Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India [Top Companies]

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Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India [Top Companies]

We have numerous fantastic gym equipment manufacturers in India. People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of physical fitness. They have started working out at home, but not all routines are suitable for their situation. That is why people attend gyms daily.

As a result, India's fitness business is more profitable than ever. Diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, obesity, and mental illnesses such as stress, despair, and worry are all on the rise. As a result, people must exercise regularly and eat a good diet to keep healthy.

Importance of Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India

Exercise daily makes a person more disciplined and optimistic. It gives them the ability to live a healthy lifestyle. Some of the most popular techniques to remain active are yoga, machine workouts, Zumba, weight training, aerobics, and kickboxing.

One of the most crucial aspects of living a healthy lifestyle is physical fitness. A healthy body produces significantly more favourable results in the long term. Working over a long period is not tough. Nobody embraces these facts more than they do, and they go to the gym every day to prove it.

So, if you are thinking of opening a gym, you are on the correct route. As a result, you will probably need some essential gym equipment, such as a stationary bike, treadmill, and weights. Depending on the customer's lifestyle, the best alternatives are a gym with all the latest equipment and every facility offered.

You must invest in the most excellent gym equipment to run a lucrative gym. Gym equipment manufacturers in India sell treadmills, industrial dumbbells, rubber mats, gym pates, and other health and fitness products.

A gym owner should be truthful about the quality and expense of any gym equipment before purchasing it. The quality of such things should be outstanding. Certain firms provide high-quality domestic machinery. A gym owner must carefully choose all equipment from well-known fitness and equipment suppliers and manufacturers who offer the highest quality and performance.

Before making a decision, remember that everything should be designed and built using the highest quality steel materials and under the supervision of professionals and experienced personnel. If your members want to come to your gym regularly, the goods should be appealing to them.

This equipment will make you money in direct proportion to how happy your customers are with your service. Your gym's layout, as well as the availability of modern equipment, would be appreciated.

Some companies have a big, skilled, and knowledgeable workforce. The quality controller authorises the equipment after comprehensive testing. When it comes to quality, they don't cut corners. These companies prioritise safety above anything else.

So don't be too concerned about your next move. If you are serious about starting a gym, contact those companies to obtain the best and most user-friendly equipment for your business. Indeed, determining the finest may be challenging, with many brands to pick from.

Top Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India

Name of Manufacturer



Nortus Fitness

1118, M.I.E, Part - I, Bahadurgarh, Haryana 124507


Fitness World

KK House, D-247/3,


Noida-201301, U.P, India


Life Fitness India

No: 1/580, Vinayaga Nagar 1st Street,


Chennai – 600097



203, A Wing, Cello Triumph I. B. Patel Road Mumbai Maharashtra 400 063


Body-Solid India

8, A-5, Arham Logiparc

Mumbai - Nasik Highway

Valshind Village

Bhiwandi, Dist. Thane - 421302


Let us look at them in detail.

1. Nortus Fitness

In India, Nortus Fitness is one of the most well-known brands in the fitness business. They are the leading supplier of Gym Equipment and the manufacturer of a comprehensive line of cardio equipment.

Over 20 years of development, the leading fitness equipment company has become more outstanding. A lot of fitness centres in India have authorised this brand. Their industry is developed to express maximum Gym efficacy to minimise body stiffness.

The upgrade program is extensive, and it will continue to provide a one-of-a-kind service to the expanding and demanding fitness market. They create the most effective workout equipment for today's training environment: trendy, elegant, and uninspiring.

2. Fitness World

They arranged for professional gym equipment to be installed. Their consumers are happy with their products. There are commercial gyms, hotels, fitness clubs, educational organisations, business and government bodies, etc.

You can develop a relationship with this firm if you are ready to build a gym in the location of your choosing. The most crucial characteristic of the gym is the variety of equipment. You may buy gym equipment here.

They prepare their fitness accessories to enhance and broaden the exposure of the fitness administration of the clients' company setups. Every piece of training equipment is composed of high-quality materials, and every piece of fitness equipment must pass all testing.

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3. Life Fitness India

Life Fitness has long been the unquestioned industry leader in gym accessories. This organisation's rates are advantageous to both exercisers and facilities. Their mission is to keep the general populace moving, starting with the exercise bike and progressing to a range of strength, cardio, and group training fitness items.

Over the last 20 years, the workout program has evolved considerably. Numerous fads have come and gone, but the general public's desire to live a better life has compelled them to do so. Their mission is to provide solutions that will move the entire planet and assist individuals in living a healthy and active lifestyle.

4. Precor

They are in the health and wellness industry. They are willing to personalise each exerciser's experience, identify on a personal level with corporate authorities, and develop a culture that values mutual respect and the wonderful advantages of sharing their Personalised Mission.

The objective is to create personalised health and wellness experiences that allow people to live the lives they want. For more than three decades, they have pushed the boundaries of wellness by focusing on ergonomic movement, visual science, and popular design.

They constantly review and anticipate the needs of the people and organisations they serve. They regularly rethink development and quality categories, intending to improve the techniques by which people better themselves.

5. Body-Solid India

This firm provides athletic and strength gym equipment and accessories for any sports conditioning, athletic program, or functional training studio. If you want to improve your endurance, intensity, and strength, their award-winning accessories durability and cutting-edge design with the industry's best warranties are ideal.

Every day, they manufacture several sorts of equipment at their facilities. Every stage of the manufacturing process includes testing of the gym equipment. The raw materials and steel grade utilised in producing excellent gym equipment are of the highest quality.

Their distinct power rack and configurations method has gained attention in recent years. They have rigged themselves up with steel racks and other attachments. With their vast choice of ropes, benches, plyo-boxes, flooring, accessories, and even free weights for the ideal training environment, you may simply acquire anything you need.


Fitness is becoming increasingly popular. People are becoming increasingly worried about their looks because of the advent of social media platforms. They exercise and eat to feel healthy and look fit.

Celebrities have also started stressing about fitness. These individuals have a strong impact on kids, and they aspire to be like them. As a result, gym equipment is a must for any gym.

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Q. Which brand is best for lightweight gym accessories?

Ans. Precor is well known for its durable and lightweight gym accessories.

Q. What is the FIT INDIA movement?

Ans. The Honorable Prime Minister launched the FIT INDIA Movement to make fitness an integral part of our daily lives. The Movement's mission is to promote behavioural changes and a more physically active lifestyle.

Q. When was the FIT INDIA movement started?

Ans. The Honorable Prime Minister launched the FIT INDIA Movement on August 29th, 2019.

Q. Why is gym equipment costly to own and operate?

Ans. Gym equipment is costly because it is heavy, which increases shipping costs. They are also scarce, which drives up prices as demand rises.

Q. What are bumper plates?

Ans. Bumper Plates, or 'bumpers,' are weight plates designed for 50mm (Olympic) barbells, commonly found in gyms. They are made of iron or steel and have a thick rubber coating protection.

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