Famous Street Food Of Odisha [Popular Odia Dishes]

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Famous Street Food Of Odisha [Popular Odia Dishes]

Street food is known to be a favourite among most people across the country. Just like any other state, Odisha, too, offers great street food. There is a variety of foods that are quite popular in the state. The local people love their street food, which is quite affordable. The capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar, in particular, is known to serve delicious street food that is loved by one and all.

Here are some of the most famous street foods in Odisha.

Street food of Odisha

1. Dahi Vada with Aloo Dum

This one is popular and people’s favourite street food. The sellers are usually seen selling this street food early in the morning, as it is a popular breakfast option. Unlike the usual dahi vada and aloo dum that we eat separately, in Odisha, they are served together. The soft dahi vadas are served with onion, coriander, cumin powder, chilli powder and chat masala.

2. Bara Ghugni

This is also a very well-known street food in Odisha and can be found in almost every street. Bara is a deep-fried fritter that is prepared by making a paste of Bengal gram. Ghugni, on the other hand, is made using dried peas. The two are tasty separately, but they complement each other perfectly. This dish is also a popular choice for breakfast and for evening snacks. It is no surprise there are plenty of stalls selling this everywhere.

3. Chat

Just like any other place in the country, Odisha also has its chat that is very tasty. It is made using fried chips and mashed potatoes and is made to taste sweet and sour. It is served with yoghurt, coriander and tamarind sauce. All the flavours come together to create a beautiful combination that is popular among the local people. There are many versions available that are quite delicious.

4. Chakuli Pitha

It is a traditional dish and is very well known as street food. Although it is traditionally prepared on certain occasions, it is now widely popular. It is salty in taste and served with items like mutton/chicken curry. This delicious dish is served with a dal or a lentil soup for vegetarian people.

5. Chennapoda

It is a popular and favoured sweet dish in Odisha that looks like a traditional cake but is nothing like one. The taste and textures are completely different from the usual cake. It is made using cottage cheese, sugar and ghee (clarified butter). It is native to the eastern part of Odisha but is enjoyed throughout the state.

6. Mudi Mangsho

One of the really amazing street foods is mudi mangsho. It is puffed rice that is served along with chicken or mutton curry. The combination might sound odd to the uninitiated, but the locals love it.

7. Rasabali

This is another sweet dish that the people of Odisha love. It is also made using cottage cheese or chenna and looks somewhat like a flat gulab jamun. It is fried and then dipped in thick and sweetened milk. This delicious sweet treat can make anyone happy.

8. Chenna Jhilli

The people of Odisha love their sweets and are ready to have one at any time of the day. Chenna jhilli is one such sweet dish that is loved by all, and it is incredibly delicious. The main ingredients are fried cheese and sugar syrup.

These foods are the most famous street foods in Odisha, and people love them. But it is not necessary that one has to enjoy these foods only while visiting or living in Odisha. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have these elsewhere too?

You can start a business in street food in other places too so more people can enjoy these delicacies. These street foods are complex in their taste, but they are relatively easy to prepare and do not require many ingredients. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you wish to start a business to sell these street foods of Odisha.

1. Investment: The initial investment is not too much. You can start by selling a few of the items. Based on the reception, you can introduce a few more. You have to invest in certain raw materials, but that depends on what you are willing to sell. Prepare a list of things that you would require to start a stall/cart. You will have to spend about 1 lakh rupees. The Odisha government has launched the Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan or Mukta Scheme for supporting new businesses.

Various fast foods like Piiyaji, gulgula, bara, aloo chop, mangso chop, etc, are sold by cart puller

2. Choice of Items: You must know the items that you wish to sell. All the above options are great, but you need to choose a few before you begin sales.

3. Menu Pricing: It is essential you identify what each item on your menu should be priced at. You can get an idea from other sellers or stall owners.

4. Profits: The profits depend on the pricing of your items. Choose a price that will not be much higher than your local competitors’ but not too low either. Street foods are typically a big hit no matter where you are. You can take advantage of that fact and price your items strategically.

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We hope that you have a good idea of the famous street foods and how you can start a business to sell these wonderful items. Starting any business requires a lot of hard work. Among other things, you must maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene. You have to understand the market and create a plan that will make the whole process easier. Take inspiration from other business owners in the segment. Get all these elements right, and you can easily launch a successful business in Odisha’s street food.

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FAQs on street food of Odisha

Q. How much money will I need to start a street food business?

Ans. An initial investment of about 1 lakh is required. You will be required to purchase some raw materials like a stall, burners, cylinder, etc.

Q. Can I apply for a loan?

Ans. Yes, you can. Many banks offer loans at attractive rates. You can apply for those if you need funds for starting your business. The Odisha government has launched the Mukta Scheme for supporting businesses.

Q. Will I require staff?

Ans. You may not require one initially. But you may need assistance if your business grows and becomes too challenging to manage on your own. You can have a helper, in the beginning, to assist with the necessary tasks; then, slowly, you can increase the number of people as and how your business grows.

Q. Where should I open my stall/restaurant?

Ans. You must choose a place that people visit. Choosing a location that is unfrequented or deserted most of the time will not be a good thing for any business.

Q. Will I need licensing and registration?

Ans. Yes, You cannot just start a business or put up a stall on the road. You are required to get a license and registration under the FSSAI. You can contact your local municipality and get all the required details to complete the process. There is a fee that needs to be paid, and it varies from state to state.

Q. How many items should I sell?

Ans. You can choose to start with a few and see the response from customers. Once you understand that, you can start selling more items and then prepare a full menu. This will keep your customers happy and satisfied, especially if they are from Odisha and living in another state.