Best Markets in Kerala

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Best Markets in Kerala

Kerala is a popular tourist destination for Indians, which welcomes numerous tourists because of its natural exquisiteness and rich culture and traditions. However, it's not just its allure or various leisure opportunities that entice travellers from all over the world. Still, it’s also an excellent opportunity for an enjoyable shopping journey in Kerala. The variety of fabulous products, such as fragrant herbs, gourmet coffee, rare silk items, or intricate jewellery, is an additional appeal.

Here's a fast overview in Kerala on where & what to buy. Until booking a holiday in Kerala, take a peek.

Renowned Markets in Kerala

Would you like to create a great shopping list of what to purchase in Kerala? There will be various items to welcome you to any location in Kerala. In view of this, schedule your shopping in Kerala. Here are some of the most popular shopping areas in Kerala, with their respective locations.

1. Kochi- The Spice Market

The Kochi Spice Market is a very famous shopping spot in Kerala. It's lined up with small retailers dealing with a broad range of spices. The heavy fragrance and vivid colours of the spices and the busy market draw visitors all year round. It's one of the best locations to purchase a range of spices, besides being a wonderful place alive with crowds of locals and visitors and the shimmering scent of fresh spices such as cardamom, pepper, ginger, turmeric, cloves, etc.

2. Trivandrum, Connemara Market

The marketplace is full of shops selling a selection of household goods, seafood, coir products, groceries, live goats, clothes, fruits, spices, etc. Various pieces can be found, such as coir mats, tassels, Kathakali masks, brass and copper figurines, carvings of wood, terracotta artefacts, etc.

3. Munnar Market

The tea and spice plantations of Munnar are well-known. Tea and a variety of spices may therefore be obtained from here at very low rates. It is also possible to stock typical Kerala pieces such as copper and bronze earthen pots or utensils. Artisan products such as Uru or snake boats, sandalwood chest or straps, and typical Nilavilakku oil lamps that you can purchase from Munnar.

4. Kovalam Beach Market

Kovalam Beach has various shops and shackles with good beers, clothing, local tapestries, and handicrafts. There are also sculptures of teakwood and rosewood, which are undoubtedly the best-known objects in the area. The beach area is a perfect place to go shopping in Kerala, with a large range of fine joys, local pieces, Tibetan trinkets, Kashmiri shawls, Malabar spices, and handloom sarees, etc.

Kerala Shopping: Things You Could Purchase

Not only is Kerala a scenic tourism destination, but it is also an excellent shopping destination. Here are the items that you need to purchase for the best shopping experience in Kerala.

  • Tea and Coffee
  • Spices
  • Aroma oils
  • Cashew Nuts & Banana Chips
  • Kasavu Mundu
  • Handicrafts Items
  • Nettipattam
  • Wooden Caskets and Boat Models
  • Nilavilakku
  • Jewellery

1. Coffee

Your journey to Kerala wouldn't be complete without acquiring fragrant, locally grown Kaapi handbags. Rich in taste, fragrance, and colour, this coffee bean powder would not only be a wonderful souvenir and gift for yourself but also for friends and family.

Where to find- Nenmara, Wayanad, Gavi, Idukki, Peermade.

ladies suit in the shop

2. Tea

The Nilgiri tea produced here is made of lovely tea leaves with a beautiful flavour. The flavour and colour of this tea are exceptionally smooth and original.

Where to find- Munnar, Kolukkumalai, Wayanad, and Vagamon.

3. Spices

In terms of its abundance & consistency of spices and the vast spice plantations, nothing beats Kerala. Spices including black pepper, garlic, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, and star anise are something to die for. In Kerala, spices are one of the most popular items to get. Go to the local shops in Kumily and around Fort Kochi if you're shopping for spices in Kerala.

Where to find- Kumily, Periyar, Thekkady, Fort Kochi.

4. Aroma Oils

From curing those diseases to beauty therapies, Kerala is known for its Ayurvedic remedies for different purposes. In Kerala, there are several places to explore that are renowned worldwide for Ayurvedic therapies, meditation, and more. Also, most of the state's resorts and hotels have spa centres that offer rejuvenating massages. So purchasing aroma oils has now unwittingly been an essential aspect of your experience of Kerala Shopping.

Where to find- JJ Aromatics $ Essential Oils, Dharani Products, Malabar Farms & Essential Oils.

