Best Wholesale Markets in Mumbai for Furniture, Clothes and Dry Fruits

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Best Wholesale Markets in Mumbai for Furniture, Clothes and Dry Fruits

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. Besides being a traditional centre for trade and finance, it is the headquarters of the Reserve Bank of India and several financial institutions. Moreover, the Bombay Stock exchange and the National Stock Exchange account for most share and stock transactions happening in India. With this background of large scale trading activities, it is only natural that Mumbai should have many wholesale markets. But which is the best wholesale market in Mumbai?

In the present day context of marketing and logistics, it is difficult to identify one market as the most significant one. In addition, the advent of e-retailing and direct sales (manufacturer to customer) have reduced the importance of wholesale business to some extent. Several wholesale markets, though, continue to play a crucial role in the distribution of products. This article looks at a few wholesale markets in Mumbai for furniture, dry fruits, and clothes.

Wholesale Furniture Markets In Mumbai

Whether setting up a new place or re-doing your house or office, furniture has a significant role in communicating your style and profile besides providing utility and comfort. Therefore, a detailed physical experience is ideal for choosing the best to suit one’s needs.

There are several furniture markets in Mumbai, but the Kasheli furniture market stands out for its variety and range of items and exquisite showrooms.

1. Kasheli Furniture Market

Kasheli Furniture Market, about 30/35 km from Mumbai, is the top choice of interior decorators, designers, and general customers for every type of furniture for indoor and outdoor needs, domestic or commercial. There are many showrooms with over 20000 sq. ft. of space (the biggest one being a whopping 60000 sq. ft.!), and their creative display will transport you to a different world.

Whether it is a simple work table for your work-from-home requirement or an entire range for corporate and commercial needs, indoor and outdoor options, luxury collections, the Kasheli complex is the top wholesale market in Mumbai for all your furniture needs.

Location: On Thane Bhiwandi Road, Kasheli village, in Chamunda Commercial Complex.
Location guide: Near Kasheli Bridge

Business hours: 10 am to 8.30 pm

Weekly closure: Friday

How to reach: From Thane West, reach Kapurbawadi road junction circle via Old Agra road, after crossing the Kasheli Bridge. Nearest railway station: Thane, about 8 km away

Some of the other furniture wholesale places in Mumbai–

2. Laxmi Industrial Complex

You will find an indoor and outdoor collection of furniture and other home accessories—all in one place.

Location: On New Link Road, Suresh Nagar, Andheri West

Business hours: 10 am to 8.30 pm

Weekly closure: Sundays

How to reach: Nearest railway station: Jogeshwari; nearest metro station: DN Nagar on MM1; nearest bus stop: Monginis Cake factory or Lokhandwala complex junction

3. Bandra Station Market

Famous for cane furniture, low-priced items

Location: Outside Bandra Railway Station, on SV road and nearby lanes.

Business Hours: 10 am to 9 pm

Weekly closure: Open on all days

home wooden furniture on market street

4. Ulhasnagar Furniture Market

Over 500 outlets sell furniture in two clusters in Ulhasnagar 2 and 3. Known for the steel and aluminium range, furniture of every type and range is available in this market.

Business hours: 10 am to 9 pm

Weekly closure: Closed on Mondays. Post-pandemic lockdown, shops are open on all days

How to Reach: Two km from Ulhasnagar railway station

Dry Fruits Wholesale Markets In Mumbai:

1. Crawford Market

Several large-format stores in Mumbai offer dry-fruit collections, but Crawford Market (renamed Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai) remains the best destination.

Location: Near Mumbai-CST; On Lokmanya Tilak Marg near JJ flyover

Business hours: 9 am to 9 pm

Weekly closure: Sundays

How to reach: Nearest bus stop: Crawford market/Chakala market; nearest railway station: Masjid

2. MAPMC Vashi Mumbai Wholesale market

Set up in 1977, the Mumbai Agricultural Produce Market Committee has six specially-designed complexes to handle wholesale of various agricultural commodities, including a dedicated section for dry fruits.

Location: Sector 19 Vashi, Navi Mumbai

How to reach: Nearest bus stop: Shiv Centre; nearest railway station: Sanpada

Wholesale Clothes Market in Mumbai

Mumbai is among the top destinations for textiles in India—from unique fabrics to trendy ready-mades. You can find these and more at the clothes wholesale markets of Mumbai.

