Featured Market-12: Surat - Textile Market [Why You Should Visit]

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Featured Market-12: Surat - Textile Market [Why You Should Visit]

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Surat is famous for being the biggest hub for textiles, that's why this city of Gujarat is called the textile city. And the epithet is apt for Surat! The annual turnaround of the city for textile is around 5 billion rupees. Some of the best markets in Surat are filled with different styles and varieties of textiles, for example, polyester, embroidered and printed materials, salwar kameez, and much more. One can find all these products available in large quantities and at wholesale price. Apart from textiles, unique jewellery pieces are also available.

The textile market in Surat mainly does weaving processing, yarn production, and embroidery. The city is also famous for its synthetic products, and astonishingly, every day, around 25 million meters of processed fabric and 30 million raw fabric is produced. The primary reason why this city transformed into a textile city is that it can quickly adapt to the latest trends and changes. From Surat's best wholesale shop to the best wholesale saree market in Surat, find out where you can shop in the city and learn everything about the famous textile market in Surat.

The top destinations to shop in the famous textile market in Surat

The beautiful city of Surat is often flocked by travellers, and one of their major destinations to visit is undoubtedly the famous textile market in Surat. Along with the famous markets in Surat, this buzzing city offers different cuisines to eat, things to do destinations, ancient ruins, and much more. Knowing that our readers will be interested to learn about Surat's top wholesome markets, we have curated a list of top markets in Surat that everyone must visit.

1. Sahara Darwaja

Sahara Darwaja in Surat is enough to satiate your shopping bug. Come to Surat's top wholesale market to shop for quality embroidery, salwar kameez, and much more. This place is famous for its quality products and wholesale prices. This market is also ideal for setting up a small business for reselling these items. Another popular item that you can buy is sarees. The range of products that Sahara Darwaja offers makes it one of the best markets to shop.

2. Shanivari Market

Shanivari Market gives away a street market vibe but offers so much more than a typical street market that you visit every Saturday. If you come to Makai Pul, you will easily spot this market. Shanivari Market offers antiques and home décor items. This market is always bustling with people looking for the best wholesale Kurti market in Surat. Other than clothes, Shanivari Market is popular for items, such as footwear, pots, show-pieces, artwork, lamps, and much more. This colourful market will leave you amazed.

Traditional spices and dry fruits in local bazaar in India

3. Old Bombay Market

If you want to visit Surat's top wholesale market, our recommendation would be Old Bombay Market. This is a major destination for people who want to buy textile clothing. Just like Sahara Darwaja, this market is also famous for its wide range of textile clothing options. Old Bombay Market is a must-visit if you don't want to miss out on top-notch quality textile clothes. The surprising element of this market is that even the retail shops quote reasonable and affordable prices.

4. Chauta Bazar

Another famous market in Surat is Chauta Bazar. This market will let you shop your heart out. From textile clothes to groceries, Chauta Bazar has so much to offer. This is your one-stop destination to buy anything you want. Be it utensils, cosmetics, jewellery, or clothes, come to Chauta Bazar to buy everything at wholesale price. There was a time when this market was known as the diamond market of Surat, featuring an exclusive collection of diamond jewellery. However, with time, it evolved and now offers a wide range of products.

5. Ghod Dod Road

Come to Ghod Dod Road to find Surat's cheapest cloth markets. This market is popular for having the best diamond shops, but apart from jewellery shops, you will find local brands offering a wide range of clothes at affordable prices. While shopping, if you feel like munching on something, Ghod Dod Road will not leave you disappointed. There are the mall's food court and street food vendors waiting to serve you some tantalising foods. So, while shopping, don't forget to eat something too.

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6. Surat Thani's Night Market

When you are done with the day's shopping, why not take out some time to visit Surat Thani's, Night Market? This is the market where you will find people hopping from one shop to another because everything you see guarantees quality and affordable price. From clothes to bags, jewellery to beautiful home décor items, Surat Thani's Night Market has something for everyone.

Colourful earrings for sale in a local market

Clearly, the famous textile market in Surat has a lot to offer. From beautiful embroidery textiles to wholesale Kurtis, jewellery to artefacts, different markets have different items to sell. These top markets are a must-visit not just for travellers but also for people interested in setting up small businesses. The textile market in Surat provides everything at a wholesale and affordable price, which is why one can think of buying items in bulk quantity.

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Q. Why is Surat famous?

Ans. Surat is a popular tourist destination in the state of Gujarat, India. It is located at the mouth of the Tapti river and once used to have the largest seaport. Being the leading hub of textiles, Surat is known for its wholesale textile markets. Apart from textile markets, Surat is also known as the diamond city because this city polishes 90% of the world's diamonds. Cotton mills and silk fabric made Surat famous. The textile markets offer different items, such as handicrafts, embroidery clothing, printed materials, sarees, salwar kameez, and more.

Q. Is the textile market of Surat suitable for small businesses?

Ans. The textile market of Surat offers a plethora of textile clothing at a wholesale price. This market is good for people who want to set up small businesses and want to sell quality textile items and buy them at a reasonable price. Surat's Textile markets not only offer textile clothing, but one can also find home décor items, artefacts, footwear, jewellery, and more. Once you visit the textile market, you can better understand the kind of items you will like to sell. If you want to start a small business, we recommend visiting the textile market in Surat because the things available here are of good quality and available at wholesale price.

Q. Is it worth visiting Surat?

Ans. Surat is known for its rich history, tradition, and culture. Awarded with many epithets, such as the sun city, diamond city, textile city, embroidery capital of India, and more, Surat has lots to offer to everyone. From people who want to buy wholesale items in bulk at an affordable price to travellers who want to explore this city, Surat won't disappoint anyone. This city has retained its medieval charm and also is a treat to every architectural lover. Some of the top places to visit in Surat are its textile market, Dutch Garden, Dumas Beach, Dandi Beach, Hajira Village, Mughal Sarai, and more.

Q. When is the best time to visit Surat?

Ans. Surat becomes hot and humid during summer. It is better not to visit Surat during the summers to avoid the scorching heat. The best time to visit this city is from October to February. The climate during these months is pleasant, and the temperatures range from 15 to 29 degrees Celsius. From October to February, the atmosphere becomes pleasurable and will let you roam around the city without any problem.

Ans. Surat is not just known for its ancient ruins and charming textiles; it also offers mouth-watering food items that everyone must try while they are here. Some of the popular foods of Surat are aloo puri, surat locho, bhajiya, undhiyu, ghari, dhokla, ponk vadas, handwa, sev khamani, khichu, thepla, fafda, and much more. This is a paradise for food lovers.