Top 20 Wholesale Markets in India [Start Exploring Now]

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Top 20 Wholesale Markets in India [Start Exploring Now]

There is a relentless need for all kinds of items and commodities, as India is the world's most inhabited nation and a place of heritage, customs, and festivals. Therefore, there are several broad wholesale markets in India, including primary wholesale markets and long-tail wholesale markets, that cater to the diverse demands and needs of all Indians.

Below are details of the best 20 wholesale markets in India, where you can purchase everything at economic rates.

1. Surat Textile Market

Surat produces the most textiles in India, so it is also called the "Textile City of India." The city's textile turnover is somewhere around 5 billion rupees each year. Surat Textile Market is an ideal location for dress materials for both retail and wholesale shopping. There are numerous varieties and styles of textiles available in large quantities at the textile hub. Due to its enormous silk production, Surat is also known as India's Silk City. Here you get pure silk saris or silk saris with the best zari work at reasonable prices on the textile market. These markets attract suppliers, manufacturers, and top designers alike. The bulk of well-known items are Pakistani suits, lehengas, blouses, sarees, and dupattas made of chiffon.

2. Gandhi Nagar Market

Gandhi Nagar in Delhi's largest wholesale garment market, so get ready to purchase as it has lots to sell at unbelievable prices. You're going to find all sorts of materials and clothes to renovate your closet. It's a great spot to shop for vast amounts of cloth. This sector is well-known for having several renowned apparel brand dealers based in it. It is one of the strongest wholesale markets in Delhi for discovering high-quality fabric.

3. Johri Bazar, Jaipur

Jaipur's famous Johari Bazaar is a shoppers' paradise and should be on any tourist's to-do list. It is also one of the best wholesale markets in Jaipur. This popular jewellery and artefact market, located near Hawa Mahal, is ideal for retail customers interested in immersing themselves in the store's glorious lights.

4. Chandni Chowk

Is a family wedding coming up? The gorgeous showrooms of Chandni Chowk will handle all your worries. That is not all; this market also has the best street food and a variety of other shops that sell various other camera-related items, household goods, etc.

5. Dadar flower market, Mumbai

This is a flower market situated in South Mumbai, located inside a building. Visiting the market in the middle of the day is better. This whole room is fragrant with the different floral scents that are found at the store. It is also considered the largest wholesale market for flowers in India. Despite the chaos and crowds of people, the array of bright and fragrant flowers offers you a brief-yet-thrilling version of a fairy tale. There is no set price; for price and quantity, one should bargain with each vendor.

6. Ghazipur Mandi

This is one of the best flower mandis you can visit in Delhi. Because of the budget-friendly costs, wedding planning and event organizers are among the most frequent guests. Once you spot the orchids from Sikkim, lilies, anthuriums, irises, and gerberas from Thailand and other nations, you would be overwhelmed. Flower shops in Delhi are some of the best locations to purchase flowers for wedding decoration purposes.

7. Saree Market, Tamil Nadu

Kanchipuram sarees produced in Tamil Nadu are the finest in India, and sarees from here are shipped to countries all over the world. In terms of bridal wear, there are incredible and uncommon sets of pure pattu or silk, Kanchi pattu sarees, and a wide variety of sarees for all occasions. They have a handloom where they manufacture sarees with silk zari, and they also operate an online wholesale saree market.

8. Meena Bazaar, Delhi

Delhi is considered to be home to several exotic stores. Shopping is definitely a special experience in Delhi. At affordable rates, goods are accessible. Meena Bazaar has been prominent since the 17th century when Delhi was controlled by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan, who made the Meena Bazaar Market. Meena bazaar or Mina Bazar, with mainly people around, was intended for women. It was also referred to as Khus Ruz, which means 'Day of Joy', in the earlier Mughal Era, specifically designed for women. Delhi's Meena Bazaar is a spectacular marketplace. In the 1970s, the Bazaar was built. You will feel incredible once you visit Meena Bazar.

