours and with healthy ingredients. Their speciality cakes include Hazelnut Mousse, Oreo Cake, Special Cakes and many more.

They are open from 10:00 am to 09:00 pm.

2. Bakers Bunch

They focus primarily on decorating the cake. Cakes available at this shop have unique designs that portray the emotions of your special day. All kinds of designer cakes are available here. These cakes are customisable and available in many different types of flavours. Customers get to taste the various flavours before choosing. This shop also sells biscuits and other kinds of snacks.

Business hours are from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm.

3. Dotivala Bakery

This bakery is famous for selling traditional cakes. They serve authentic cakes of a single flavour. They also sell many other fresh and yummy baked goods. Known for their uncompromising focus on quality, they specialise in eggless cakes and Christmas cakes. Their Doraemon cake is a big hit with children.

They are open from 09:00 am - 09:00 pm.

4. The New India Bakery

Established in 1945, they are one of the oldest cake shops in Surat. They offer varieties of cakes that will satisfy your taste buds. They accept payment only in cash.

They are open between 09:00 am and 09:00 pm.

5. Cream & Crush The Pastry Shop

They offer only vegetarian cakes and bakes. All the cakes available are eggless to cater to varied food choices. They also provide home delivery services. The shop is air-conditioned, and they do not serve alcohol. Customers can pay either by cash or cashless through cards. The nearest landmark of this shop is M J Poonawala. This shop is a famous cake shop in Surat.

Furthermore, they are open from 10:00 am - 09:30 pm.

6. Chirag Nankhatai

They were established in 2002 and offer cakes and fast food items. There is no seating arrangement inside the shop; however, they provide a home delivery service. The average cost for two people is Rs 260, and they accept payment through cash and cards.

They are open from 08:00 am - 08:00 pm Monday through Saturday and close at 5 pm only on Sundays.

7. Monginis Cake Shop

They are a famous cake shop chain in India with many branches across different states. They make and sell desserts and fast food items. Their special cakes are prepared from unique ingredients that stand out from the rest. They also provide home delivery services. Customers can book cakes for any special event via online mode. They also serve eggless cakes.

Their business hours are from 10:00 am to 09:30 pm.

8. Jay Ambey Bakers

They offer traditional cakes and those of unique tastes. They offer air-conditioned ambience and parking facilities. They were established in 2017 and have become quite popular since then. They accept payment only in cash.

Their working hours are between 09:30 am and 10:30 pm.

9. Breadliner

Their USP is eggless cakes. They also have a delivery facility. This shop also offers parking facilities, and the shop is air-conditioned. E-wallets are also accepted here to facilitate cashless payments.

They are open from 8:00 am - 11:00 pm.

10. New Punjab Bakery

They are a well-known bakery shop in Surat. They offer fantastic designer cakes for various events and special occasions. They offer stunning bespoke designs for all special cakes. They also offer many other snacks. Delivery service is also available.

Their business hours are from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Contact Information

Name of the Cake Shop


Phone Number

Swiss Whisk

Kakadia Complex, Lower Ground, Citibank, Opposite to Ghod Dod Road, Surat, GJ 395001


Bakers Bunch

Aagam Arcade, Vesu Main Road, Vesu, Surat, GJ 395007


Dotivala Bakery

Ardeshir Kotwal Road, Makkai Bridge, Nanpura, Surat, GJ 395001

026 1247 5027

026 1246 0731

The New India Bakery

Sakerlal Devchand & Co., Chara Gali, Chowk Bazar, Surat - 395003, Opposite Jumma Masjid

261 2597259

+91 9824593930

Cream & Crust The Pastry Shop

Shop No 9/1827, City Plaza, Chhakkapir Galli, Lal Gate, Surat - 395003, Near M J Poonawala

+91 7405113377

Chirag Nankhatai

Shop Number 9 to 12 Siddh Chambers, Taratiya Hanuman Street Haripura, Bhagal, Surat - 395003, Near Bhavani Vad

261 2426657, 

261 2422557, 

+91 7069171714, 

+91 9825185532

Monginis Cake Shop

Shop Number 6 Mogul Building, Karwa Road, Zampa Bazar, Surat - 395003, Opposite Devdi Mubarak

+91 9898614849

Jay Ambey Bakers

Salabatpura, Surat - 395003, Opposite Madhani Khamni, Opposite Roopam Cinema

+91 9879642202,

+91 9824563727


Shop No. 18, Mahek Icon, Sumul Dairy Road, Surat - 395003

+91 9098260000

New Punjab Bakery

Hudi Bunglow, Katargram Darwaja, Saiyedpura, Surat - 395003

+91 8000258944


If you are a sweet lover, the cake is the first option that comes to mind. Although cakes are the perfect desserts after any meal, many people prefer to have them as a snack even. People also love celebrating important life events by cutting a cake.

If you are looking for the best cake shops in Surat, visit any of those listed in this article to pick up some unique speciality cakes.

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Q. What are the top 3 cake shops in Surat?

Ans. After a lot of research, we can safely say that the top 3 cake shops in Surat are Swiss Whisk, Bakers Bunch, and Dotivala Bakery. These three cake shops have plenty of yummy options. They provide varieties in both egg and eggless cakes. The quality of their food products is also of high quality.

Q. What makes the top-selling cake shops stand out from the rest?

Ans. Top-selling cake shops in Surat provide a lot of variations and customised options. They make their bakery products in-house and maintain uncompromising quality standards in terms of ingredients and baking techniques.

Q. Why do people love cakes?

Ans. People love cakes because they make a good dessert. Their characteristic textures and flavours make for a satisfying sweet dish. People also consider having cake as a reward to celebrate achievements and important events.

Q. Are eggless cakes available at the mentioned outlets?

Ans. Yes, eggless cakes are available at all the outlets mentioned above in this article. Vegetarians who prefer having cake can have it without compromising their food choices. Eggless cakes are equally yummy and can satisfy a person with no doubt. Usually, yogurt or buttermilk is used as a substitute for eggs.

Q. What are the varieties of cakes available?

Ans. Apart from the standard type of cakes, many varieties of cakes are available at these outlets. These varieties include Truffle Chocolate Cupcake, Hazelnut Mousse, Oreo Cake, Mawa Cupcake and many more.