Best Marble Markets in India [2022]

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Best Marble Markets in India [2022]

If you own a marble business and you're looking for the best marble markets in India, you're on the right page!

India has always been famous for its heritage and wonderful architecture. The royalty no longer holds sway, but their legacy is evergreen, and people still prefer the old royal lifestyle.

There are places in India that offer no rich gems or paintings, but intricate marble carvings can enthral any visitor. Whether it’s Indian marble flooring or adorned walls, none can beat the beauty of Indian marble. One of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal at Agra or the Lake Palace of Udaipur and Marble Palace of Calcutta are some examples that showcase the glory of Indian marble.

Why Indian Marble?

There are reasons beyond beauty to opt for Indian marble as the most obvious choice. Following are the points that define Indian marble’s craze-

  • Evergreen- Using marble for flooring is about giving life to your dream habitat. Marble ages beautifully if maintained with care. A coat of sealant varnish once in a while ensures the striking polish of marble. The cost of maintaining marble is much less than the look it provides.
  • Durable- Another reason to use marble is its strength and durability, surpassing tiled or any other flooring. Tiles are consistently improving, but they are high-maintenance. Apart from maintenance, tiles cannot be carved the way marbles can to suit the interior décor.
  • Wonderful finish- Marble has a natural finish. The best quality of Indian marble is its purity without any major mixture of impurities or minerals. The natural finish of Indian marble makes it shine like a mirror and sparkle from a distance.
  • White Marble- The speciality of Indian marble is in the white natural stone. The natural white marble is mined from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The elegance of pure white marble is mesmerising and unbeatable.

Advantages of Marble-

  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Exquisite design patterns and elegance
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides good indoor air quality so no allergens
  • Availability of a wide range of colours
beautiful marble texture

Top Marble Market in India

India generates the best marble, and it can be seen in the glorious architecture of India. But where can you find the best marble? Where is the best marble market in India? What type of marble can you hope to find?

KISHANGARH, Rajasthan is the largest producer and supplier of marbles in India. It is also known as the Marble City of India and has become Asia’s biggest marble mandi (market).

As the biggest marble city in India, KISHANGARH has above 9000 marble shops. But talking about the best marble market, these few names are on the list-

Bhandari Marble Group

They are the top suppliers and manufacturers of granite, stones and marbles in the Indian marble market. The high-quality and designer marble is available at Bhandari Marble Group and used to furnish hotels, offices and houses. They are importers and exporters of marble all over the world.

They offer all varieties of marble. The most used marble available in the Indian market are-

Indian White marble

Indian white marble is among the most ancient and beautiful. Indian marble has been mined for centuries. In ancient times, Indian marble was used to build blocks and tombstones. White Makrana is the oldest quarry in the world. The most popular Indian white marbles are-

  • Makrana White marble
  • Morwad white marble

They provide a smooth finish and rich texture to the flooring and upgrade the interiors.

Discussing the best marble market, Bhandari Marble Group has an exclusive product that’s fresh in the market- Banswara Marble.  

Banswara marble

Keeping in mind the beauty of white as well as the appeal of colour, Bhandari Marble Group launched two qualities of Banswara marble-

  • White Banswara Marble- it is a white-based marble with black lines.
  • Purple Banswara Marble- it has a network of purple lines.

1. R.K. Marble

R.K Marble, a wholesaler at Kishangarh, Rajasthan is one of the best manufacturers of granite stone and marble. They have a unique collection of imported as well as Indian marble.

The products they provide are-

  • Imported marble
  • Ninety Degree stone
  • Flawless white and cat-eye
  • Established Indian range

2. Bhutra Marble and Granites

Bhutra Marbles are also one of the top suppliers and dealers of marbles in the Indian market. They supply Indian marble, imported marbles, South-Indian and North-Indian granite, sandstones and marble handicrafts.

They mainly import their products from Italy, Turkey and China. A wide range of marble varieties is available at Bhutra marbles and they export them worldwide.

Some of the key features-

  • Comprehensive colour shades
  • High tensile strength
  • Many sizes and designs
  • Smooth finish
  • Durable

3. World Class Marble

World Class Marble Company is an Indian dealer of imported marbles and natural stones. The world class marbles are imported from the premium quarries of the world. The marble tiles are the best for kitchen flooring. Some of them are used for cork or vinyl flooring.

The imported marbles that they deal with are- 3D black, Botticino, Classy beige, Di Martino, Marmara white, Gray Dyna etc. Apart from imported marbles, they also supply Indian granite and Indian marbles.

World Class Marble is the leading Italian marble supplier in the Kishangarh market.

beautiful black, white, and golden marble texture

4. Tilak Marbles

Established in 1994, Tilak Marbles has a long successful history of marble dealing. Besides marbles, the Tilak marble company also supplies handicrafts. Tilak Marbles have multiple branches in the cities- Jaipur, Raipur, Pune, Hyderabad, and Makrana.

They produce around 15000-20000 tonnes of marble slabs per year and have a wide range of marbles machinery.

The key features of Tilak Marbles are-

  1. Long-lasting flooring
  2. Quality assurance
  3. Client satisfaction

Some other marble dealers in the market-

  1. Khushi Marbles- Marble dealer in Ajmer
  2. White marble Kishangarh
  3. Ganesh Marble and Granites
  4. Shree Mateshwari marble

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Q. How do I select the right marble for my house?

Ans. You can opt for the best for your house, based on the preferences- budgeting, floor measurement, the maintenance cost of the marble, and any colour choice. Too cheap marble can cause discolouration with time and will fade away the interiors. The right options can be- Indian marble, Italian marble, granite or any other natural stone.

Q. Which market is better- Kishangarh or any other?

Ans. Kishangarh is called the Marble City for a reason. The varieties and quality, both are the best at Kishangarh, Rajasthan. They have the top marble providers, stockers and manufacturers there. So, the Kishangarh marble market will be the best choice.

Q. Which marble is better for flooring- marble, granite or tiles?

Ans. Each is different and has its pros and cons.

Tiles- They come in two kinds- porcelain and ceramic. The main difference is that porcelain is pure silica to the bottom, while ceramic has a ½” base (probably cement). Low maintenance, come in many designs and easy to clean. Tiles are quite difficult to install and prone to cracking. If one tile breaks up, it needs an immediate new fix or sometimes, it may lead to floor replacement.

Stone- It doesn’t retain heat and is hard-wearing but high-maintenance. Colour and design is limited in granite stones.

Marble (Granite)- Granite is not too common for flooring. Marble is a porous material and good for cooler climates. It needs a lot of care with moisture. Hard to cut but easy to install. There are many colours and designs available (more than tiles) as they may be cut into any shape. It is a little expensive, though.

Q. What are the advantages of marble flooring?

Ans. Marble flooring is famous for its finishing, plain as well as decorative occurrence. It raises the interior style quotient. Marble flooring is more durable and long-lasting with a touch of regular maintenance.  

Cool marble flooring gives a pleasant and comfortable experience in the summer season as barefoot.

Q. What is Katni marble?

Ans. Katni is an Indian marble. It is almost the same as beige Italian marble and has highlighted veins. To join, Katni marble is hard, as joints are visible even after laying it down properly. The rest of the work is easy with this marble. The average cost of this Indian marble is Rs. 20-30 per sqft. It doesn’t have a shiny touch like Italian marble, but Katni marble is more durable and stain-resistant.

The best marble market in India and other specifications are mentioned above. Kishangarh, Rajasthan marble market and Bhandari Marble group details.

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