Famous Street Food Of Gujarat [Popular Dishes Of Gujarat]

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Famous Street Food Of Gujarat [Popular Dishes Of Gujarat]

Gujarati cuisine is exceptionally diverse and rich. While many mainstream dishes like Dhokla, Fafda, Khakra, and jalebi are trendy worldwide, many more hidden gems decorate the Gujarati platter. Being a mix of various cultures, the food in Gujarat is widely diverse in different regions. From heavily spiced Kathiyawadi cuisine to a sweet blend of Surati food, the food here is suitable for all kinds of people. This diversity, along with Gujarati food's popularity, gives us a great business opportunity waiting to be explored. Today we will tell you about some new and underrated Gujarat famous street food items that you can start a business in. We will also give you a step-by-step guide to starting a business and answer some frequently asked questions in the end.

Street Food in Gujarat

Its diverse culture heavily influences street Food in Gujarat. So each region has a very distinct and different taste. While many Gujarati street foods can be found all around the country, there are many dishes whose flavour and tastes are unknown. These food items have the potential to completely change the perspective of Gujarati food and widen its audience massively. Let's see some of these:

1. Kathiyawadi Food

Kathiyawad is a region in Saurashtra, located in the southwestern part of Gujarat. Contrary to the popular belief of Gujarati cuisine being sweet and non-spicy, this cuisine is known for its extraordinarily spicy and fiery taste. Yes, you heard it right! Kathiyawadi cuisine is one of the oldest in Gujarat and has a wide variety of street foods. Some of the popular dishes are:

  • Lasaniya Bateta: As the name suggests, this dish is a combination of potatoes and lots of garlic and spices. It can be prepared as a dry item or in the form of a curry.
  • Kaju Karela: Gujaratis have found a way to make even bitter gourds tasty. Kaju Karela is a mix of spices and cashew nuts with stir-fried Karela. This dish is crispy and flavourful. While it reduces the bitterness of Karela, a small hint of it enhances the flavour.
  • Dal Pakwan: Traditionally a Sindhi dish, Dal Pakwan is a popular dish available in Rajkot, Porbandar etc. Dal Pakwan consists of a crispy puri known as Pakwan, which is then poured into a flavourful dal. To give it a personal touch, Kathiyawadis often add spicy garlic chutney and peanuts to it.

2. Kutchi Cuisine

Located on the north-western side of Gujarat, Kutch is the largest district in the state. It is home to hundreds of communities, and the food reflects a powerful blend of all. While Kutchi dishes like Dabeli are already trendy in cities like Mumbai, Pune etc. some other Kutchi varieties that need to hit the streets are:

  • Muthiya: Muthiya is made by steaming a mix of flours with veggies like Methi, palak, bottle gourd etc. Upon steaming, it can also be stir-fried again to make it crispy. Muthiya being dry and crisp is a perfect street food option.
  • Kutchi Kadak: Inspired by Dabeli, Kutchi Kadak is another insanely popular dish found in Kutch. Kadak uses butter toasts/rusks and pours the Dabeli stuffing over it. Topped with some pomegranate, Sev and peanuts, it's a perfect dish to snack on.

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3. Surat Street Food

While Surat cuisine is the most popular one in Gujarat, it has some unexplored varieties that are not readily available in the rest of the country. These are the tempting dishes of Surat:

  • Locho: A khaman Dhokla accidentally once remained undercooked and gave birth to this dish called "Locho", which translates to "A silly mistake". Well this mistake, grew to be one of the most popular foods in Surat. Locho has now innumerable versions, like Shezwan, Italian, Tomato, Cheese etc.
  • Ponk Vada: Ponk is the green, tender and fresh Jowar grains. They are used in various ways in Gujarat, but Ponk Vada is a popular choice in Gujarat. It is dipped in a batter and deep-fried and served with green chutney and onions.
Khakra  is Served with Hot Tea and Tomato Ketchup over yellow background

Steps to Start a Business of Gujarati Food

The long list of dishes should have convinced you that Gujarat famous street food deserves it's own space everywhere. Here are a few tips to get started with a profitable business:  

1. Curating a Menu

Your food and menu are going to be the heart and soul of your business. Therefore, you must not compromise on it at all. Take the most time in perfecting and setting your menu. One of the first steps towards creating a dish is to research. Reading and learning about the culture will give you vast insights into understanding the dish's authentic flavours. If possible, visit the places where these dishes are traditionally made and taste them. After researching, the next step would be to practice cooking these dishes till you perfect them. At this stage, you can try experimenting with the dish to give it your own touch. Gujaratis love to experiment with their food, and any new elements will surely be welcomed. Thepla Rolls, Lasaniya Bateta Pav, or Schezwan Dabeli, the sky is your limit when experimenting.

2. Packaging and Presentation

Just having tasty food is not enough to survive in the food business. Your food must also be visually appealing. Look into designing a unique packaging of your food. Your packaging should include your brand logo, contact details and address to engage your customers.

Similarly, it would help if you also worked on presenting and plating your food for a dine-in experience. Everyone wants to post about their food online, and a good, Instagram-ready presentation will help you get brownie points from your customers.

3. Marketing

Gujarati food is often stereotyped to be sweet and bland. But you now know that it is not valid. But to break this stereotype and make people visit your restaurant, a strong marketing strategy would be necessary. Marketing and branding are today important for any business. Take time to build an online presence and make your brand visible online. This will help you immensely to gain an audience. Many online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram are free to access and would not require any monetary investments from your end. Some of the new ways in which you can market your business are influencer Marketing. Food blogging has gained popularity, and many food bloggers have a large following and audience. Invite these bloggers to your restaurant and use their reach to spread the word about your business. Even traditional ways like paid advertising, email marketing etc., are also beneficial.


Gujarati Street Food is a cuisine that can be converted into a popular, profitable and perfect business. So don't contemplate and get started with your business today. Have questions? Read more about building businesses on our Blogs.

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FAQs on street food of Gujarat

Q. Would I require a lot of money to start this business?

Ans. No. It is a common misconception that the food business requires a lot of investment. You can quickly start a business with enough money to buy raw materials. You can even begin a home kitchen and deliver your food via various food delivery apps. This would save you a lot of infrastructure costs. You can invest slowly and gradually as your business starts to grow.

Q. Do I need to have any licences before starting my business?

Ans. Yes, you would require particular food and quality licences before starting a business. The procedure to obtain them would be different in every region. Consult a lawyer for help on this, to avoid paying hefty fines later on.

Q. What else do I need to know about, apart from my food?

Ans. Your audience and customers. Know the choices and preferences of your customers and serve them accordingly. Understanding the local demographic of your place will help you in gaining a loyal customer base. Feedbacks are also a great way to understand your customers and improve.

Q. What are some of the famous regional cuisines in Gujarat?

Ans. The major regional cuisines in Gujarat are Kathiyawadi, Kutchi, Surati, and Amdavadi.