Famous Street Food of Andaman [Must Try Cuisines of Andaman]

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Famous Street Food of Andaman [Must Try Cuisines of Andaman]

Andaman & Nicobar has been a gem for Indian Beach-lovers for ages now. The beautiful and serene beaches, picturesque city and mouth-watering delicacies make an unbeatable combination for every tourist. People visit this island for a lot more than beaches. This is one place in and around India that has got a thing for street food. This is a prominent reason why several food lovers often visit here for relishing their taste buds with the food offered here.

The best part about this island is that it offers a great fusion of Bengali, South Indian and Andhra flavours. Andaman's culture and food have been strongly influenced by these places. If you are another street food-lover reading this blog, then you must start iterating your food list according to the one given below. And not just that, if you are willing to start its business anywhere, we will be giving you tips for that as well. Read the entire blog and know everything that made you land on this blog.

1. Fish Curry

Undoubtedly, this will always be on the top of the list as we are talking about an island. There are several popular flavours of fish curry in the entire Andaman island, taste as many as possible, and then decide the best one for yourself. Do not miss out on the chilli fish curry because it is rated as one of the best by several tourists. You will find the flavours of peanuts, Indian spices, rice, tomatoes and a good quantity of chilli. This is an aromatic dish that is equally tasty.

2. Prawns BBQ

When it comes to munching on the tasty street food items in Andaman, you cannot miss out on the popular prawns' BBQ. It is one of their specialities, and you can find it almost everywhere you go. All the eateries on the island have a unique flavour which is also their seasoning for this dish. The proximity to the water body gives the locals a chance to serve the best, delicious and fresh seafood to all the visitors. Apart from king prawns, you can also enjoy crabs, sardines and other seafood.

3. Smoked Chicken Tikka

Andaman might be a lot of tasty seafood on offer, but that doesn't mean you can skip the exceptionally good and uniquely flavoured 'Smoked Chicken Tikka.' If you are a street food lover, try this dish from any roadside vendor rather than approaching the big restaurants. The reason being, bigger restaurants have tampered with the original-local recipe. They have inherited the recipes famous in North-Indian states. If you are willing to try a new chicken tikka recipe, it's the street vendors you should be heading to.

4. Grilled Lobsters

If not the only exotic, Andaman is considered to be one of the most exotic and picturesque islands in the world. Visiting exotic places calls for exotic dishes, and when in Andaman, you should not miss out on the Andaman's favourite lobsters. One of the authentic recipes of Andaman is the grilled lobsters. It is known to be an exotic and equally delicious dish that is always on the 'To eat' list of a lot of travellers. The grilled lobster is a dish prepared in butter, parsley and Idli flakes as its main ingredients. If you were to try just one dish here, make it the "Andaman's special grilled lobsters." It is an unchallenged street food of this island and probably the most delicious of them all.

5. Amritsari Kulcha

Didn't expect this, right? Amritsari Kulcha is one of the specialities here. People often pair it with curries, but most people love to eat it alone. There are a lot of roadside eateries that offer this food item. Though it is a common snack in North India when relished here, you will find the actual difference. Chefs in Andaman have made a unique flavour and recipe for this dish. The Amritsari Kulcha here comes with a lot of stuffing such as potatoes, onion, coriander leaves, seasoning, and some parsley. The one that you get here is entirely different, and probably that makes it a must-try dish.

6. Macher Jhol

If you are a seafood lover, you will surely love visiting Andamans as there are many different, flavoursome and must-try dishes on offer. One of the best dishes of this place is the pan India renowned Macher Jhol. Though the originality of this dish is from Bengal, you will find a few street vendors selling Macher Jhol that would taste even better than what you tasted in Bengal. The dish contains a lot of ingredients that make it flavoursome. There are a lot of recipes that you will find here, but the main ingredients of this recipe include turmeric powder, fish, chillies, coriander seeds and a lot of different spices.

coconut prawns curry served in a white bowl

7. Coconut Prawns Curry

Apart from the other dishes mentioned earlier, we believe coconut prawns curry is also a great item that you must relish on your visit to the island. You will find almost every street vendor offering this flavour to tourists. They have the authentic taste as it is prepared with several local spices. This is a creamy, thick textured dish that is prepared in fresh creamy coconut milk. This ingredient adds zing to the dish and improves the overall eating experience of the traveller. While on a street food munching spree, you can have a bite of this delicious and flavourful dish.

Now, all these food items are a bit authentic and prepared by the locals of Andaman. If you wish to bring it to different states of India, it could be a good thing for you. People will not only be able to access the different tastes and cuisines but might also get a business to run. So, if you are planning on starting up a new business where you will introduce the 'Andaman Special' dishes, here is what you should do:

  • Frame a plan

The first that you should do is frame a strong plan that could justify your intentions and investments. For doing this successfully, you need to craft a plan. You need to have more in-depth research and a broader understanding of the nature of the market. It will help you not just analyse the pros and cons of what you are starting up but also give you the idea of how you will have to execute things to make it a successful business.

The entire plan can be broken and executed in different steps. The first step should include defining your market and specifying your USP. After that, the food or style should be defined, followed by deciding the menu and your brand.

  • Secure your finances

Once you have a full-proof plan ready by your side, make sure the execution process starts only after that. Now the next step includes securing your finances. There are a lot of things and ways by which you can secure funds for your business. Try out the ones you think are suitable for you.

  • Location matters

Another key factor that will affect your sales will be the location. It would be best if you always tried to set up a restaurant or eatery in places where your potential customers will see you the most. Catching the eye is the way to make things going for such a business. A good location can serve as a cost-effective decision, brings you closer to your customers, makes you visible, and much more.


Being an exquisite place to visit, there are high chances that you might come back with a lot of new recipes and ideas to start your business anywhere in the country. Listed above are the famous street foods offered in Andaman, followed by tips that can help you start and grow your own business. Make sure you follow them all.

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Q. Is it a good idea to open up a restaurant serving seafood in Delhi?

Ans. Your plan, location, and food taste will drive your business up or down in Delhi. So keep these three factors in mind at all times.

Q. What are the best street food items in Andaman?

Ans. Fish curry, prawns BBQ, Lobestor, Macher Jhol and a few other seafood items are popular street foods in the area.

Q. What is the main ingredient of a successful restaurant business in North India?

Ans. If you are looking for a restaurant business where you will be bringing seafood from Andaman, make sure you plan everything as per the points discussed above in the article.

Q. Is there any must-try for my visit to Andaman?

Ans. Don't miss out on the Smoked chicken tikka and fish curry!