Best Markets in Bihar

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Best Markets in Bihar

For its distinctness and cultural vibrancy that sets this state apart from others, Bihar is often applauded. In terms of cultural diversification, religious unity and, of course, exquisite crafts and traditionally crafted regional goods, the beauty of this area draws the interest of all those visiting the state. On your trips to Bihar, you simply can't resist shopping. You can buy products that express the distinctive characteristics of the state. Such products are available in a vast price range in all parts of the state.

History of Bihar

Bihar has been mentioned in ancient scriptures, including the Vedas, Puranas, epics, and has been a significant location for the activities of Buddha, and 24 Jain Tirthankaras. The greatest kings in the past were Bimbisar, Udayin, who established the city of Pataliputra, Ashoka the Great, and Chandragupta Maurya, the Sungs, and the Kanvas. The Kushan leaders arrived, accompanied by the Gupta dynasty’s Chandragupta Vikramaditya. Islamic rulers' conquests into the region had started in the early medieval days and the first conqueror to govern Bihar was Mohammed-bin-Bakhtiar Khalji.

Geography of Bihar

Bihar is one of India's largest states and bordered by Nepal to the north, West Bengal to the east, Uttar Pradesh to the west, Jharkhand to the south. Bihar has many rivers, of which the Ganga is the most significant.

Best Shopping Markets in Bihar-

wall hangings hanged to display in the store

1. Patna Market

One of the city's oldest markets, Patna Market has effectively adapted to evolving times, to the delight of shopaholics. This market is visited not only by residents who need everything from garments, jewellery, and cosmetics to electronic products but also by visitors to the city.

2. Hathwa Market

When you shop during the weekend, you cannot leave without visiting the popular Hathwa Market in Patna. This store provides an exclusive selection of western apparel women can choose from, along with the newest accessories and jewellery designs.

3. Khaitan Market

Khaitan Market is one of the best shopping centers in the entire city with over 500 retail shops that offer clothing, jewellery, household goods, etc. at major discounts. It's unquestionably the best spot to shop for a bridal trousseau in Patna, as you'll find here a range of contemporary and traditional lehengas, sarees, designer clothing, and jewellery.

4. Maurya Lok

Maurya Lok, one of the oldest and largest shopping centres in Patna, has been the favored shopping spot for Patnaites for decades and continues to draw shopaholics.

From clothes and accessories to art and kitchen products, the city markets have all you can ask for.

  • Silk Fabrics: Bhagalpur's weavers are famous throughout the country, considered the hub of silk handloom fabrics in Bihar, and have been weaving for over a century now. Today, this region is home to nearly 40,000 handloom weavers. Their Kashida silk work is in high demand throughout India and is supplied in cities such as Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi. Due to its rich tradition of handicraft items, Bhagalpur is also known as the City of Silk and remains internationally renowned for its silk items.
  • Silk Sarees: The state of Bihar is renowned for its silk sarees, which are produced in Bhagalpur and marketed at home and abroad. It is worth noting that Bihar's production of silk sarees and fabrics is at the second-highest position after the South Indian state of Karnataka. In addition to domestic demands, Bihar's silk fabrics also gained prominence in overseas markets. Handlooms of silk sarees are a great source of jobs in Bihar. Highly-skilled weavers are engaged in the preparation of silk sarees and stoles in the Bhagalpur area.
  • Embroidery Work: The art and craft of the community of Bihar, which has its distinctive style, is dominant in Sujani embroidery. The traditional embroidery art forms of Bihar state in India have now become popular in the fashion world. The development of elaborate patterns on fine fabrics is fascinating. Some of Bihar's perfect embroidery works involve furnishings such as designer bedspreads, wall mounts, cushion covers, and, of course, sarees, dupattas, and kurtas as women's popular garments. The embroideries represent a distinct culture and custom as well as the beauty of the region.
handmade sculpture putted in display to sell
  • Mithila and Madhubani Paintings: In the country, Bihar is renowned for its Mithila and Madhubani paintings, which differentiate it from the rest of the country. The elegance of Mithila and Madhubani paintings makes them famous worldwide. These patterns are taking place in the Mithila area of the state near Darbhanga and Madhubani, where pigments are created by powdered coloured rice. New, stylish paintings are marketed as souvenirs and are collected as a rare set. Such drawings historically were produced on the plaster-covered mud walls of huts but over time have been typeset on canvases and handmade papers.

Manjusha Art, also referred to as Manyusha Kala or Angika Art, is an ancient and historically important art of this state in the area of Anga. The usage of bamboo, jute-straw, and paper in the preparation of gods, goddesses, snakes, and other character paintings is fascinating. In the same manner, Madhubani paintings are renowned for portraying the style of painting prevalent in the Mithila area of Bihar in India and the adjacent portions in Nepal. Prepared solely using fingertips, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks and utilising natural colours and pigments, they have stayed extremely appealing for decades. Many paintings of this sort are held by owners as rare relics.

  • Beadwork: Traditional beadwork pieces are beautiful accessories that can be purchased in Bihar. These are handcrafted objects that are available in a wide variety of choices for the masses.
  • Wooden Works: Bihar is known for handcrafted wooden merchandise. In this state, a person can find woodwork that is both durable and aesthetically appealing. They serve interior design needs and render houses luxurious.
  • Terracotta Works: The terracotta works in this state can best be found in the cultural and traditional riches of Bihar. From the terracotta job in Bihar, you have enough options. Regardless of whether they are potteries or a broad variety of items for home use, options are limitless. Things such as ritual water jars and long-necked vases and so on are possibilities to consider.


Bihar is well-known for its native types of art that represent professional craftsmanship, such as Madhubani paintings, bead accessories, miniatures crafted from leaves, applique work, etc. The best spot to shop for all these and other fascinating items is in Bihar with the regular bustle of shoppers and traffic. City markets have all you can search for – from garments and shoes to handicrafts and kitchen products.

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Q. What is Bihar famous for?

Ans. Significant tourist sites such as Rajgir, Nalanda, Vaishali, Pawapuri, Bodh Gaya, Vikramshila, (ruins of higher education Buddhist University), Gaya, Patna, Patliputra, Sasaram (tomb of SherShah), and Madhubani paintings are the most important.

Q. Which is the biggest city in Bihar?

Ans. Patna.

Q. How many malls are there in Patna?

Ans. 7 Shopping Malls.

Q. Which is the famous sweet of Bihar?

Ans. Thekua or khajuria or tikri is one of Bihari's most popular snacks.

Q. What is the specialty of Bihar?

Ans. Bihar is where the idea of non-violence was first created, and it is a spiritual destination for citizens of all ages. Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha were the main advocates of this concept 2500 years earlier. Bihar is noted for its diverse sects, including Jainism and Buddhism.

Q. What is the specialty of Patna?

Ans. One of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world, Patna was established in 490 BC by the King of Magadha. Ancient Patna, known as Patliputra, was the capital of the Magadha kingdom through the dynasties of Haryana, Nanda, Mauryan, Shunga, Gupta, and Pala.

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