Famous Street Food Of Rajasthan [Cuisines Of Rajasthan]

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Famous Street Food Of Rajasthan [Cuisines Of Rajasthan]

Rajasthan is the land of the Rajputs with a deep history and an equally long list of rich cuisines. Even today, tourists visit the forts to relive the history and royalty of the Maharajas. The state offers a variety of spicy food for visitors throughout the year.

You will find outstanding chicken as well as traditional Dal Baati Churma to relish on your visit to Rajasthan. If you plan to invest in the food industry, here is a list of all-time favourite street foods to make the most profit. Check them out in detail –

Street food of Rajasthan

1. Gol Gappa (Crispy Water Balls with Mashed Potato Stuffing)

Beginning the list with a popular favourite, the mouth-watering street food Gol Gappa, the dish is prepared by making small, crispy puffballs which are stuffed with mashed potatoes. Enjoy it by dipping the stuffed ball into spicy tamarind water. A small bite of Gol Gappa can make any tourist fall in love with the place. After all, the taste is always unforgettable!

Since Rajasthan is a land of colours and spices, choosing to have a Gol Gappa Shop can be a great business idea for anybody. The popular snack is an all-time-hit for people of all ages. The investment to set up a Gol Gappa shop is not much. You can go for pricing per plate or switch to the price-per-piece tradition. For its affordability, it is popular everywhere in Rajasthan as a light snack.

2. Dal Baati Churma

The land of spices brings a dish that is synonymous with Rajasthan and has been on the top trending must-try lists of the state. The Dal is basically a lentil curry made of fresh ingredients every day. The Bati is crunchy at every bite, dipped in pure ghee.

This dish needs no fancy term to make a place on the list. Starting a business with Dal Baati Churma as the main item has many advantages. The preparation saves water, and you can store it for days and still serve it fresh to customers.

3. Kathi Roll

Go anywhere in India and Kathi Rolls occupy a special place in everybody’s heart! Jaipur in Rajasthan sells amazing Kathi Rolls that can not only satisfy your appetite but increase your craving to have another one of a different variant.

If you want to set up a business in the food industry, you can either opt for a Kathi Roll Shop or add this to your menu. The popularity of the dish will never make you run on loss. To top it all, the preparation cost is also not too high. The super-delicious Kathi Rolls come in veg as well as non-veg. People love both of them for the juicy stuffing of the Parathas wrap.

4. Pyaaz Kachori

If you are a fan of puris and can’t imagine your day without having a plate, you will definitely like Pyaaz Kachori of Rajasthan. Starting with a single bite, your tastebuds will be immersed in the burst of tantalising flavours in the Pyaaz Kachori.

The dish originated in Jodhpur, but the spicy snack is now popular across the country. Thus, having Pyaaz Kachori on the menu in a Namkeen (savoury) shop is a splendid idea. It is filled with onion fillings that comprise every spice in the history of Rajasthan.

They are served with Dhaniya, tamarind, or Pudina Chutney that combines as a superb evening snack.

5. Jalebi (Crispy Pretzels immersed in Sugar Syrup)

If you have a sweet tooth and are searching for a dessert in Rajasthan, you must visit a Jalebi shop and enjoy the warm, crispy and sugary taste in your mouth. The dish is a traditional favourite among residents of Rajasthan. None of their special occasions is complete without hot crispy Jalebis on the plate. The preparation starts with small golden coruscating swirls of a home-made batter that are soaked in sugar syrup.

Jalebis are one of the most popular dishes all over the country. That concludes your money can go safely into a dessert shop selling hot crispy Jalebi. Not only occasionally, people like to have this exclusive sweet after breakfast, which increases the daily demand for the dish. It is a street food dessert that is sold on kilogram measurement or per-piece measurement.

6. Chicken Tikka

Anything you prepare using chicken turns into a hit recipe. But to make delicious Tikkas, one needs to understand the chemistry of spices and how to perfectly blend them and bring out tempting flavours with each bite. If you are a food lover, choosing to start your business with delicious tikkas will be profitable. It is famous all over the globe. After a point in time, you can open a franchise shop for your restaurant as well.

The preparation starts by marinating tender chicken breast in a homemade batter of yoghurt and flavour-rich Indian spices. At the end of it all, spicy cilantro chutney accompanies the chicken pieces for an unforgettable experience.

