Famous Street Food Of Uttar Pradesh [Cuisines Of Uttar Pradesh]

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Famous Street Food Of Uttar Pradesh [Cuisines Of Uttar Pradesh]

The taste of Indian street foods is not only tempting for the locals but is immensely popular all over the globe. The magnificent aspect of Indian culture is that it changes every 50 to 100 Kms, and so do its food items. Street foods are popular because of their diverse but extremely delicious taste, easy access, and affordable costs. Every region has its own specialty food items, which are known for their taste and quality. Uttar Pradesh is one such state that is known for its unique delicacies. Who is not aware of the tantalising taste of the Awadhi biryani? And who can forget the mesmerising taste of the Galouti kebab? People’s love for these specialties can make the business of street food lucrative. Read the article to find out how you can start your business anywhere.

Let's first look at some of the most famous street foods of UP:

Street food of UP

1. Bhindi Ka Salan

This Awadhi delicacy is made by frying the ladyfingers and is cooked in yogurt-based curry containing a variety of authentic spices. People of all ages enjoy this dish.

2. Dum Aloo

Although this dish is enjoyed all over the country, UP has some special flavours to present this treat, which adds to the taste of Dum Aloo.

3. Chaat

The wide variety of Chaat items of UP provides the locals with the most amazingly flavourful Chaat options like Samosa Chaat, Matar Chaat, Aloo Tikki Chaat, and much more, with a variety of toppings and chutneys like tomato chutney, coriander chutney, mint chutney, tamarind chutney, etc.

4. Bedmi

This crispy puri has a delightful stuffing of the choicest spices blended in urad dal. People enjoy this dish with a variety of chutney or other vegetable curries.

5. Kebab Paratha

This royal paratha is rolled in a delicious kebab and provides both vegetarians and non-vegetarians options.

6. Baati Chokha

The baati is made up of wheat flour, dipped in authentic ghee, and is round like a bowl that is served with chokha prepared with mashed potato, tomato, and brinjal.

7. Bedhai

This dish is a popular breakfast stop for locals. Bedhai is a deep-fried chapati served with a delectable potato curry and chutney.

8. Tehri

Although the texture is similar to Khichdi, this dish contains a lot more vegetables than khichdi and is prepared with a good amount of ghee. The aroma of ghee mixed with spices makes this dish a special UP delicacy.

9. Baigan ki Longe

The brinjal is cut from the middle, and filled with spices that are served in special masala curry. This dish is famous in eastern UP.

10. Galouti kebab

Needless to explain about this royal delicacy, as no one is unaware of the aroma and taste of these kebabs. The melt-in-the-mouth texture is made with minced meat in aromatic spices and is slow-cooked on a tawa.

11. Biryani

Awadhi Biryani is known for its unique aroma and taste. The flavour is different from that of other varieties of biryani.

12. Deserts

There are many varieties of sweet dishes famous in UP, including Malpua, kulfi, and Petha.

These street foods are not only loved by the people of UP, but are famous all over the country. You can bring UP’s delicacies to the people outside UP and present them with their favourite street foods. You can start the business after careful planning and gaining adequate knowledge about the business.

How to Start UP street food business?

Here are a few considerations that you must know before you start your business

1. Investments - The amount of investment will depend on whether you opt for a food cart/stall, or food truck. The setup cost of a food cart/stall can be approximately INR 1 lakh. This includes the cost of the cart, which will be around INR 40,000, cylinder cost will be around INR 2000, equipment cost will be approximately INR 10,000, other costs that include paying wages to the workers, maintenance of the cart, etc., will be around 5 to 8 thousand. However, if you are planning for a food truck business, it would cost you around INR 10 lakhS. This will include vehicle cost of around 4 to 5 lakh, equipment cost of 2 to 3 lakh. Other costs include license cost, POS software cost, staffing, and other maintenance costs.

2. Choose the right location- Whether you decide to undertake a food cart business or wish to conduct the business operations through a food truck, it is highly important to choose the right location. You should decide the location after considering a few factors like the competitive landscape, a place that is a professional hub, consider your target audience, and an area that receives greater human traffic. Analyse the security and accessibility of the location for your food cart. Study the rules of the location for parking vehicles if you choose the food truck business.

3. Product choice - The raw-materials, kitchen equipment, number of staff, pricing, all depends on the choice of product. You may opt from among the famous street foods that are mentioned above in this article. Consider selecting the food item that can be easily and quickly prepared on the food cart so that people don't have to wait too long for the food. Also, bring in some innovation in the food item that attracts more food lovers. You may offer some delicious toppings or provide a variation to the UP’s traditional food item, without hampering the authentic essence of the dish.

4. Menu pricing - Once you decide on the products, you can plan for the menu pricing. The two most important factors for deciding the menu pricing are location and competitors. If the food stall is in a popular mall, then you can keep the rate high, and if it is in a marketplace where there are other competitors selling similar items, then you have to price the items accordingly.

5. Staffing - Food stalls generally need less staff. One to two employees are enough to handle the business undertakings. But you will require over 2 staff if you plan to conduct your business on a food truck. If you wish to bring your business online, then you will have to recruit a few delivery personnel as well. The kitchen equipment and way of operation are different on a food truck from that of a food cart or stall.

6. License and permits - You cannot start any food business without the FSSAI (The food safety and standard authority of India) registration and authorisation. You may need a few permits like a fire safety certificate, No Objection Certificate from a municipal corporation, shop license, etc. Get in touch with the state municipal corporation and learn about all the legal formalities before starting the business so you can run your business without any further intervention.

7. Profits - There are several factors that lead to a profitable business. The price of the product, sales, the amount of investment, and your return on investments are the elements of profits, it also depends on how popular the food items are. However, you can expect a profit margin of 50% for your food cart business.


Incorporate the traditional flavours of UP with your innovative business idea and get the best return on your investments. Consider all the above factors carefully. Thorough market research can go a long way in the establishment and successful operation of your business. Gain all-around knowledge of the product, competitions, pricing, and investment with proper financial planning and start your business without any hassle.

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FAQs on street food of UP

Q. What are the famous street foods of UP?

Ans. The most popular street foods of UP are Bhindi ka Salan, Dum Aloo, Chaat, Bedmi, Kebab paratha, Baati Chokha, Galouti kebab, Malpua, Petha, Awadhi Biryani, Baigan ki Longe, Bedhai, tehri, etc.

Q. How can I establish a UP street food business?

Ans. You can decide on the product that you want to sell and study the various factors required to conduct a business, like the location of the shop, menu and its price, equipment and workforce, investments, and license requirements.

Q. What is the procedure for getting a food business license and permit?

Ans. You have to contact your state’s municipal corporation, as all the food carts are managed by the municipal corporation of that state.

Q. How can I get money to start my street food business?

Ans. You may get loans from banks. Also, Start-Up India Seed Fund Scheme by the government will be operational from the 1st of April 2021 to support young companies.