1. Mulji-Jetha (MJ) Market

One of the traditional textile markets, the MJ market is popular with garment retailers for the variety of stocks and price range. There are several large wholesale outlets for cotton, silk and fancy fabrics, synthetic dress materials, bridal wear, embroidery fabric, and ladies and men’s garments.

Location: Near Zaveri bazar, Kalbadevi, Colaba

Business hours: 11 am to 9 pm

Weekly closure: Sundays

How to reach: Nearest railway station: Masjid (on CR) and Marine lines (on WR); nearest bus stops: Swadeshi market and Mangaldas market

2. Mangaldas Market

Over a hundred shops dotting the narrow lanes of the market area offer a treasure trove of designed fabrics and attract many shoppers daily. It is the first arrival destination of most fabric materials sold in other Mumbai markets.

Many prominent fashion designers of India are known to source their cloth and fabrics from the Mangaldas market for its variety. Unstitched and semi-stitched fabrics are the speciality of this market.

Location: On Mangaldas Road, Lohar Chawl, Kalbadevi

Business hours: 10 am to 9 pm

Weekly closure: Sundays

How to reach: Nearest railway station: CST; Nearest bus stop: Swami Narayan Chowk

3. Colaba Causeway Market

A popular South Mumbai destination for fashionable ready-mades and is considered the best place for jeans.

Location: On Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, near Navy Nagar, Colaba

Business hours: 10 am to 10 pm

Weekly closure: Sundays

How to reach: Nearest railway stations: Churchgate and Mumbai-CST; nearest bus stops: Regal cinema/Strand cinema.

close up of a hand, looking on a flea market for clothes

When you are looking for furniture, dry fruits or clothes, the following summary will help you choose your convenient wholesale market in Mumbai–




Go therefor

Closed on


Kasheli Furniture Market

Thane-Bhiwandi Road; near Kasheli bridge; nearest Rly. stn.: Thane (8km)

The widest  collection of domestic and commercial furniture



Laxmi Industrial Complex

Suresh Nagar, New link Road, Andheri west;

Nearest Rly.Stn: Jogeshwari; nearest metro stn.: DN Nagar on MM1

All types of indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories



Bandra Station Market

Outside Bandra railway station on SV road and nearby lanes

Cane furniture and low-priced items.

Open all days


Ulhasnagar Furniture market

Ulhasnagar 2 and 3; nearest Rly.Stn.: Ulhasnagar–2 km

Steel, aluminium and all other varieties


Dry fruits

Crawford market

On Lokmanya Tilak Marg near JJ flyover; nearest rly. stn.: Masjid

All varieties of dry fruits– international choices


Dry fruits

MAPMC Vashi-Mumbai Wholesale Market

Sector 19, Navi Mumbai;

Nearest rly. stn.: Sanpada

All varieties of dry fruits



Mulji-Jetha (MJ) Market

Near Zaveri Bazar, Kalbadevi; Nearest rly. stns.: Masjid and Marine lines

Wide range of garments, dress materials, fabrics



Mangaldas Market

On Mangaldas Road, Lohar Chawl, Kalbadevi; Nearest rly. stns.: CST and Masjid

The latest variety of fabrics, semi-stitched items



Colaba Causeway Market

Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, near Navy Nagar; Nearest rly. stns.- Churchgate and CST

Trendy ready-mades, jeans


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Q. Is it worthwhile to visit a furniture wholesale market like Kasheli for a single item for home use?

Ans. Furniture is a decorative accessory. Even when buying one item, besides the utility factor, many consider the piece's aesthetics. Therefore, a wider choice helps a better selection. A large market like Kasheli is ideal for the variety it offers. However, the logistics cost may be a little higher for a single item.

Q. Considering the easy availability of e-retailers, is it a good idea to buy dry fruits from a wholesale outlet?

Ans. Buying online is easy and convenient. However, many of us are particular about the quality of the product while buying. When ordering dry fruit in bulk (or in small quantities) with a wholesaler, you can physically check the quality/packaging of every item. Furthermore, you can evaluate different quality variants. In addition, you can decide on the exact quantity while online sales usually offer you specific pre-packs.

Q. Will the clothes wholesalers of Mumbai arrange to send the purchased items to outstation destinations?

Ans. Logistics form an integral part of the wholesale business. Wholesalers dispatch materials all over their state and even beyond. Any wholesaler will happily arrange a despatch of items to your place. However, there may be a minimum quantity requirement.