Famous Street Food Of Punjab [Must Try Dishes Of Punjab]

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Famous Street Food Of Punjab [Must Try Dishes Of Punjab]

One of the most attractive elements of the diverse Indian culture is its scrumptious food range that is extremely affordable and is known for its unique flavour and tempting taste. The choicest hand-picked ingredients are blended with aromatic spices to form special food items. One such state in India is Punjab, where the street foods are as colourful and delightful as the people over there. The land of rivers provides an amazing range of delicacies that provides a great business opportunity for future entrepreneurs to start Punjab's street food business anywhere. However, there are some essential factors that you must know before you begin your journey towards your dream project that is discussed later in this article.

Here's a list of the most famous street foods of Punjab -

Street food of Punjab

1. Dahi Bhalla

The most consumed street food is Dahi Bhalla. Bhalla is made with the paste of urad dal mixed with flavourful spices and then deep-fried. As the name suggests, Bhalla is poured with locally made curd and garnished with a different variety of chutneys, like tamarind, mint, and coriander chutney which enhances the taste of the dish.

2. Golgappe

The evergreen Golgappe is famous all over India and is popular in different names at different places. Panipuri, puchka are the names of the favourite street food in India. The crunchy hollow puris are filled with spicy chana, mashed potato and onions and served with the choice of pani, i.e. water. It can be mint water or tamarind water.

3. Chole Bhature

No one can ever return from Punjab without having the most tempting dish of Punjab, Chole Bhature. This dish is found in street food shops as well as restaurants. The well-cooked Chole is incredibly flavourful and is served with fluffy Bhatura made of refined wheat flour.

4. Aloo Tikki

This dish proves that a simple dish can be highly inviting. The Tiki made up of mashed potato is fried and enhanced with aromatic spices and served with a variety of veggie toppings and curd. You can find this street food at every popular corner of Punjab.

5. Amritsari Kulcha

Although this is similar to naan, there are many varieties in kulcha like paneer kulcha, vegetable kulcha, potato kulcha, creamy cheese kulcha, onion kulcha, etc., and each one is equally flavourful. This street food can be enjoyed anytime and is deliciously fulfilling.

6. Paratha

Just like Kulchas, there is a variety of crispy parathas in Punjabi street foods. From Gobi (cauliflower) paratha to paneer (cottage cheese) paratha, aloo (mashed potato) paratha. The steamy parathas are served with your choice of curry and added with a generous amount of butter that melts as you bite into these delectable parathas.

7. Sarson ka saag with Makki di roti

A vital source of nourishment during winters in Punjab is sarso da saag with Makki di roti. Sarso that are mustard greens are cooked with authentic spices and served with Makai that is corn flatbreads. This loved dish is immensely popular in Punjabi street food.

8. Chicken Tikka

Tender chicken pieces are covered with special spices, then grilled and garnished with tangy lemon drops. The chicken pieces are marinated with curd and spices like turmeric, salt, coriander powder, cumin powder, cayenne pepper, chillies, and ginger-garlic paste which lets the spices sit on the chicken pieces and make it tender.

9. Machli Amritsari

This is a treat for all the fish eaters. The fish pieces are coated with delicious batter, and deep-fried to perfection, garnished with fresh coriander leaves with some lemon drops squeezed in them.

10. Lassi

The street food list is incomplete without the mention of lassi. The chilled creamy drink made from curd, added with some spices, is a relief in the hot summer weather. There are different flavours available in the market.

What makes the street food of Punjab so special?

The most enthralling thing about Punjab's street food is the variety it offers. Who is not aware of the creamy butter chicken? That's a choice for non-veg eaters of all ages. The appealing creamy texture of foods provides a unique experience to all food lovers. Not only non-veg foods, but there's also an array of vegetarian dishes that are loved by people for ages. Chole Bhature and Dal makhani are such delicacies that have made street food even more special. Punjab is also famous for Tandoori food items, as it is the first state to gain the art of cooking Tandoori foods. Punjab is the largest consumer of milk, and hence you can assume why the dishes are so rich in texture and why you cannot avoid the soothing lassi that's an inevitable part of the Punjabi cuisine.

Lassi or sweet buttermilk road side shop with Kalakand in the background

How can you start a street food business anywhere?

The deliciously hearty street foods of Punjab can be a treat for people all over the country. But you have to consider some key elements to present the dishes as gracefully as one would imagine it to be. You have to maintain the authenticity of the ingredients, and there are a few other factors that you must know before starting the food business. Here's how you can start the street food business-

1. Market research

Right information is the key to build a firm base for the business. You need to find out the current trends of the market. First, you have to decide the product you want to sell and look out for innovative presentations or different variations of the traditional dishes you can offer your audience. Find out about your competitors and what they are offering and at what price. Find out who your target audience is and decide the location based on that: office area, college areas, terminals, or supermarkets. Whatever you choose, make sure that the area receives good traffic regularly. Then you have to address the next question that depends on the location that is setting up the price for your product.

2. Kitchen set-up & equipment

Depending on the product, vehicle - food cart or food truck and location, you have to set-up the business. Analyse all you need to get the dish ready. For a cart, you will need one that is easy to maintain: a cylinder, burner, and a few utensils again, which depends on the type of product. For a food truck, you need a vehicle and get some electronic equipment as well. POS software can manage your inventory well and provide the safety of data.

There are certain legal formalities you need to fulfil to start the business. Your business must be registered with the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). Some documents that you might need are a fire safety certificate, a NOC from both RTO and municipal corporation, and kitchen insurance. To get all the details about the legal formalities like the number of permits needed, the cost of the license, etc., you can contact the municipal corporation of your state.

4. Investment & profits

Investment depends upon the product, type of vehicle, raw-materials, kitchen equipment, utensils, and staff. For a food truck, you will have to invest up to 10 lakh rupees. The amount of investment is relatively low for a food cart as you need to invest up to 1 lakh rupees. You can expect a profit margin of 50% for the food cart business.

5. Marketing

Let people know about your business. Spread product awareness online with engaging advertisements. Adopt smart tricks to attract people to your website and ultimately to your shop. Talk about the taste, menu, and a few unique toppings you offer and talk about the offer price.


Turn your business idea into reality by considering some key elements that are necessary for starting the business. Punjab has a wide variety of mouth-watering street foods that can be a huge opportunity for you to build your career. Start analysing the terms and conditions today and build your tomorrow through careful planning, organising, financing, and marketing.

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FAQs on Street food of Punjab

Q. What are the famous street foods in Punjab?

Ans. Some famous street foods of Punjab are Dahi Bhalla, Golgappa, Chole Bhature, Amritsari machli, aloo Tikki, chicken tikka, lassi, Amritsari kulcha, parathas, sarso da saag, Makki di roti, and many more.

Q. How can I start the business of Punjabi street foods?

Ans. You need to consider some critical factors before starting the business like you need to choose the right product and analyse your target audience and location. You need to plan the investment and organise a proper business set-up. You also have to fulfil the legal requirements by contacting the municipal corporation of your state.

Q. Can the Punjab street food business become successful among the people in other states too?

Ans. Punjabi street food is rich in texture and has been loved by people all over the country. Proper research, quality food and delicious offerings improve the chances of success significantly.