Best Wholesale Markets in Bengaluru: Shop for clothes, furniture, groceries

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Best Wholesale Markets in Bengaluru: Shop for clothes, furniture, groceries

Bengaluru, the IT capital, is a significant centre of trade and industry in India. The city is also a base for the commodity business, with several wholesalers operating, some for generations together.

The concept of wholesale in India is going through phases of change, from a physical cluster of shops/offices in a market to online sales and direct supplies by the manufacturer. The share of online sales of several products in Bengaluru is higher than in other cities, possibly because of the prevailing IT culture of the city. Despite that, the wholesale markets in Bengaluru continue to flourish for several commodities. In this article, we take a look at the markets for Clothes, Furniture and Groceries.

Wholesale Markets for Clothes in Bengaluru

Bengaluru presents an interesting scenario in the textile sector. At one end are the traditional offerings and heavy bridal silkwear. At the other end, trendy readymades and designer apparel from modern manufacturing facilities jostle for your attention. Listed here are some of the significant wholesale markets in Bengaluru for clothes.

1. Chickpet

Chickpet market is situated in one of the oldest areas of the city. A first-time visitor may find the crowded place a bit of a dampener but will not be able to ignore the 2000 odd outlets that trade in all types and kinds of clothes. The exquisite Kanjeevaram saree, fashionable dress materials, men's formals—this market has them all.

Today, an acknowledged market for wholesale sarees, Chickpet is the favourite choice of individual customers and retailers across the state.

  • Location: Old Taluk Kutchery Road, Near Majestic Bus Stand (about 2 km)
  • Metro station: Chickpet
  • Bus stop: Mysore Bank
  • Business hours: 10 am to 9 pm
  • Weekly closure: Sunday

2. Commercial Street

Located close to the central business district of Bengaluru, Commercial Street has over 400 years of history in the garment trade. The market area spills onto the lanes and by-lanes of the roads in the area (Ibrahim Sahib Road/Narayan Pillai Street).

Shops primarily stock women's garments, creating a niche segment of the clothes business and attracting specific customers.

  • Location: Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar
  • Metro station: MG Road and Trinity
  • Bus stop: Commercial Street
  • Business hours: 10 am to 9 pm
  • Weekly closure: None
Set of various clothes on the market

3. Majestic Market

If you are looking for fabrics, Majestic Market is the place. Whether it is Viscose, Woven, or Rayon, or any other variety, you can choose your fabric here from a large number of sellers. In addition, several wholesalers/retailers of smart readymades make this market an attractive destination for all types of clothes.

  • Location: Near KG-Majestic bus terminal
  • Metro station: Majestic
  • Bus stop: Kempagowda Majestic
  • Business hours: 10 am to 9 pm
  • Weekly closure: Sunday

4. Gandhi Bazaar

Among the oldest markets in the city, Gandhi Bazaar is said to have a traditional and conservative image. Traders here display an excellent collection of conventional silk items, Saree and garments. Some shops are spacious and offer a convenient shopping experience, unlike in some other wholesale Cloth markets in the city. Gandhi Bazaar is also a major centre for religious items and flowers.  

  • Location: Basavanagudi, near Bull temple
  • Metro station: National College
  • Bus Stop: North Road and Ramakrishna Ashram
  • Business hours: 9 am to 9 pm
  • Weekly closure: Sunday

Choose your convenient wholesale market in Bengaluru for clothes.

Wholesale Market for Furniture in Bengaluru

Furniture as a category of product has a special significance since, besides utility, it conveys the taste and style of the user. Besides the traditional neighbourhood shops, the main wholesale furniture market is in Shivajinagar. Let us explore this wholesale furniture option in Bengaluru:

1. Infantry Road Furniture Market

A cluster of shops selling furniture pieces of all kinds, mainly in the medium to low price ranges, are found in this market. Articles can also be designed as per your preference. This market is popular with customers looking for value and utility rather than style and fancy looks. Bargaining for prices is a usual practice in the Infantry Road furniture market.