7. Lassi

The scorching sun of Rajasthan demands a healthy drink to cool your system for long. Nothing can be better than Lassi on your way to a nearby tourist spot.

Among all the options of street foods, Lassi is a refreshing option to select both for business and taste. The drink is rich in nutrients and serves as a sweet tooth for instant cravings. Rajasthan serves Lassi with a thick creamy texture that no other country in India has. The Lassi shops serve the drink in earthen pots that give a cool feeling right away. The drink is prepared with yoghurt as the main ingredient with a pinch of salt for taste.

8. Pakoda

A plate full of steamy Pakoras with Chai is the perfect combination that everyone is looking for in life! When you are visiting Rajasthan for the first time and maybe returning after a calm sunset, this ideal combination can welcome you wholeheartedly back to the chaos of the city with a mouthful of flavour and munch. They are easy to find in Rajasthan. To have this mouth-filling crunchy snack, you don’t have to pay heft bills as well. There are local vendors who sell Pakoras every evening, along with a cup of tea.

Since it is a favourite evening snack for all, having a Pakoda shop near a tourist destination in Rajasthan is always a wise business plan. Offer the guests a seat or a takeaway; you will run on profit every day on the streets once the sun sets!

9. Shrikhand

Jaipur, Rajasthan is famous for serving this rich, creamy mouth-filling delicacy to their visitors. They make the dish of hung curd and powdered sugar that is served with crispy nutritious almonds and pasta as a topping. It is basically a probiotic that can balance even an upset stomach with the good bacteria in it. Usually, Shrikhand is eaten with Puri. Besides that, it is also popular as a dessert to bring joy after every meal.

The simplicity in preparing the dish and the constant demand in the market makes Shrikhand a profitable idea to start a business. It also has certain health benefits. Paired with Saffron and Cardamom, the dish looks aesthetic on serving.

How to Start A Business with the Famous Street Foods of Rajasthan?

Street food vendors are one of the biggest segments of self-employed men and women who represent the most under-exploited and ineffectively utilised entrepreneurial spirit of India. The National Federation of Hawkers enlists almost four crore people engaged in the street food business in India.

1. Investment

The funds required to invest in starting a local street food business is quite less as compared to a full-time restaurant. The overall investment needed to set up a street food cart is around Rs 1 lakh. The amount of investment can be more or less depending on the type, variety, and quality of food you want to serve.

2. Profit margin

Street food carts and stalls are one of the most profit-making food businesses in India. The average earning of a street food vendor in India is less than the amount of per capita income. For example, a vendor is selling pakoras as there is no other option for him to grow his business or to do something else. Whereas, a successful poha vendor saves nearly INR 1 lakh per month in a big city.  A dosa or a momo vendor saves around INR 1.25 lakhs and INR 2 lakhs per month respectively in any metro or other cities in India.

If you are a foodie and plan to start a business in the food industry, take all these food items in one menu, and go for a Food Truck Business. You can roam independently with your commercial vehicle and choose a customer-friendly space to appreciate Rajasthani street food.

Here are some tips to get started with the plan, without wasting any time.

3. Choose the right truck to start the business

When you start with a moving vehicle as a restaurant, choosing the right vehicle is the first task. Reputed brands to sell food truck vans of 18 feet long with a total cost of around 7-8 lakhs. If you want to save cash, an old van is also an excellent option to go for!

4. Kitchen Equipment

Collect all the equipment like juicer, mixer, microwave, refrigerator, and more. Select branded products for longevity.

5. Advertise

It is also essential to consider that the vehicle will advertise the business. Therefore, decorate it with a banner of choice and your company name once you get the licence.

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FAQs on street food of Rajasthan

Q. Which dish is the most famous dish in Rajasthan on this list?

Ans. The most famous dishes to add to your menu have to be Shrikhand and Dal Baati Churma.

Q. Will it be beneficial to start a food delivery service with Rajasthan street food?

Ans. It’s superb to start something of your own! The food delivery service with Rajasthan street food will definitely be profitable.

Q. Can I start with limited capital?

Ans. Street foods usually do not demand a lot of capital. A small amount will do good in the food business.