Best Markets in Madhya Pradesh

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Best Markets in Madhya Pradesh

Did you know Indore, M.P. is known as Mini Mumbai? Yes, you heard it right! Indore is known for its exquisite range and collection of electronics, textiles, handlooms, handicrafts, sarees, to lip-smacking comestibles as namkeens. Are you a shopaholic and love to explore street markets and local markets of different states? So, look out at the enlisted 12 best markets that every shopaholic will vouch to observe Madhya Pradesh tourism’s charm and charisma.

1. Sarafa Bazar

Traveller’s Choice 2020 recognised Sarafa Bazaar, Indore, due to its substantial vividness and variety of offerings. One famous Indore city market has a wide range to offer, from precious gemstones and jewellery pieces to mouth-watering eatables. Some of these are Chinese cuisine, South Indian delicacies, an eclectic range of paan, bhutte ke kees, and lots more. If you are a fan of jewellery, visit this market to spectate one of the most detailed and refined statement jewellery pieces of Meenakari. It reflects the heritage and fine craftsmanship of Indore local jewellers and artisans. You can even find some of the finest and heritage jewellery pieces that you cannot get a hold of anywhere else across India or even in foreign markets. The Sarafa Bazaar stays open until midnight for shopping lovers to munch and shop simultaneously.

2. D.B. City Mall

If you love to explore malls and love to buy at branded stores, then D.B. City Mall is one of the prominent malls to visit in the Bhopal city market. It has a vast range and variety of branded shops to showrooms – Westside, Mark & Spencers, and Shoppers Stop. You can buy electronic gadgets, clothes, food items, makeup products, home decorations pieces, or even artistic showpieces from D.B. City Mall, Bhopal market.

3. Chappan Bazaar

Chappan Bazaar is one of the famous Indore city markets and is best known for its delectable food delicacies. As the name suggests, has Chappan or 56 shops offering exceptional and delicious food items. It is one of the unique Indore markets and bliss to sweet-toothed people or food connoisseurs. Some of the most famous and delicious food items are – Kopra patties, Bombay Bhel, rabdi and faluda, kulfi, jalebis, vada pav, deep-fried snacks – pakoras or yam, and more. Once you visit Chappan Bazaar, we assure you you will not resist yourself with spices and food items’ fragrance and aroma.

4. Treasure Island Mall

Treasure Island Mall of Indore is the first mall of central India or M.P. The mall was one of the best malls in India in 2007 and 2008. It is among the most famous Indore markets and offers multiple brands’ apparel, appliances, gadgets, jewellery, cosmetics under one roof. You can also explore its numerous shops of food joints and restaurants to tantalise your taste buds and appease hunger calls after a crazy shopping spree. If you plan for a family visit to the Treasure Island Mall, you must try out the kid gaming zone and an entertaining section for fun activities or keep your kids engaged while shopping.

5. Kuber

When you are in Khajuraho, don’t forget to visit Kuber. It is one of the most famous shops in Khajuraho. It is well-known for its refined offerings ranging from handicrafts, handlooms, jewellery to obscure stone carvings. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for traditional and historical artifacts and figurines of Khajuraho, Kuber is the best place to shop.

6. Khajuraho’s Textiles & Looms

Are you a great fan of handwoven, curated textiles, looms, and fabrics? Then you must visit Khajuraho’s Textiles & Looms. One of Khajuraho’s Textiles & Looms’ engaging and unique experiences is to stitch and prepare your outfits per your body measurements and customisations within 24 hours. So, if you plan for a two to three-day trip to Khajuraho, you can visit the shop to get your outfit created from the authentic and traditional handwoven fabric of Khajuraho. Whenever you plan your visit to Khajuraho, do not forget to hop in Khajuraho’s Textiles & Looms shop to perceive Khajuraho’s textile excellence.

Street market shop

7. Sitlamata Bazar

If you are looking for the most acceptable options to shop for attractive clothing options – heavy embroidered sarees, dress materials, delicate fabrics, then the Sitlamata Bazaar couldn’t be better shopping for retail attire options. It is one of the busiest Indore city markets and attracts customers who love to do street shopping, flea shopping, bargain with the local vendors or shopkeepers. So, don’t fail to remember to purchase zari sarees and silk sarees from Sitlamata Bazar. The Sitlamata Bazaar is quite famous amongst the wedding shoppers and is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

8. Rehwa Society

Rehwa society is one of the oldest markets established in the 1970s and recognised as art and craft providers. They support local weavers and promote their skills and craftsmanship to retain their heritage and culture of Maheshwar. The Rehwa Society was the reason behind the manufacture, export, and rise of Maheshwari sarees in the textile market. They are the reason behind keeping the Maheshwari sarees’ legacy alive from the past 200 years in India and abroad. Therefore, whenever you visit Maheshwar, don’t forget to visit the Rehwa Society to support the local weavers and witness their workshop. Here you can see how the weavers create the excellent version of textile from human-made and traditional looms.

9. Topkhana Market

Topkhana Market is a distinguished Indore city market famous for central India handicrafts, artifacts, art and crafts, wooden figurines, terracotta carvings, leather toys, and more. So, don’t forget to purchase eye-catching and alluring souvenirs for your near and dear ones once you plan a visit to Indore.

10. Khajuri Bazaar

Are you a bookworm? Then it would be best if you visit the Khajuri Bazaar to shop from hundreds of options available. It is one of the biggest markets in Indore to shop novels, magazines, courseware books, religious books, and even periodic reads. Khajuri Bazaar will never let you down in various books ranging from genres - sacred to a suspense thriller. The books are available there in paperback, hardcovers, and hard binds.

11. Siyaganj

Siyaganj is renowned for its vast wholesale market of food items, paints, and hardware. Being one of the oldest markets of M.P., it is trusted by leading and prominent retail shop owners and residents in M.P.

sketch of cityscape in India show local street market and tricycle

12. Jail Road

When in Indore, visit Jail Road to purchase the best electrical items for your daily needs at an affordable rate. Bargaining is the key to own a few unique and useful electrical appliances and tools within budget and cheaper to market rates. Jair Road is one of the busiest markets in Indore around Diwali, New Year, and other festival seasons.


All the mentioned places and markets are well-known for their superb shopping experience. You must have got an insight into where and when to shop from Madhya Pradesh cities. Ensure that you brace yourself with your bargaining skills to crack some good deals in the M.P. markets. So, why are you waiting? Pack your bags and explore the charm and vividness of the mentioned M.P. markets.

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Q. Do Madhya Pradesh cities have cheap markets?

Ans. Indeed, Madhya Pradesh is well known for its fabulous textile shops and street shops to buy quality products at affordable prices. You can anyways use your bargaining skills to crack the best deals in most of the famous markets of M.P.

Q. Is Madhya Pradesh tourism budget-friendly?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh had lots of captivating scenic beauty – lakes, waterfalls, mountain ranges, eye-catching and breathtaking natural views, lip-smacking Indian authentic delicacies, jaw-dropping intricated specimens of bona fide jewellery pieces. You can behold the beauty of Madhya Pradesh cities within budget. You can enjoy lip-smacking cuisine as cheap as 30INR and visit many famous markets at a nominal fare rate.

Q. What are the different types of best markets in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. M.P. is known for its varied textile excellence, sophisticated and dainty Meenakari jewellery pieces, electronic gadgets, attires, spicy to sweet eateries.


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