  • Location: Shivajinagar
  • Metro station: Cubbon Park
  • Bus stops: Shivajinagar and BRV Talkies –Cubbon Road
  • Business hours: 10 am to 9 pm
  • Weekly closure: None

Wholesale Markets for Groceries in Bengaluru

1. Krishna Rajendra (KR) Market

Wholesalers of groceries are in most markets across Bengaluru, but the KR market houses a cluster of shops. All varieties of groceries are available here, and the wholesalers here act as feeders to several local area markets.

While the primary identity of the KR market is the flower shops, the selection, availability, and competitive prices make this market a popular destination for groceries.

  • Location: Kalasipalayam area, Near Tipu Sultan Summer Palace
  • Metro station: Krishnarajendra Market
  • Bus stop: Krishnarajendra Market
  • Business hours: 7 am to 9 pm
  • Weekly closure: None

Newly emerged large-format speciality stores have a discount oriented-pricing for bulk buyers, which at times are below the usual wholesale prices of an item. Online sales and sales from these stores contribute a large percentage of grocery sales in Bengaluru.

2. Namdhari Agro

Namdhari is a departmental store focussing on food, vegetables and other personal items; it is also a significant supplier of all varieties of groceries. In addition, they also sell all types of groceries online.

  • Location: 10th Main, Ashok Pillar Road, 1st Block, Jayanagar
  • Nearest Metro Station: Lalbagh
  • Bus Stop: Ashok Pillar

Newly emerged large-format multi-speciality stores and e-retailers have a discount oriented-pricing for bulk buyers, which at times are below the usual wholesale prices of an item. Online and sales from these stores contribute a large percentage of grocery sales in Bengaluru.

Buyer wearing a protective mask and Shopping during the pandemic

A quick summary of the important wholesale markets in Bengaluru covered in this article:




What to buy

Closed on



Old Taluk Kutchery Road, Near Majestic Bus Stand

Silk saree, men’s formals, readymades



Commercial Street

Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar

Women’s garments



Majestic Market

Near KG-Majestic bus terminal

All types of fabrics



Gandhi Bazaar

Basavanagudi, near Bull temple and Ramakrishna Ashram

Fabrics, Silk collection



Infantry Road Market


A popular range of all kinds of furniture

Open all days


Krishnarajendra(KR) Market


All varieties of groceries

Open all days


Namdhari Agro

Ashok Pillar Road, Jayanagar

Groceries; also food and personal care items

Open all days

Like most major metropolitan cities, Bengaluru offers clothes, furniture, and groceries from multiple sources. With logistics becoming more accessible and alternate modes of sales picking up momentum, traditional wholesale markets are reinventing themselves to stay relevant in business and meet the needs of their customers. With several options, the choice of the best wholesale market in Bengaluru remains undecided.

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Q. Will, I am able to buy one or two pieces of items in the Commercial Street wholesale market?

Ans. Indeed, there is no watertight boundary between wholesale and retail. The caveat lies in not being able to choose from a wide selection as in a regular retail outlet due to high customer traffic and space constraints in most shops. Visiting the area in the less crowded morning hours may be a good idea.

Q. Can I exchange my existing sofa set for a new one at the Infantry Road wholesale furniture market?

Ans. The buyback or exchange option is an issue decided by the concerned shop owner. Typically, many wholesale traders at Infantry Road expect customers to bargain hard. Therefore, an exchange can always be part of the deal. However, deciding on the exchange value can be a sticky issue without physical verification of the item.

Q. I understand online sales of groceries are increasing, and sometimes it costs less than the wholesale prices. But, how can I be sure of the quality?

Ans. Online sales are made by reputed e-retailers or the manufacturing companies themselves. All the products go through SOPs (standard Operating practices), which ensure quality levels. In food articles (groceries included), several mandatory procedures are followed to ensure safety standards.