Famous Street Food of Bihar [Best Bihari Dishes]

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Famous Street Food of Bihar [Best Bihari Dishes]

How You Can Start Its Business Anywhere

Bihar’s a monastery state where India’s first massive empires rose and fell; Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Muslim, and Sikh monasteries prevail. Of all Indian provinces, Bihar is the most closely associated with the Buddha’s life and is responsible for a trail of pilgrims known as the Buddhist circuit.

Food of Bihar is much like North Indian and East Indian cuisine. Milky food, like watermelon and sharbat with wood-apple fruit pulp, are enjoyed predominantly in the summertime. In contrast, dry food, including sesame preparations and poppy seeds, are consumed more often in the winter months.

Street food is usually very ubiquitous due to the limited time needed to order and purchase the dishes. The street food culture in Bihar is a huge treat. Sellers are all around, and your nostrils get filled with the aroma of flavoursome food. The reach of Bihari street food is extensive, and it is famous in every nook and corner of the nation.

Here, we have compiled some of the famous street foods of Bihar.

Street food of Bihar

1. Bhelpuri

Bhelpuri has its origins in Mumbai, but there’s a particular spot for it in Bihar’s streets. It is typically a form of chaat made of rice, mixed veggies, chutney, and other fried snacks and has an equilibrium of sweet, salty, and spicy flavours, to which many people are attracted. There is an array of flavours and several textures, including rice pudding and fried sev. Bhelpuri is a widely acclaimed part of the cuisine on the streets of Bihar.

litti chokha served in black coloured plate

2. Litti chokha

Litti chokha is regarded as a speciality in Bihar and is typically found in street stalls. Initially, it was street food sold in carts but quickly came to restaurants. Now it is one of the most popular dishes in Bihar. It is a wheat ball made from whole wheat flour, filled with roasted chickpea meal and an extensive range of herbs and spices. Litti is served with chokha that is made with boiled vegetables, spices, and onions. Together, they build a flavour that foodies adore.

3. Batata puri

Batata puri is an exquisite preparation, and it is a perfect snack food in Indian cuisine. The puri is crunchy, and each bite is an eruption of vibrant flavours. A mixture of crispy puri with the crunchy sev and soft potatoes gives you a tangy, spicy taste. The sev and the potatoes are typically served on top of the puri, and the entire thing looks aesthetically pleasing too. It is one street food to be definitely explored in Bihar.

4. Laung-latika

Laung-latika is one of Bihar’s most well-known street food appetisers and is frequently cooked and served during cultural events. The clove in the middle of the light-crispy pastry, similar to other stuffed food, takes it to a different gastronomical level. Laung-latika is sweet, with an aromatic scent from the cloves. The light snack can be dipped into a sugar syrup that gives a soft texture so that the snack nearly melts in your mouth. This is one of the more famous dishes in the streets of Bihar.

5. Lababdar rolls

Lababdar rolls are a popular street food in various regions of India. It is also common in Bihar, where the street food centres typically serve aloo or onion paratha with the rolls. In a spicy tomato sauce, onions and a blend of spices are roasted with cream for a creamy texture. Then they are stuffed and rolled in rotis. Paneer is one of the best-known varieties of these rolls, with the right blend of flavours. The soft cheese is an excellent complement to the powerful spices.

6. Mutton kebabs

Bihar is renowned for its non-vegetarian foods, and mouthwatering kebabs lead the way in the region’s street food. The Mughal kebab was introduced to India and quickly became one of the most popular traditional dishes available throughout the country. A mutton kebab is commonly eaten on a grill with a selection of fried vegetables. The aroma of kebabs fills the air in the streets of Bihar.

What Makes Bihar’s Street Food Special?

Bihar street food is undoubtedly one of the country’s best cuisines. Many people get food from the roadside stalls because they are inexpensive, readily available, and delicious. Not only do the many street food stalls serve the public, but they also provide jobs and enable the economy to expand.

Some dishes are more popular, and they are typically associated with the city. Litti chokha, for example, is considered the signature dish of Bihar. Though there are other street foods in various parts of India, some of the most prominent ones are from the streets of Bihar.

kebabs served in white plate placed on a mat on table

Guide to Start a Business with Bihar’s Famous Street Food

Bihari cuisine offers tremendous diversity in street food across the country. Like any cafe, a food stall needs applicable permits. It is always profitable to start a food service where limited space is required to run the business. Permits, such as the FSSAI license and municipality permission letter, are required for a hassle-free start to the business.

A business’s set-up runs parallel with business marketing. Sales will turn up only if you advertise and promote your business in a clear direction. It would be best to focus on a handful of simple and tasty dishes whose preparation mostly involves the same ingredients.

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The initial investment for a street food stall would be minimal. One would require between 50,000 and 1 lakh rupees to procure all the necessary equipment for the smooth functioning of a street food stall. A food stall has a drastically reduced reliance on an external fund stream, enabling you to start and operate the food business effortlessly. Also, as most of Bihar’s street food is popular among Indians, there is an excellent incentive for consumers to patronise the business.


There are many opportunities to make a respectable profit from the street food business, with increasing demand every day. The amount of profit you earn depends on the food you deliver, the dishes on your menu, if your business is a solely-owned or family business, and whether it is part or full-time. There are inconveniences as with any other company, and not everybody is competitive in this field. There are things to focus on to be profitable, including selecting an appropriate location based on business research.

Street food businesses are largely prevalent in cities with emerging food markets, such as Patna. They are also popular at festivals and other events throughout the summer. You can start your Bihar street food business anywhere, taking into account the starting-up costs, earning capacity, and risk levels.

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FAQs on street food of Bihar

Q. What are some of the famous foods in Bihar?

Ans. Litti chokha, bhelpuri, and mutton kebab are some of the famous foods in Bihar.

Q. What is the specialty of Litti Chokha?

Ans. Litti chokha is one of the most famous dishes across the state of Bihar. It is said the dish can keep you full throughout the day and has cooling properties.

Q. Is the street food business profitable?

Ans. The profit will be on the lower side than that of a restaurant, but the initial investment is also low. So, a balance is achieved, and a good turnover can be raked in from this business.

Q. How can you price your street food menu?

Ans. The menu pricing for your food business can be calculated by dividing the items’ raw material cost by the ideal food cost percentage.

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