Best Markets in Bangalore [Top Shopping Spots]

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Best Markets in Bangalore [Top Shopping Spots]

Bangalore is widely known as the 'Silicon Valley of India'. It is not just a leading IT hub of the country but is also a major attraction for tourists due to its remarkable culture and history. Bengaluru has a perfect amalgamation of an old and new culture that offers numerous options for the tourist as well as local lights for sightseeing museums, excellent and lip-smacking foods and drinks. But, above all the city offers some outstanding markets in the country from where you can shop till you drop. If you wish to shop from the Bangalore marketplace, then street shops are best when we talk about shopping. They offer a wide range of clothes, as well as accessories options at an affordable price and Bangalore, is a one-stop destination that has all such vibrant shops. Besides street shops, the city has magnificent malls that encompass huge stores that stand as an example of excellence.

In this blog, we will explore the most famous markets for shopping in Bangalore.

1. Commercial Street

Commercial Street is a paradise for all street shoppers and is the top wholesale market in Bangalore. It offers clothes of a varied range that are right from costly to medium and to cheap with superb quality. It is the ultimate place for buying imitation jewellery, footwear, sports goods as well as comments, and you can also have a look for linens and antiques at a low cost. It is a crowded market in the city, and hence you must be mentally prepared to work a lot. If you have good marketing skills, then it would be a plus for your shopping experience. You could try out small but vibrant keychains as well as additional gift items from some famous shops such as VR Plaza, Reliance Stationery Market, and more.

Even though there are no such time restrictions, the shops in the market generally open by 10 a.m. and close by 9:30 p.m. and to give you the last tip, bargain with the shopkeeper and save some bucks from your pocket.

2. Jayanagar 4th block

The shopping complex is located right opposite the main bus stand in the City and is also one of the paradises for shoppers. The Jayanagar 4th block is a massive shopping complex, and if you are a first-time visitor, then you might get confused.

It is the best place to shop for almost anything you want from the shops situated inside along with the rose roadside shops. Be it groceries, sweets, flowers, confectionery condiments spices; it is an excellent place to shop. Additionally, if you are planning to buy sculptures, pottery, artworks, toys, household goods, and footwear at an affordable price, visit the Jayanagar 4 block complex. It is an amazing mixture of wholesalers and retailers who sell daily items to even luxury products. Other than shopping, if you want to treat your hunger, then there are also numerous options for delectable foods that are worth a try. You can visit Shenoy Stores for South Indian snacks, Rakesh Kumar for chat, and pani puri, and 'Coolpoint' for desserts.

sketch of a busy market

3. Brigade road

Brigade road market is located just three kilometres from the city market, and it is situated right in between residency road and MG road. It is a one-stop wholesale market for people having every kind of budget and offers an enticing shopping experience. You can walk to the foot parts to discover the branded outlets that sell electronics, jewellery, footwear and garments. Besides this, you can peep into any of the garment shops like Eva mall that sell stylish tops as well as dresses at an affordable price. Again here, you can bargain well with the shopkeepers that are selling kitchens, wallet swatches, and t-shirts. If you are a book lover, then there is also one famous book house known as 'Blossom's Book House', the oldest bookshop in the city and every book lover in the city visits this shop to buy books.

The Brigade road market leaves you with numerous options to treat your taste buds with several restaurants, cafes, street food shops, and more.

4. Chickpet

Chickpet is the most adventurous and famous shopping street in Bangalore. It is one of the famous Bangalore markets, which is widely famous for its silk sarees. Talking about its history, Chickpet has an intimidating history of 400 years, and Bangaloreans are in deep love with the quality and the wide variety of sarees along with the wholesale dress materials in this market. It is not just about gold and silver jewellery of the Raja market, but it is also famous for the most enticing bangles of Balepet, which is right near the market. If you are fond of musical instruments, then Nagarthapet would be the best destination in Chickpet. It is the crowded commercial street market where you will have to walk through the small lens, but finally, it will be all words of it. You can visit the market from 9 in the morning to 9 in the night.

5. Dubai plaza

Dubai Plaza is a massive Shopping complex situated on Rest House Road and is the most famous destination for all cosmetics, clothes, footwear accessories, and shopping lovers. It offers budget shopping for all offers. Talking about the structure of the Dubai plaza, it has a Tibetan plaza in the basement of it where you can indulge in several electronic gadgets, lingerie, perfumes, belts, scarves, stylish bags, wallets, along with appealing purses at such cheap prices.

The most important tip to remember here is just to check the atoms before you pay the money and see if there is any defect on the product or not. You can start shopping from 10 in the morning to 9 in the night.

6. National market and Hong Kong market

Popularly known as the grey market of Bangalore, the National market is located right near the Majestic market. You can shop for accessories, clothes, cameras, tablets, and phones at a quite low price. Even though the product is defective, then you can bargain with the shopkeeper and get a pretty good deal. However, the main thing to remember is to cross-check the material of the product before you pay.

Hong Kong market and Burma Bazaar market are just near the majestic market with all the Chinese and local electronics, garments, perfumes, and cosmetics that can be bought at an awestruck price. If you are a fashion freak, then you can check out the stylish sneakers, heels, and flip-flops of all the leading brands in the Hongkong market. However, the street stays busy throughout the day since a lot of local people from the city come there to buy products of daily needs as well.

various flowers collected in the basket

7. KR Market

Bangalore KR Market is one of the very vibrant and crowded markets in the heart of the city. However, you can go early in the morning to buy fresh vegetables and excellent flowers. To make a note, the kr market is known as Asia's largest flower market. Right before the significant religious festivals market becomes the ultimate destination for photographers because the market is occupied with colourful flowers and fresh green vegetables. Moreover, the market is occupied with numerous street vendors and stalls that hawk everything you need in your daily life. However, the most recommended time to visit this market is during the morning hours and to make your visit more engaging, carry a camera in your pocket.

8. Gandhi Bazaar

Gandhi Bazaar is one of the oldest yet famous market places in South Bangalore and is located at the end of the DVG road in Basavanagudi. This famous marketplace is well known for its great fabric stores. Here you can shop grand silks, blouse materials of different types, colourful synthetics and pretty cottons that will make you look gorgeous.

Near to Gandhi Bazar, you can also visit Dodda Ganapathi temple, one of Bangalore’s oldest temples. If you wish to treat your taste buds, then visit Vidyarthi Bhavan, Ganesh Bakery, Mahalaxmi Tiffin Room and more top and cost-effective restaurants that will offer you lip-smacking food.

So what are you waiting for? Visit these most famous markets in Bangalore at least once in life. Make a list of what you wish to shop for and splurge on your most favourite things at a reasonable cost. Bangalore is a place that has a vibrant colour and variety, and hence we should not miss the opportunity to shop from here. So, shop till you drop and carry a suitcase of memories from these marvellous marketplaces.

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Q. Which is the best market to buy flowers in Bangalore?

Ans. Visit KR Market Bangalore, which is one of the biggest markets for flowers in Asia.

Q. What are the best times to visit the Bangalore marketplaces?

Ans. You can visit these markets from 9 am to 10 pm as per your convenience.

Q. Do these markets open on Sunday as well?

Ans. Yes, They are open all days, irrespective of the festive seasons.

Q. Which is the oldest marketplace in Bangalore?

Ans. Among many, Gandhi Bazaar and Chickpet are the oldest wholesale marketplaces in Bangalore.

Q. Is shopping in the Bangalore market cost-effective?

Ans. Yes, You will get everything from the street shoppes at an affordable price. You just need to bargain with them.

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