Best Markets in Himachal Pradesh

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Best Markets in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most loved tourist destinations in India. While traveling to any location, shopping proves to be a very fun and exciting activity for all of us. People who travel to the magical state of Himachal find shopping as a recreational activity, and to be honest, a few things are worth buying. If you are a judicious shopper, you should be aware of the local markets, so that much of your time is not spent searching for good markets but shopping.

The tourist capital of India has a lot of goodies available for everyone according to their aesthetic choices and budget. If you are planning to visit Himachal Pradesh any time soon, this guide to the list of all the markets is for you.

Markets in Himachal Pradesh You Cannot Miss!

Here is a snapshot of what to fill in your bags while traveling to the best market places in Himachal. Do not forget to pick the best souvenirs on your way back after a fun-loving holiday. These souvenirs will remind you of the serenity of this beautiful state.

1. Shimla

The city has commonly termed the Queen of hills and has a lot of shopping spots. If you have an idea beforehand, you will get a good variety of products at a reasonable price.

  • The Mall Road: This place is located at the heart of the city and is the most happening place in Shimla. This place is famous for its shops, cafes, and restaurants. There are a lot of shops here where you will get items depicting the local culture and customs. It is famous for traditional products and antiques, pottery, Kangra, silk items, shawls, etc.

Top Pick: Shawls

  • Himachal Emporium: You will get all the local products at a reasonable price. Be it shawls, caps, all other winter items, apparels, and handicraft items are available at a reasonable price. You will also find unique pieces of jewelry here.

Top Pick: Handicraft items

  • Tibetan Market: This market is located on Shimla’s slopes and is a perfect destination to shop for beaded accessories and other authentic jewelry. If you have good bargaining skills, then you might get the best products at the most economical prices. One can also pick up some souvenirs from here either to decorate their home or to give someone. You may also find jackets, shawls, and some funky stoles over here.

Top Pick: Jewellery and funky stoles

  • Minchy: This place is famous all across the country for its authentic jams and preserves. They have a wide range of fruit-based jams, which you can take home and give to everyone who loves eating jams. Many different fruits are available in this state, and they utilize them to make a high-quality gourmet. Apart from jams, their product range consists of quashes and fruit wines as well.

Top Pick: Fruit jam

  • Lower Bazaar: This bazaar is mostly known for its budget shopping located in crowded lanes and old buildings. The list of items available here just goes on, which includes bangles, hangings, home décor items, shawls, jackets, woolen accessories, traditional products and antiques, winter clothes, books, carpets, metal wares, etc. Once you are tired of visiting numerous shops, you can just grab some tasty snacks; do not miss the chole kulcha they have to offer!

Top Pick: Winter apparels

  • Lakkar Bazaar: The location is adjoining the Ridge in Shimla. This market is known for its wooden articles. If you are looking forward to some wooden decorative items and souvenirs, then this is the right place for you. In the maze-like alleys, you will find the best pieces of wooden carvings.

Top Pick: Wooden decorative item

handicrafts placed on carpet for display

2. Kullu

This place is located at the backdrop of the Great Himalayas. The markets here are vibrant and full of life, offering traditional things.

  • Akhara Bazaar: This place is famous for the best winter items. You will find comfy woolen items, sweaters, different wool products, and cute socks as well. The shawls here are unique with floral designs and geometric patterns, which surely cannot be missed, and they won’t even prove to be heavy on your pockets.

Top Pick: Shawls

  • Himalayan Craft: This is the right place for the art lover and one who adores bohemian culture and items. This place has unique bohemian items where you can select what you want them to paint, be it your name, addresses, etc. The nameplates painted over here are eye-catching, and the quirky designs make them more amazing. You will also find a variety of handicraft products.

Top Pick: Hand-painted items

  • Tibetan Market: We know that Tibetan markets have resided in every city of Himachal and each city’s market has something different to offer. This market in Kullu is known for the decorative pieces, shawls, and its variety of ornaments.

Top Pick: Ornaments

  • Sultanpur Market: This market is one of the main markets in Kullu. If you are looking for some traditional North Indian jewelry, then this is the place you should land first. You will also find dazzling paintings. The elegant miniature Buddhist painting is something you will love to take home if you are an art lover.

Top Pick: Buddha painting

  • Mohal: This place is known for selling different varieties of dry fruits. You will get good quality dry fruits at low rates as compared to the market rates. So, don’t miss to taste them.

Top Pick: Dry fruits

Manali: This favorite destination to visit in Himachal Pradesh has a lot of places to wander around and full of adventures. Apart from the famous river rafting, paragliding, etc., it also has numerous places for shopping.

  • Old Manali Market: You can optimally utilise your bargaining skills here and get a variety of fashionable products, such as accessories, t-shirts, stylish woolen clothes, etc.

Top Pick: Accessories and apparels

  • Manu Market: This market is famous for selling the most attractive and colourful products, which include books, clothes, footwear, handloom, utensils, crockery items, artificial jewellery, etc. Once you are tired of shopping for different ranges of products, you can always have delicious food from different vendors.

Top Pick: Footwear

  • Mall Road: You will find attractive products at a reasonable cost which includes Kashmiri shawls, sarees, and antiques. You will also find food that has a delightful taste.

Top Pick: Kashmiri shawl

  • Bhuttico: This shop is found all across the state. Their products are of high quality and have ISO certification. You will find trendy jackets, winter accessories, handloom products, etc.

Top Pick: Handloom products

3. Dalhousie

The renowned holiday destination is famous for its beauty covered between the dense forest. It also has very popular shopping markets, which are worth a visit while having a tour of this beautiful city.

  • Tibetan Market: You will find a variety of bags, dolls, purses, beautiful carpets, handicraft items, etc., in this market.

Top Pick: Carpets

  • Tibetan Handicraft Centre: Looking for the finest traditional handicrafts? Then this place has all of the items, including ornaments, momentums, Chinese goods, mats, etc.

Top Pick: Handicraft

the wall hangings hanged on rod for display to sell

4. Dharamshala

This city is surrounded by a cedar forest and resides on the edge of the Himalayas. The home city of Dalai Lama has a spiritual center and a few markets which are worth looking for and buying stuff.

  • Kotwali Bazaar: If you are visiting the bazaar, do not forget to have momos and thukpa from here. Apart from this, you will get woolen garments, shawls, sweaters, Buddha made of stone, crystals and Tibetan rugs, carpets, etc.

Top Pick: Buddha

  • Jogibara Road Bazaar: All fashionable items like neckpieces, jewelry, religious items, etc., are available at this place.

Top Pick: Neckpiece


To conclude, we can say that if you are planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh do not forget to leave some space in your luggage bags because there are surely a lot of things to buy from this scenic mountain area. Don’t forget to splurge your money at these alluring places.

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Q. What is the best time to visit the appealing Himachal Pradesh?

Ans. The best time to visit Himachal Pradesh is from March to June when the temperature is pleasant, and you can roam freely.

Q. Which place is the coldest in Himachal?

Ans. The place which is the coolest in Himachal Pradesh is Keylong.

Q. What is the easiest way of reaching the different cities of Himachal?

Ans. The nearest airport one can go to is either Delhi or Chandigarh. After that, one needs to select the road route for traveling to the beautiful cities. So, a bus or car can be the best option and the easiest one to reach.

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