Sarojini Nagar Market [Shopping Paradise for Delhites]

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Sarojini Nagar Market [Shopping Paradise for Delhites]

India, with its billion-plus population, has numerous apparel markets in its bustling metros and big cities. Garments are one of the major shopping items after food and groceries. But some markets become part of a city’s identity and are more famous than others. If you are a Delhite, one clothes market that you can’t ignore is the Sarojini Nagar Market.

Located in South Delhi, the Sarojini Nagar apparel market is overflowing with export-surplus fashionable ladies’ clothes and shoes. The closest metro station is Sarojini Nagar on the pink line. Not just accessories and clothes, it has one of the best collections of bags that include clutches, sling bags, travel bags, handbags, and leather bags. It has both proper stores as well as stand-alone shops. Abrol, Incense, and Satija are some of the famous garment stores here.

You can find all the latest trending clothes here. From peplum tops to bootcut jeans to sequinned dresses-you name it, and Sarojini Nagar market has it. It has everything that your wardrobe needs. Before the trends make their way to the racks of high street fashion brands, you can spot them right from the runway here.

A Haven for Bargain-hunters

The ticket-size here is mixed-shoppers generally spend in the range of Rs 100-Rs 1000 and opt for cheap products. It all depends on your bargaining skills! If you ace your bargaining skills, you can pick some of the most enviable articles at a dirt-cheap rate in an outlet here. You will find a cute dress for just Rs 60 and much more. It has got everything to revamp your wardrobe. From crop tops to denim shirts, jumpsuits to maxi dresses, and lingerie to swimsuits, the list is endless. You will find clothes from Forever 21, H&M, and Zara at the lowest prices. You might get your hands on a Zara dress for only Rs 300! There are barely any ATM counters here, so it is better to carry cash.

Clothes to wear in all seasons

At Sarojini Nagar, you only need to know where to go, and you can acquire all the stylish merchandise. Very reasonably priced and trendy branded outfits are available here. There is a wide variety of wardrobe essentials Sarojini has for you. It is not just crop tops, flats, and summer dresses that are available in this market, but they have something to offer for all seasons. From fur coats to shrugs, leather jackets to fancy full sleeve tops, from off-shoulder cardigans to suede sweaters-the list goes on and on. You can buy five sweaters with good fabric quality to keep you away from the cold for just Rs 500!

There are very few malls or big shopping centres here. DLF South Square mall is a famous mall housing some well-known apparel brands. Sarojini Bazaar is another one.

Jeans under Rs 300!

You can buy your favourite pair of ripped denim at prices between Rs 200 to Rs 250. Sarojini Nagar shopping market has several shops of pants and jeans sold at the cheapest rate. They are very affordable and look great. Since the prices are dirt cheap, even if you discard them later, you won’t feel the pinch.

Converse store is a well-known factory outlet for apparel and sneakers. Other famous outlets are those of Jockey and U.S. Polo Association.

Delhi’s famous leather jackets under Rs 500!

We all fancy a good leather jacket in our wardrobe, don’t we? Sarojini is the best market for shopping in Delhi because this is a place where you can get a good quality leather jacket for below Rs 1500. What a great way to fight Delhi’s chill!

12-4 pm is the perfect time to visit Sarojini on weekdays. The market is closed on Mondays.

Our favourite spots in the market

1. The Export Gallis

It comprises two long lanes that display every high street and runway trend that may be export-surplus. However, the sizing is not always accurate. It is advisable for you to try on a dress before purchasing. If it does not fit, you still have the option of getting it altered by the neighbourhood darzi.

2. Shops selling leather goods

There are three leather shops here stocking beautifully designed jackets.

3. The graffiti-covered archway

You can shop for the best stocks of blouses and dress tops, peplums and palazzos, and lots more. You can even pick products like punk T-shirts and boxers are available in a variety of colours. The vendors have all the latest fashion trends in their stock.

You must remember the standard rule of shopping at Sarojini: Rs 100 to Rs 150 is the base price for tops, and never pay more than Rs 250 for any basic garment.

We suggest that you carry your carry-bag since the shopkeepers wrap the goods in inconvenient polythene bags.

4. The Vintage shops

It is located at the very end of the second Export Galli and has a delightful collection of accessories like bags, boxes, clutches, metal lamps, etc.

5. Piles of basics

It will take some effort, but you can scrounge through the fifty-rupee piles for basics such as camisoles, polo necks, and T-shirts. You should always check your clothes for damages like cuts and holes and also check the sizes.

6. The Caverns

The first of the caverns is around a highly conspicuous landmark, the peepal tree. It also has a famous food joint, the Kwic Bite, at the same place.

Use your bargaining skills!

If you use your bargaining skills wisely here, prices can get slashed by half. A cute top hanging at the display grabs your eyeballs, and you find it difficult to walk past without having it inside your shopping bag? And the price quoted by the vendor makes your eyeballs pop out? All you need to do is take a deep breath and quote a price that is less than half of what the vendor quoted. Be prepared to haggle for a bit. It will take a little bit of convincing, but that top will be yours in no time. So happy shopping!

Friendly Budget!

Not all of us can afford expensive shopping. But at Sarojini, you can buy the dress of your dreams. It has better options, lower prices, and a wide variety compared to other garment markets. Here you can buy up to 10 things below Rs 999-these include accessories, bags, dresses, and tops, thus completing your wardrobe.

You can also rent clothes here!

Do you want to rent a fancy dress? Or that gown for your younger sister? There are a few shops within Sarojini Nagar Market, where you can rent costumes and gowns for college functions, school functions, and weddings. Even costumes for Halloween are available! You can also get your dance costumes for college or school functions designed here.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the consumption habits of people. Consumers are buying, but only the bare essentials that the festivities demand. Markets are full of festival essentials, and apparel, home appliances, and home décor are some of the categories which are seeing good sales. Shopkeepers and traders foresee a slow but steady growth. If you visit Sarojini Nagar Market, you will never return empty-handed. That is why many college girls swear that it is the best market for shopping in Delhi. We hope that the above guide to street shopping in the crowded Sarojini Nagar market will be useful to you.


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Q. What do we get in Sarojini Nagar?

Ans: Along with garment shops, the place is also famous for its lip-smacking street food like momos, corn cobs, and sweet potatoes.

Q. What makes Sarojini Nagar market famous?

Ans: Sarojini Nagar market is famous for its clothes, home décor items like cushion covers, and also backpacks.

Q. Are clothes sold on the Sarojini Nagar market used?

Ans: There are some instances where the used clothes sold on the streets are washed and then passed off as export-surplus.