Famous Street Food Of Meghalaya [Must Try Dishes Of Meghalaya]

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Famous Street Food Of Meghalaya [Must Try Dishes Of Meghalaya]

Meghalaya is known for its lush greenery and fresh and scenic beauty, but one of the lesser-known attractions is its food. The street food of the state offers the most authentic delicacies and flavourful cuisines. Most people visit Shillong with food ideas of only momos and noodles - but there is much more to it.

The state of Meghalaya lies in the northeast part of India. Its staple food comprises mainly rice, vegetable curry, fish and meat. The Meghalayan people have a unique cooking pattern, as the cuisine depends upon the eatables available in the area. Meghalayan cuisine is cooked in three distinct styles. It depends on Garo, Khasi and Jaintia community food types.

Some prominent street foods of Meghalaya are:

Street food of Meghalaya

1. Jadoh

Jadoh is a famous street food based in the Khasi community and is loved for its rich flavour. It is mainly red rice cooked with pork. The locals also serve the dish with fish or chicken for different palatial desires of people. Jadoh has a wide range of exotic ingredients like green chillies, ginger, bay leaves, onions, turmeric, and black pepper. Turmeric gives the rice a creamy yellowish colour and a delicious aroma. It is among the most delicious pork dishes and a must-try.

2. Doh-Khlieh

It is a delectable and healthy salad that comprises minced pork, chillies, and onions. There are other variations of the dish, like the Mexican approach for which you need to add beans, carrots, lemons, and tomatoes. It is also served with pig brains, curry and bread.

3. Nakham Bitchi

It is a very famous soup which people eat before meals or for light snacking. It comprises dried fish called Nakham. It is fried as well as boiled to obtain a thick texture for the soup. It incorporates ample chillies and pepper that adds a unique flavour to it.

4. Pumaloi

One of the favourite foods of the people in Meghalaya is steamed and powdered rice. It is cooked on medium heat with a perfect amount of water in a unique pot called Khiew Ranei. People relish it at festivals, and it is notable in Meghalaya culture. A curry dish accompanies it.

5. Dohneiiong

People of Shillong relish the given dish. It is a pork curry dish where pork is fried and served with rich, thick gravy. It gets its rich flavour from green chillies, pepper, red onions, local spices, and black sesame.

6. Tungrymbai

It is a wholesome meal made with soya beans that have been fermented, along with boiled and diced pork, onion, ginger, black sesame, and various spices. After adding the ingredients, they are sauteed together to bring out the delicious flavour of the dish.

7. Pudoh

The dish is similar to the Pumaloi type of rice, except that it has pork chunks. It is consumed with curry to enhance flavour.

8. Minil Songa

It is a popular Garo tribe dish which is rice preparation. It is sticky rice with a rich nutty flavour and a unique texture. The abundance of starch makes the dish gluey. For its preparation, rice is boiled inside fresh bamboo, and then it is served as snacks. It is a healthy dish aids in removing constipation and makes digestion better.

9. Pukhlein

It is a marvellous dish for people seeking something sweet. It is powdered rice with the addition of jaggery. The mixture is fried in a pan and made into a thick paste that makes the rice crispy. Pukhlein can be served with meat or as a sweet dish.

10. Sakin Gata

It is a rice cake prepared with white rice, and it is a popular sweet dish of Meghalaya. This rice is kept in water for the whole night for making the dish, and then sugar is added. There are alternate layers of rice mix and roasted sesame seeds on the banana leaves. It is placed in a unique cooking pot for cooking and served piping hot.

Why Invest in the Meghalaya Street Food Business?

There is an increasing inclination towards street food. People prefer their lunch and snacks cheaper with delicious flavours. The trends of street food have taken over the whole world. People want to try different food items and special local items. People from small towns, villages to metro cities, everyone loves a bite of street food. Owing to the craze, the trend of food on stalls has grown immensely over the last few years. According to a survey, food stalls have grown by more than 12% over the previous five years. The trend is increasing by the size of the city street markets and the food festivals' culture. In these events, local cuisines are served at stalls to support the Indian foodie culture.

When we talk about Meghalaya street food, setting up its business can be a great idea. The new trending food festivals and carnivals offer Meghalaya local street food. Hence, those who want to experience the authentic taste of the northeast states' street food would like Meghalaya local food. Some prominent reasons are-

  • From the entrepreneur's viewpoint, street food offers numerous benefits like a low investment and easy mobility of the food truck or food cart. Other advantages are that street food stalls have low overhead charges and can be moved to different locations if they do not go well.
  • From a consumer viewpoint, people prefer street food because it is easily accessible, affordable, and saves time.

Hence local people and tourists both prefer street food. When you open a food stall of Meghalaya local food, people will be interested in trying the different cuisines at low prices.

list of famous street foods of Meghalaya

Important Steps to Start a Meghalaya Food Business

To start a local street food business in any city, you need to confirm certain crucial factors, which include:

1. Market Research

Before setting up a Meghalaya local food counter, it is essential to know your audience. It would be best if you surveyed the likes and dislikes of people towards different cuisines of Meghalaya. You have to jot specific points like where you would set up the business for local food. Also, figure out the operational timing, what amenities you will provide, etc. Also, keep an eye on the city's competition or the location where you will set up a stall.

2. Locations Opportunities

Finding a couple of great locations will play a significant factor in your success, and it depends on several key elements like the ambience, space, crowd, timing, etc. After you have completed the market research, you need to focus on the specifics of the location. The location should have an allowance for food stalls, it should be near the place buzzing with people, and it should be open at the peak hours of people travelling.

Some of the popular areas include-

  • Office parks
  • The business areas
  • Empty lots
  • Shopping area or malls
  • Popular tourist locations
  • Sports venues
  • Parks and beaches
  • Bus and train stations
  • College campuses
  • Festivals and events
  • Conferences and conventions
  • Private events (weddings, birthdays, etc.)
  • Corporate events

As most of these areas require permits, it is essential to get authoritative licenses for setting up local street-food kiosks. You can also lease the place for festivals and events.

While setting up your local food business for Meghalaya cuisines, you need to take care of its legal aspects. The permits and licenses differ from state to state and city to city; hence, be very careful and thoroughly read the terms.

The legal requirement and documents may include the following:

  • The street food selling regulations in your city
  • The various license and permits
  • The certification for hygienic and healthy cooking, packaging, handling, and storing
  • Land inspection and approval for setting up shop
  • Clean water and waste disposal system plan and approval
  • Approval of health inspector for the serving and kitchen
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FAQs on street food of Meghalaya

Q. What are the most famous street foods of Meghalaya?

Ans. The most famous street foods of Meghalaya state are Jadoh, Doh-Khlieh, Pukhlein, etc.

Q. What to keep in mind for the Meghalaya street food business?

Ans. To open the street food business of Meghalaya street food, you need to focus on-

  • Market research
  • Location benefits
  • Audience approach
  • TimingPermits

Q. What location to choose for starting the Meghalaya street food business?

Ans. For choosing the perfect location, you need to ensure that the area is buzzing with people, a public space, a place with parking, an open area, etc.

Q. Do you need permits for setting up a street food business?

Ans. Yes, it is essential to get a permit from the state and city authorities for setting up the street food business.

Q. What are the advantages of the Meghalayan street food business?

Ans. The street food business has numerous advantages like low cost, easy mobility, low overhead cost, and less hassle.