Best Markets in Tamil Nadu

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Best Markets in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is not only popular for its temples and medieval architecture, but also its beautiful and interesting markets. The markets can be of immense fun especially for the variety of items it showcases. There is practically nothing that the markets of Tamil Nadu cannot offer you.

Top exigent markets of Tamil Nadu

A particular visit to any state in India is incomplete without a shopping expedition. This statement is particularly relatable in the case of the South Indian state Tamil Nadu, which hosts extensive markets with their own unique stories. There is more to discover in the market of Tamil Nadu than mere temples and architecture. Here is a list of markets in Tamil Nadu that you just can't miss.

1. George Town

George Town has seen significant growth from being the Black Town to developing itself into a swarming wholesale market. In other words, George Town can be described as a marketplace where you can practically purchase anything that is sold legally for the right price. At the heart is the flower and vegetable market, which has a lot of colourful stories and sights.

The narrow lanes and swarming markets with its fascinating history make it one of the most mesmerising experiences in Tamil Nadu. George Town of Tamil Nadu also hosts the electric market in which many electronic items are available to stop differently; local people are an added bonus here, providing you with a wholesome experience.

The entire market can be walked on foot, exploring different stores and kiosks on the way. The roadside stalls also provide very authentic and flavourful South Indian dishes, which will make this entire experience a beautiful memory to cherish. All these propositions surely make George Town one of the best markets in Tamil Nadu to be discovered.

2. Koyambedu market

The Koyambedu market of Tamil Nadu has gained significance for its sheer large size. The market hosts all sorts of perishable items, including varied fruits and vegetables. This is the largest perishable market in the whole of Asia and you can avail both domestic and international fruits and veggies in this market. Even though Tamil Nadu has no nightlife, this market does stand out from the crowd due to its 24-hour operational capability. You can take a tour of this swarming market and avail the local flavours Tamil Nadu has to offer. The locals are very friendly and that adds to the mesmerising experience that you will gather from this market.

In total, there are more than 3000 fruit stalls operating independently in this market. The flower shop is an additional bonus in the Koyambedu market. The market is situated in the heart of Chennai and was inaugurated in the year 1996. The bustle of this market carries on 24 hours due to the movement of goods and people from all over the world. The facilities are one of the key benefits of this market since you can avail of almost any form of transport to any location within Tamil Nadu.

Items of home decor displayed in market to sell

3. Pondy Bazaar

The markets of Pondy Bazaar are vibrant and offer the best experience of narrow lanes with occasional kiosks on the way. This market is popular since it offers a lot of variety and is not focused on a single genre of shops. The compilation of the products offered in this market ranges from clothes, smartphones, shoes, and even food markets. The food market is highly appreciated for its authentic flavours and near perfection South Indian dishes.

The artistic feel of this market and its vendors are worth the trouble of exploring narrow lanes. The vividness this market offers is beyond comprehension. The decorative items are quite artistic with a price you cannot refuse. The incredibly low price and the negotiation with vendors make the shopping parade commendable and a worthwhile experience for you to cherish. The overall radius of this market is 3 kilometers with the inclusion of multi-brand retailers in the overall market. The main landmark of this market is the staggering statue of late politician W.P.A. Soundatapandian Nadar, which welcomes you at the entrance.

Retailers and vendors do not sell products on a fixed price basis indicating that the vendors are open for negotiations and bargains.

4. Thyagaraya Nagar Market

Commonly referred to as T. Nagar Market, it is one of the most popular domestic markets for you to explore in Tamil Nadu. This market has gained its significance from the wide range of jewellery and saree stalls. Almost every item available in this market comes with a very low price tag, which is easily affordable. The local festivals enhance the extensive beauty of this market and make your experience truly divine.

The festivals such as Pongal, New Year, and Diwali are celebrated in this market and on such occasions, the entire market is decorated, which makes it more breathtaking. This provides an explosion of local flavours and festivity. The already cheap items sold by vendors are further discounted, which makes the shopping spree enjoyable. The first-half of the morning is the prime time to pay a visit to this market since the crowd is substantially low then. Local bus and metro routes take you straight into the market, which is an added bonus.

5. Sowcarpet

This is the best market for you in case you are looking for handcrafted and designer suits and lehengas. The market has gained prominence from these two sets of products mainly. North Indian dresses are sold in this market at extremely affordable rates. The wide variety and options that this market provides are unmatched.

The creativity and beauty of North Indian dresses are displayed in this market for you to choose from and get suited up for any special occasion. The lanes of the market are quite narrow and as such congested, but the products make the struggle worthwhile. A variety of coloured and eccentric dupattas and lehengas are available in this market. A perfectly handcrafted traditional dress makes it a good shopper’s stop in case you are looking for something traditional, for any festive occasion.

animated scene of a busy market

6. Burma Bazaar

Located near Parry's Corner in Chennai is the Burma Bazaar established in 1969. The market is located near the prime location just outside the popular Chennai Beach Railways station. Both halves of the streets are covered with a few hundred shops offering a variety of items of daily utility. Vendors from Myanmar are the main operators in the market due to which the name seems quite appropriate. These vendors share a distinct history of migrating from their home country back in the 1960s.

These immigrants settled in India and made the Indian culture their own while enhancing the beauty of the great nation. Gadgets and perfumes are the primary constituents of the products offered in this market. Besides this, the Burma Bazaar offers a wide range of household items for everyday usage. The products are priced reasonably thus making for a good shopping experience despite the less scope for a bargain.

Be prepared to get your shipping bags full once you visit the above-listed markets in Tamil Nadu. Sharpen your bargaining skills and be aware of the vendors who can outsmart you within the blink of an eye.

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Q. Is it safe to visit George Town alone?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe to travel to Georgetown alone. The local people are friendly and can guide you in case you need any assistance. The police personnel are helpful as well which comes as a relief.

Q. Can I get a designer kurta in the Sowcarpet market?

Ans. Yes, the Sowcarpet market is mainly popular for its designer dresses from up north. You can get lehengas as well as kurtas in those markets. You will need to search each stall for better options. Try not to get intimidated by the vendors who can be very persuasive at times. That will make it hard for you to select the desired kurta in the right price segment.

Q. Are authentic gadgets available in Burma Bazaar or are they all counterfeit items?

Ans. Most of the items are counterfeit hence you get offered those at a low price. Try to search for dealerships for official and authentic gadgets.