Famous Street Food Of Tripura [Popular Dishes Of Tripura]

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Famous Street Food Of Tripura [Popular Dishes Of Tripura]

Tripura is a less explored destination amidst food lovers. The northeast state’s food habits are strongly influenced by Bengal, Burma, and other northeastern territories. Tripura is known for its rich, spicy cuisine and a variety of curries. Rice, along with chicken, mutton, pork, and fish, are the famous food here. Along with food, rice beer is also a popular drink in this region which people have on some special occasions.

Street food of Tripura

1. Chauk

Chauk or rice beer is the popular drink of Tripura. Along with Chauk, Chuwarak is also a famous drink of the state. Pineapple, jackfruit and rice are the main ingredients of the drink.

2. Mosdeng Serma

Mosdeng serma is a dish made using tomato with red chilli, garlic and berma or fermented fish. This is a famous dish of the state which can be served either with rotis or with rice.

3. Mui Borok

Mui borok is a very popular dish here in Tripura. Berma or fermented fish is used in this recipe.

4. Bhangui

Bhangui is a rice dish that is made by using sticky rice. The rice is washed and then dried in the sunlight.

5. Kosoi Bwtwi

Kosoi bwtwi is another renowned dish that is prepared with beans and garlic. First of all, the beans are half boiled and cooked with chillies and garlic. This dish is served with rice. It is a very easy and healthy dish prepared in this northeastern state.

6. Muya Bai Wahan Chakhwi

Muya bai wahan chakhwi is a pork dish that is cooked with bamboo shots, jackfruit and papaya. Firstly the pork meat is chopped in medium size, and then it is seasoned with lemon leaves and chillies.

7. Gudok

Gudok is another popular dish of this northeastern state. It is made with boiled vegetables and fermented fish.

8. Muya awandru

Muya awandru is a dish prepared with bamboo shoots, berma (fermented fish), parsley, and green chillies. Muya awandru has a rice flour-based gravy. Snails can be added as an optional to the dish. One of the unique features of this dish is that minimalistic oil is used in the dish.

The Popularity of Tripura Dishes

Tripura cuisine is highly influenced by Bangladeshi food

  • Tripura food mainly comprises non-vegetarian dishes like chicken, mutton, pork and fermented fish
  • Even in the rest of India, people who have visited Tripura would love to relish this eastern state’s cuisine
  • A simple way of cooking
  • Less use of oil and smoked dishes are preferred
  • The food of this state is delicious and cooked with minimalistic use of spices

How to start the business of Tripura food anywhere?

  • Planning - First of all, in order to start the food business of Tripura street food, a lot of planning and coordination is involved in starting the business.
  • Choosing a Place - The next step would be choosing a place where to open the eatery. Before zeroing down on the place, one should keep in find factors like demography and taste of the people living in that area.
  • Resources - Resources like manpower, logistics and other minute details should also be addressed before starting the business.
  • Financial planning - Another major criterion in starting the business of street foods of Tripura is planning the finances and arranging it in the best way.
  • Availability of fresh products - In the restaurant business, the most important factor is access to fresh products. If the dishes are made from freshly procured products, then the eatery business will pick up less.
  • Logistics or Supply Chain - Good logistics and supply chain ensures that the eatery business will gain momentum in some years.

Factors determining to start the business of Tripura street food:

  • Authentic Taste- In order to kick start the street food business, one of the significant factors is the authentic taste of the Tripura dishes. If there is a slight variance in the taste, probably people are not going to like it.
  • Investment/Grants - A good amount of money is required to start an eatery business. The Government of India also provides some loans /grants to the people interested in opening such an enterprise.
  • Place - Place or region is a deciding factor while opening an eatery venture. If the people in the region are familiar with the taste and food habits.
  • Social Media Presence - Nowadays, social media handles act as a promotional factor for starting any business. So it is pertinent for  the eatery owner to have a strong presence on social media pages like.

Risk factors involved while starting this business

  • Along with the positive pointers, there are some negative risk factors attached to the eatery business.
  • Everything depends on a good number of customers coming to the outlet.
  • Factors like taste and authenticity score very high when it comes to eatery business. Therefore these two parameters must be met consistently.
  • Profits - If there is a nominal profit from the business, it means that the business has not struck a chord with the customers.
Various bowls of spices over wooden background making bhelpuri

Future Prospects of Tripura’s street food business

  • Tripura is still an unexplored territory for many. The cuisine of the state has a lot of varieties, so the business of Tripura’s street food business can strike a chord with the customers quickly.
  • If the taste of the Tripura dishes is authentic in taste, then surely the business will be successful in the future days. The taste of the food is the saviour for the eatery business.
  • With good planning, adequate supply of fresh foods and sound logistics, the eatery business can be successful.
  • Parameters like the taste, good ambience, and traditional dishes can ensure that the restaurant business will grow well.
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FAQs on street food of Tripura

Q. What is the unique feature of the food of Tripura?

Ans. The food of Tripura is prepared with the best of spices, and the cooking style is also very simple and healthy.

Q. Can we get government aid or financial help to open the business of Tripura street food?

Ans. Yes, we can get some government help or financial aid for stating the street food business.

Q. Is it a good idea to promote the eatery on social media?

Ans. Yes, in today’s world if we have a stronghold on social media platforms, it will definitely help promote our business.

Q. What are Gudok, Wahan and Berma in Tripura’s cuisine?

Ans. Gudok, Wahan and Berma are authentic to Tripura. Gudok is a dish that is made with plenty of veggies along with fermented fish or berma. Wahan is made with pork, jackfruit, papaya and bamboo shots. Berma is a common ingredient in most of the cuisine in this state. Berma refers to fermented fish which is used in making various curries.