Can a Fitness YouTube Channel Be Successful in India?

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Can a Fitness YouTube Channel Be Successful in India?

YouTube is an excellent platform for sharing videos with people all over the world. It is not only used to sell products or services but also for disseminating information and sharing your knowledge among the people. YouTube videos appear both in Google Search engines and YouTube channel.

If we talk about the popularity of YouTube channels in India, there are almost 200 YouTube channels that have hit the one million subscriber mark. Among all the channels, Fitness YouTube channels are gaining a lot of popularity among Indians.

Previously, people relied on magazines to get health tips on how to maintain body fitness. But now, all is available on YouTube. It has become one of the best and most reliable platforms to learn fitness techniques. There are many Indian channels available on YouTube that have managed to carve a niche. Fitness YouTube channels are not the only source of entertainment since they also offer a healthy lifestyle.

Most people subscribe to YouTube channels to enjoy workout programs, diet plans, or to learn yoga from the most popular fitness trainers. For these reasons, the importance of online fitness training is growing at a faster pace.

According to a recent survey of Flurry insights, the usage of health and fitness YouTube channels rose to 330 percent. Everyone wants to remain fit and healthy, but due to busy routines, they can't visit the gym on a daily basis, they were preferring fitness YouTube channels to learn those exercises which were easy to practice in a normal routine.

All those people who are doing work from home hardly get any time for workouts. They need to manage both house chores and professional work, especially women. It makes them mentally exhausted. So, at that time YouTube fitness videos work as a motivation for all the hard-working women and men, as at YouTube along with their work, they can follow the best fitness and nutrition channels. You can add exercise as part of your quarantine routine.

Here are the Main Reasons for the Increased Importance of Fitness YouTube Channels in India

Login Anywhere While You Are Free

By subscribing to a particular fitness YouTube channel, you get access to downloading and watch the videos whenever you have free time to work out.  It is flexible and convenient.

Millenial Lingo

People are making Fitness YouTube channels for healthy living. Therefore, they try to speak using the millennial tongue as it leaves a positive effect in the mind of subscribers. It is considered the most reliable platform for watching DIY and utility videos.

Exercise as Per Your Schedule

Instead of opting for a specified schedule of a gym, now the youth prefers to watch online fitness programs on YouTube. It is a cost-effective way to remain fit and healthy.

You Have The Choice of a Pilate Instructor

Unlike offline fitness training, you no longer need to follow one instructor when you consider YouTube Fitness videos. Here you will find the best Pilates instructors all over the globe who are ready and willing to give you training to master your favourite physical moves. You learn a lot while watching fitness videos on YouTube as you get a chance to experience the best of fitness training programs to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Best Platform for Those Who Are New to Exercising

If you are new to the exercising and fitness world, you feel intimidated when you enter the environment of the gym.  Online training is an excellent option for all newcomers. Before joining a gym, through YouTube fitness videos, you will get a chance to test various fitness programs and learn about the’ basics’ before you start practicing fitness exercises in the ‘real world’ of ‘clubs and Gyms’. The best part is that there are a lot of discounted or even free fitness trial classes available online. The videos are packed with workouts, nutrition, home remedies to stay fit, and information regarding supplements to be used.

Tips to Start a Successful Fitness YouTube Channel in India

  • Plan your content. Always deliver quality content, and before making your video live, delete the irrelevant parts of the video.
  • Always choose the right equipment to shoot videos like DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.
  • Try to make new and fresh content every time so that it should be in the continuity with your previous videos. You should be an inspiration for your target audience. It is the most important for the growth of Fitness YouTube channels.
  • Optimization of the video is one of the most important aspects as it will help in boosting up the ranking of your video on YouTube.
  • Try to build a strong network. YouTube is all about sharing, connecting, and collaborating with people. It will make your channel grow and also help you engage with new subscribers.
  • Maintain consistency in uploading videos. Try to post videos frequently to increase the chance of getting more views on the YouTube channel.

Here is the list of Top Indian Fitness YouTube which achieved success in India:

Indian Fitness YouTube channels have become a huge success in India. There are some of the best Indian Fitness trainers available on YouTube who offer a wide array of fitness content. It helps Indians a lot in adopting a healthy lifestyle. Here is the list of the best Indian Fitness YouTubers:

1. Guru Mann:

His channel is currently running 12 fitness programs; he is the current king of fitness in India. He has taught people in 6 weeks how you can control the cholesterol and diabetes problem. Current viewership is 37,865,852

2. Beer Biceps:

The owner of this channel is Ranveer Allahabadia. He is one of the most popular names when it comes to fashion, fitness, and life. In his video, he discusses all the personal struggles he faced due to his being overweight and what efforts were put in by him for reducing weight. He enjoys a viewership of 19, 527, 593.

3. Tarun Gill:

He is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. He enjoys a huge fan following on YouTube. He helped many to stay fit and healthy. He has created a challenging fitness program on YouTube to inspire the young generation to stay fit. He enjoys a viewership of 44, 562, 420. YouTube declared him as the best fitness YouTuber at present.

4. Fit Muscle TV:

This channel is run by Gaurav Taneja. He is India’s most trustworthy face for providing online fitness classes through his YouTube channel. He shared nutrition and stretching tips followed by both the younger and older generation with enthusiasm. He explored the concept of keto diets and injury prevention.

5. Fitness Rockers India:

It is one of the most popular YouTube Fitness channels in India. Be it is workouts, nutrition tips, home remedies, bodybuilding, or knowledge about protein usage, you will find videos related to all. The diet plans shared by them help many to achieve the fitness goals and enjoy the viewership of 14, 122, 876.


It is no more a secret that one can make a huge amount of money online through YouTube Fitness channels. We all are health-conscious, and once in a while, we do end up with videos related to tips for losing weight or diet plans to follow. This is the reason that YouTube fitness channels not only in India but all over the world have become money minting machines.

The popularity of Fitness YouTube videos is increasing day by day in India post-COVID 19, and it has become the most reliable source of dealing with anxiety, depression, stress that is too free of cost.

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Q. What type of fitness YouTube videos enjoy more subscribers?

Ans: Videos through which one gets positive energy are always liked and preferred. Exercise should be of all levels be it is beginner, intermediate, or advanced, but with proper instruction. It should not be complicated. Always keep the background music as low as possible.

  • Rohit Khatri Fitness
  • Ranveer Allahbadia
  • Guru Mann
  • Tarun Gill
  • Jeet Selal
  • Amit Panghal
  • Rajveer Shishodia
  • Abhinav Mahajan
  • Gaurav Taneja

Q. Why is fitness important?

Ans: Doing regular exercises helps in improving your health and lessening the risk of health problems like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. It improves the quality of life so that you remain fit and healthy.

Q. Which exercise should I opt for?

Ans: There is no right answer to this question. You can watch online YouTube fitness videos and choose the one that you can perform comfortably and fits well with your lifestyle. If you are doing exercise in the morning, you should spend some time on the warm-up. The reason is that our tendons, muscles, and joints are in relaxation mode when we wake up. Morning is the best time for exercise, it makes your whole day lively.

Q. How to stay active in your COVID 19 Quarantine period?

Ans: Watch YouTube Fitness videos online. There are many free online classes available on YouTube. You can learn about exercises that you can do on your own like walking, sit-ups, jogging, walking, or stretching that will help you to remain active and healthy all day.