Best Markets in Haryana

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Best Markets in Haryana

Haryana is a rapidly growing city, rising both geographically and economically. It is the heart of finance, businesses and several tourist destinations, which attract a lot of visitors.

More than just tall buildings and offices, Gurgaon, now known as Gurugram, is a stunning place to shop in, too. Gurgaon has something new to offer, despite being near big cities and its myriad shopping destinations.

Whenever one hears the word 'shopping', in the Millennium City one generally thinks about going to malls and spending a bomb on pricey clothing and accessories. While some shopaholics may rarely go to different streets, there is no denying the fact that the distance travelled and time spent is not worth the money they were hoping to save.

1. Business Sector 14

Sector 14 Market is a street market where a selection of items such as garments, accessories, junk jewellery, groceries, as well as mouth-watering street food can be purchased. The clothes here are affordable and non-branded and are based on current trends. Typically, this sector remains largely populated with locals. It is also advisable to get here early.

Head to this busy market for a rewarding experience the next time you feel like upgrading your wardrobe. This famous market, apart from Gurgaon's thriving mall culture, continues to face tough competition against the many costly and upscale shops that have come up in and around the city. It is based on the slogan 'sasta, sundar aur tikaao' which means low price, enticing as well as durable. In addition to footwear, Sector 14 Market includes a broad variety of items, from domestic goods to stationery and medicinal products. If you are looking for something specific, don’t be surprised if they pull it out for you.

2. Bazaar of Sadar

Sadar Bazaar is the oldest market in this Millennium city, with some very old shops as well. You will find stuff at very cheap prices and a vast range of products. The market is a few kilometres long and traffic is bustling, packed with locals shopping for anything from garments to groceries.

As the roads are congested with vehicles, the safest way to get to this market is by public transport. Relax and relish the fare at one of the popular food joints.

Sadar Bazaar, the oldest and busiest market in the world, remains a popular destination for most of the inhabitants, amid the swanky malls forming most of the skyline in Gurgaon. The market is located next to the main bus stand in the Old Town and is popular since unlike the malls and supermarkets, goods are cheaper here and there is more choice. Also, next to Sadar Bazaar, lies the vegetable market.

A market extending more than 5 kilometres, with a number of shops and establishments, some of which are more than 60 years old and operating without renovation from the same building, comes with its own share of problems.

3. Qutub Plaza

Qutub Plaza is also one of the oldest marketplaces in DLF Phase I in Gurgaon and famous among the locals as almost anything such as grocery stores, gift shops, pharmacies, ATM, dining outlets, and even inexpensive clothes stores can be found here.

4. Demand at Galleria

Galleria, situated in DLF City Phase 4, is one of the oldest open-air markets in Gurgaon. You can find anything here, such as shops, branded department stores, pubs, cafes, lounges, stationery stores, electronics stores, and others. This is a destination for one-stop stores.

Galleria is today the third most expensive market in India in terms of property prices. This spike in rental prices is partially attributed to the market's prime position, situated in the centre of a suburban neighbourhood. This is observed by huge numbers of the crowd, people of all ages, either here to buy everyday necessities or just to hang out in this open place.

man and woman in the store

5. Demand at Arjun Marg

Also referred to as Gurgaon's Janpath and Sarojini, Arjun Marg Market is the go-to-market for cheap branded garments. This is a sanctuary for shopping lovers, located in DLF Phase I. Clothes from H & M, Marks & Spencer, Superdry, which the store owners say are the real thing, can be found here. Unlike every other export, the standard and designs offered on the Anjuna Marg Market.

The menswear on the market is showcased in street stalls that offer very competitive prices with skirts, denim, and even some winter wear. Sportswear at affordable prices is another thing you can take off your shopping list here. You can also find artificial jewellery, handbags, boots, and other accessories at reasonable prices. No longer is pricing a reason to postpone that shopping trip you’ve been planning.

As the market sells affordable items, you might want to be careful when making your choice, so you don't end up with items of poor quality.

Also, a pro tip, on your shopping day out here, don't forget to try the street fare, go for the gol gappas, chaat, and oh, roadside momos!

6. Rohtak Shori Market

Shori Market, which is known to be the wholesale market, came into existence after the Partition of India when people who were living in this part of India travelled to Pakistan and vice versa.

The market, which was abandoned around 1947, saw development as people set up small shops selling clothing and other accessories in this area, which is now known as Shori Market. The majority of shops tend to be of Punjabi Hindus, who came over after Partition.

What to buy

1. Affordable Casual Clothing

Every individual wants trendy and fashionable clothes. You don't have to drive miles to Delhi's flea markets like Sarojini Nagar and Janpath to buy fashionable and cheap clothes if you are a Gurgaon resident. Gurgaon has markets where branded garments from brands such as H & M, Zara, Burberry, etc., can all be found at a discount. Gurgaon has export markets where branded garments from brands such as H & M, Zara, Burberry, etc., can all be found at a discount. The collection may also comprise rejected stock.

2. Makeup, makeup!

Some of the more common and high-end makeup brands are housed in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is the venue for you, whether you are searching for foreign names or organic, natural makeup. High-profile brand names such as the Italian brand Kiko Milano, American brands such as Bobbi Brown and MAC, as well as foreign shopping outlets such as Sephora can be found.

3. The Craft

The Hindustan Times has termed Gurgaon a "mecca" for musicians. Here, you will find artwork by young and emerging artists as well as established ones, all under the same roof. In recent years, it has seen a boom, because of the demographic leaning towards the younger generation.

Therefore, if you want to decorate your home or just want to own any works of art, then Gurgaon is the place to be. You can find pieces of art from both Indian and foreign artists. The city of Gurgaon is ready to give young artists a platform, unlike Delhi, where budding artists fail to find a clientele.

handmade colourful bag is hanging on hanger in the street shop

4. Furniture

If you are looking for some offbeat, rustic, wooden, and cane furniture of its type, which is also affordable at the same time, then Gurgaon is the right destination. You can conveniently purchase small furniture such as stools, coffee tables, picture frames, bookshelves, mirrors, etc., in chic colours, with a retro vibe. The initial prices can be high, but you can get your deal with some confident and savvy bargaining.

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Q. Which is the cheapest market in Haryana to buy branded clothes?

Ans. Bestech Building opposite Sector 56 has a lot of shops that sell surplus stuff. You can also go to Mahipalpur factory outlets, which are just adjacent to Gurgaon.

Q. Where can I buy cheap furniture in Gurgaon, India?

Ans. Cheap furniture is available from the godown or places where the furniture is made. In Gurgaon, most of these godowns are located near the highways of Anand Vihar Phase 3. You will surely buy some quality and cheap furniture, which retailers just sell at a high price.

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