Online Network Marketing [How To Start]

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Online Network Marketing [How To Start]

Online network marketing is a business model based on creating a network of people who buy and sell products or services. The internet is the biggest market where you can find your potential buyers and companies with network marketing programs. This business allows you to work in a particular niche and reach relevant customers interested in your products or services.As per statistics, the global network market industry was valued at US$167 billion in 2019.

To become an online network marketer, you don’t need any specific qualifications or background. With good communication and customer handling skills and an online presence, you can be successful in this business.

How to Start Online Network Marketing?

With the excellent knowledge and skillsets required for network marketing, you can certainly earn a large amount of money. You can either do this work as a part-time side-hustle or as a full-time job.

Here are some of the crucial steps you should follow to become a successful network marketer.

1. Study the market

Before starting your network marketing journey, it is essential to know about the market and industry. You should research the products that are more useful and relevant in your community or neighbourhood.

You can choose your niche according to trending network marketing products with higher profit-earning potential. Healthcare, FMCG, and beauty are some of the domains in which most successful network marketing companies operate.

2. Determine affordability

Affordability is a crucial factor in network marketing as people like to buy affordable and reasonable products that are not too expensive.

You should choose products or services to promote through network marketing that is affordable for your target audience. Expensive products often have fewer takers, and it makes the overall marketing process difficult.

On the other hand, affordable and reasonable products will help you attract more people and increase your income.

3. Identify your target market

One of the significant steps in starting online network marketing is identifying your target market and choosing your niche. You should select your target customers and clients according to the affordability of the products and services you deal with.

Targeting customers or clients who are popular in society or have a good online presence can be a great strategy. You can get more customers through their reviews and referrals.

4. Search for a network marketing company

Working for a reputed company with a decent brand image is one of the most crucial elements of network marketing. It is easier to become a successful marketer while working for network marketing companies with a presence in your target market. You should search for a network marketing company with a good customer base and avoid working with fraudulent organisations. Working with a network marketing company with a bad reputation in your target market can affect your social and financial standings.

5. Invest cautiously

Before investing in any network marketing company, you should research its history and avoid investing only on the basis of its promos on the internet or attractive promotional emails.

As a beginner network marketer, you should only work with genuine and reputed network marketing companies. Because of the huge competition, you might earn less income working for a reputed network marketing company. Still, it is the best option initially, and you can learn about the crucial elements related to your target market too.

6. Get your credentials

After selecting the perfect network marketing company and getting on board with them, the first thing you should do is to get yourself the necessary credentials. You should get online promotional materials to share on your social media accounts. You can also ask for the company’s brochures, flyers, samples, etc.

Further, you will also require business cards, cash receipts, and letterhead to make your internet marketing professional and organised.

7. Identify opportunities

You should start looking for potential clients as soon as you establish your network marketing venture. You should start making a list of target customers and approach them with your offerings.

It would be best if you always ask for referrals and reviews from satisfied customers. You can share your customers’ testimonials on your social media accounts or websites to further promote your business and attract more customers.

8. Connect with other marketers

To further improve your online marketing game, connect with other network marketers to learn traditional and newer ways and tricks. Having good networking and communication skills will help you in the network marketing business in the long run.The United States has the highest numbers of independent distributors of network marketing.

You should join network marketing groups on social media to stay updated and informed on the market’s latest trends. With good connections with other network marketers, you can strike productive collaborations.

Types of Network Marketing Programs

Network marketing is essentially a business model that’s dependent on distributors’ networks to grow a business online and offline. Lead generation of products, recruiting distributors, and building a good network are crucial strategies to make great money in the network marketing business. The types of network marketing include:

1. Single-tier network marketing

In a single-tier network marketing model, marketers sign up for a particular company’s affiliate marketing program to sell their products or services. In this type of marketing, network marketers do not have to recruit other distributors, and they receive all the payment for direct sales.

Usually, in an online affiliate program, as a network marketer, you get paid for driving traffic to the affiliate’s website through an affiliate link that you can promote on your social media accounts or websites. The other examples of single-tier networking are pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-lead (PPL) affiliate programs.

2. Two-tier network marketing

In two-tier network marketing, you can recruit some of the distributors, but your payment would not be dependent solely on that. You will also get paid for direct sales and the traffic you drive to the website and the direct sales or traffic generated by the distributor or affiliate you recruited.

3. Multi-level marketing

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is essentially based on a distribution that includes two or more tiers. Marketing-driven networks and name-driven network marketing are some other types of network marketing strategies. Many multi-level marketing programs enable you to make money five or more than five tiers deep. In multi-level marketing, marketers may get incentives for recruiting. As per a study, more than 1000 companies are using multi-level marketing in the United States.

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Benefits of Network Marketing

One of the common questions people ponder before starting network marketing involves the benefits and advantages it. With the knowledge of all the benefits afforded by this field, you can effectively make your decisions and decide your short- and long-term goals.

These are some of the main benefits of starting with online network marketing:

1. Cost of entry

Usually, the startup costs in network marketing are low and affordable. You can get your products, some samples, and your training covered with a reasonable investment. You will get all the essential things for your network marketing in a starter pack that will be delivered to you in either hard or soft format.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of network marketing. You can make decisions according to your convenience and what’s perfect for you. In the network marketing business, you work in a comfortable environment and can have a flexible working schedule that does not affect your overall personal and professional life. You can manage your responsibilities and have full control over working hours and days.

3. Income

Marketing work is all about earning high incomes and incentives. There is an excellent scope to secure a high income with good marketing strategies, plans, and knowledge of network marketing. In the United States, the MLM market generated $35 billion in sales in 2019.

You can either earn income through the direct sales of your products and services or earn passive income through the sales made by team members or people you have recruited.


With all the right guidance, knowledge about digital marketing, and passion for the work, you can get successful and meet your goals in the online network marketing business. You should basically know how you can solve your target customers’ problems or requirements with your niche products or services.

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