9. Begum Bazar, Hyderabad

Begum Bazaar is a wholesale market with various goods, which ranks among the best in India. Hyderabad's Begum Bazaar is a huge bazaar where you will find anything you need to purchase, ranging from gold and silver goods, dry fruits, household products, Chinese products, paper, stationary objects, and so on. Many retailers buy wholesale goods from this glorious bazaar.

10. Chor Bazar, Mumbai

India's biggest flea market that offers you many choices for antiques and vintage pieces. Vintage watches, wall clocks, phones, cameras, coins, chandeliers, chairs, and many other vintage pieces.

11. Sarojini Nagar Market

There's nothing in your checklist you're not going to find in Sarojini Nagar Market, located in New Delhi. You will find branded clothes at Sarojini for less than half in price. All trendy and fashionable clothes you will find here. Sarojini has all kinds of jewellery at a very cheap rate.

12. Sadar Bazar

In North Delhi, Sadar Bazaar is the country's largest wholesale market for crockery and household goods. It has independent individual shops offering crockery to merchants. Sadar Bazaar is available from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm on all days, barring Sundays. Sadar Crockery, Narang's crockery are just a few of the most famous stores in the crockery market.

13. Dharavi leather market

This market is located in Mumbai and offers great leather goods at reasonable prices. For leather items like belts, handbags, purses, etc., it is the most affordable segment. There are around 250+ stores where leather products can be bought. For wholesalers and retailers, it is the best venue. The most promising part is that the leather made here is unsurpassed. Leather goods designed and manufactured here are shipped not only to large stores in the city but also to stores worldwide.

14. Crawford Market

This is a market for wholesale products dating back to the British Raj and is housed in a historic colonial building. Come to this beloved local market and discover the old-world charm, food shopping, new vegetables, appliances, party accessories, and products for home decor.  

15. Bara Bazar, Kolkata

Kolkata's biggest wholesale market is Bara Bazar. It is a traditional Indian market that began off as a textile and yarn market and has since developed to have an assortment of goods at low prices. This industry is grouped into divisions centred on product type, for example, spices, appliances, textiles, home decor, cosmetics, and jewellery. Several goods are offered here according to the festivals.

16. Dadar flower market

Right next to Dadar railway station lies this fragrant jewel that offers several flowers from native to exotic.

17. New Market, Kolkata

There are over 2,000 stalls and shops, many of which are situated under the same roof, and they all offer diverse items, from clothing, shoes, and luggage to electronics. There are extraordinary outcomes as well as incredible bargains amidst the hustle and bustle.

18. College Street, Kolkata

As the name college implies, this position mostly targets growing collections of books. College street is the largest book market that offers second-hand books and new books at reasonable prices.

Warehouse building, truck and Forklift truck on city background

19. Charminar Market, Hyderabad

While shopping in the wholesale markets of Hyderabad, you can see the Charminar market, which is bustling and hectic because of the various people hunting for excellent bargains and high-quality products.

20. Laad Bazar, Hyderabad

Hyderabad's famed Choodi Bazaar, located to the west of the Charminar, is a bangle shopping land. This turns out to be one of Hyderabad's oldest markets and is renowned for the artificial gems sold here.


By centralising sales at a common venue, reducing the time of transactions, and distinguishing wholesale and retail roles throughout the delivery chain, wholesale markets foster greater transparency and improved pricing creation through a smoother interplay of supply and demand.

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FAQs on wholesale markets in India

Q. Which is the cheapest market in India?

Ans. Chandni Chowk Market, Delhi is considered to be one of the cheapest markets in India.

Q. Which is the biggest wholesale market in India?

Ans. Sadar Bazar is said to be one of the biggest wholesale markets in the country.

Q. Which city is famous for clothes?

Ans. Mumbai is famous for clothes shopping.

Q. Which is the largest cloth market in the world?

Ans. Tamil Nadu is said to be the largest cloth market in the world.

Q. Which is the largest wholesale market in Asia?

Ans. Azadpur mandi is said to be the largest wholesale market in India.


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