5. Cashew Nuts

It is noticed that like coffee, tea, and herbs, cashew nuts, also are native to God's own country. If you want to stock up on your supply of nuts to have around the home, go grocery shopping during your journey to Kerala.

Where to find- South Kerala Cashew Exporters, Thankam Cashew Factory, Kerala Nut Food Company in Kollam.

6. Banana Chips

Banana chips are among the most common products to be purchased in Kerala, locally known as Nenthra-kaya Upperi. Relaxing while munching on this finger-licking snack on the beach shore is one of our favourite things to do on a journey to Kerala. In not just the South but also North India, they have an immense fanbase.

Where to find- Reeju Banana chips in Chirakkal, Kumari banana chips, Calicut banana chips in Thrissur.

7. Kasavu Mundu

The traditional Malayalee dress, usually a handmade cotton fabric decorated with a zari border, is Kasavu Mundu. But today, it is worn for temple visits or traditional ceremonies as well. In Kerala, it can be an excellent addition to your shopping bag.  

Where to find- KasavuKada in Thiruvalla, KasavuKada in Kottayam, Kasavukada in Kochi.

8. Handicrafts Items

Kerala is renowned for its plentiful coconut growing and development. Simultaneously, Kerala is famous for the products of coir. If you plan to go shopping in the streets in Kochi, a ton of these coir goods can be bought. This makes it an excellent spot to buy any items based on coconut or coir, such as wall hangings, rugs, sheets, coconut delicacies, and other things crafted out of its husk.

Where to find- Local markets and government-owned outlets.

9. Kathakali Mask

Without purchasing a Kathakali souvenir, one should not quit Kerala. Sometimes portrayed by Kathakali's articulate and vivid masks and dance, this classical dance reflects the monarchy.

Where to find- Local stalls.

10. Nettipattam

On numerous days, such as certain rituals, weddings, or festivals, elaborately dressed elephants can be seen. Nettipattam, the decorative elephant ornaments, may also be mounted on a vertical board or hung on a wall.

Where to find- In a festival time in local markets.

11. Wooden Caskets and Boat Models

Locally identified as Nettur Caskets and Chandan Vallam, only in Kerala can these ornately carved wooden chests be found. To store rings or earrings, you may use these pretty boxes or simply put them in your lounge to gain any admiration from visitors. The same applies to boats or Urus, the delightful little versions of Kerala's famous snake boats used in boat races.

Where to Find- Local Market.

colourful handcrafts in the street market

12. Nilavilakku

Whether you're a fan of adorning your house in the colour of Indian rituals and tradition, or just want a beautiful lamp for your home, Nilavilakku or the famous Malaya Oil Lamp is a great thing to purchase when you're out shopping in Kerala.

Where to find- Ponnani Al Maqtoom Juma Masjid and Jarams.

13. Jewellery

Another significant must-do feature on the list of things to do in Kerala is jewellery shopping. Kerala is also renowned for its exquisite patterns that are fascinating, embellished with numerous precious and semi-precious gems or pearls.

Where to find- Gold jewelry and artificial jewelry shops in Kerala


There are many fantastic shopping places in Kerala for a range of goods. But the highest of the best will be some local goods such as herbs, tea, coffee, coir mats, and objects such as the Kathakali mask. While there are still several locations in the state that are perfect for your shopping, be sure to purchase these pieces in places like Kochi and Munnar. Besides, Kerala is well renowned for its picturesque scenery, hill stations, backwaters, beaches, and famous countrywide mouth-watering cuisine!

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Q. What is famous for buying in Kochi?

Ans. Tea and coffee, spices, banana chips, Kasavu Mundu and dresses, art, fragrance oils, and jewellery are some of the popular products.

Q. What is famous in Kerala?

Ans. Listed by National Geographic Traveler as one of the country’s ten paradises, Kerala is renowned for its ecotourism projects and breathtaking backwaters in particular. Coupled with its vibrant demography, its distinctive culture and practices have rendered Kerala one of the world's most famous tourist destinations.

Q. What is famous in Trivandrum?

Ans. For handloom fabrics, timber, brass carvings, and spices, Trivandrum are popular. The Chalai market, Sarwaa lifestyle, Connemara market, Ramachandran textiles, and MG Road are the most popular places where one can shop.

Q. In Kerala, which saree is known?

Ans. Kasavu saree, which in reality is a white saree with a golden hue, is the popular and most successful saree in Kerala.

Q. What is Kerala's largest mall?

Ans. The largest mall in Kerala is the LULU mall situated in Edapally, Kochi.


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