Manufacturing Companies In Indore [Best 7 Manufacturers]

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Manufacturing Companies In Indore [Best 7 Manufacturers]

Any economy's backbone is its industries. Because agriculture and industry are so important to India's development, the government provides full assistance in-laws and infrastructure to encourage the development of a wide range of sectors throughout the nation.

Indore is a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, located in central India. This city is also a part of the cluster called Tier-2 cities. Businesses both in the manufacturing and services sectors are increasingly choosing the cities as their preferred location. The availability of wider and more accessible spaces compared to urban Tier-1 cities and reduced operating expenses are driving this change. Here are some of the top manufacturing companies in Indore.

1. Arihant Transformers.

Arihant Transformers and Arihant Enterprises have a team of electrical engineers on staff. They are involved in the production of distribution networks along with specially modified transformers under the Arihant transformers brand. The organisation is committed to excellence, backed up by after-sales services for setups in India. They make both power and distribution transformers that are loaded with oil. They also produce and design the entire transformer series in the specific class.

Products Manufactured:

  • Distribution transformer
  • Step-up transformers
  • Low loss transformers
  • Special transformers
  • Transformers testing
  • Prime & oily core lamination
  • Transformer repairing

Location: Plot No. 10-A, Survey No. 200/3, Bhorasala, Sanwer Road, Indore

2. Cyano Pharma Group

A technocrat founded cyano Pharma in 1965 as a partnership business, which was later transformed into a proprietorship firm. Cyanopharma established in the year 2000, is among India's manufacturing companies in Indore and makers of generic and patent allopathic and also ayurvedic pharmaceutical formulations, with divisions for tablets, pills, oral liquid, external liquids, ointments, powders, and so on. The firm specialises in all aspects of production and primarily distributes ferrous sulfate and folic acid pills, and a variety of other items. They have been supplying health agencies in all states and the domestic industry with their products for the past 27 years.

Products Manufactured:

  • Water purifying
  • Nutraceutical & gynaecology
  • Gastro-intestinal
  • Nasal decongestant
  • Dermatology
  • Anti inflamatory/analgesic
  • Anti asthmatic
  • Scabies
  • Antimalarial

Location: 15/C Industrial Estate Pologround, Indore

3. Raj Enterprises

Since 1983, Raj Enterprises has been manufacturing and distributing high-quality protective gloves, safety footwear, and leather leg guards. Soft texture, shrink resistance, and a beautiful finish are all features that these items have. With their well-equipped production plant, they aim for maximum client pleasure. All of Raj Enterprises' manufacturing goods may be modified in size and shape and at affordable pricing. The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services has helped this company build a large customer base growing by the day.

Products Manufactured:

  • High-quality protective gloves
  • Safety footwear
  • Leather leg guards

Location: Ware House Rd, Badi Bhamori, Shiv Sakti Nagar, Indore

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4. MD Indore

MD has a cutting-edge manufacturing facility with cutting-edge production gear. In combination with outstanding raw materials and a skilled manufacturing crew, sophisticated machines enable us to provide goods of unrivalled quality and polish. Bending Machines, Grinding Equipment, Lathe Machineries, Cutting Tools, Welding Machines, and Crimping Machines are just a few of the machines they have on hand. They also have a manufacturing facility, and this enables them to produce Cranes and the Material Handling Equipment and Machinery that our clients want. They recognise the importance of expertise in the success of any enterprise or procedure which puts them among the top manufacturing companies in Indore.

Products Manufactured:

  • Industrial cranes
  • Goods lift
  • Lifting tackles
  • Electrical spares
  • Passenger lift
  • Electric hoist
  • Chain pulley block

Location: Gram Baradari, Survey No.43/5, Tehsil Dharampuri, Opp. Danobat Industries, Sanwer Road,Indore

5. Adroit Industries

Under the guidance of Mr Mukesh Sangla, the flagship firm, Signet Industries Ltd., began trading in different chemicals and polymers in the 1980s. Today, the Signet Group's business includes petrochemicals, polymers sale and marketing, and power generation, among other things. Signet is among the customer-focused manufacturing companies in Indore with a desire to succeed. Every Signet project results from painstaking preparation, specialised knowledge, full-proof strategy, feasibility studies, and relentless innovation. Their goal is to attain the maximum degree of client satisfaction and loyalty by providing high-quality products and services on time and at a reasonable price.

Products Manufactured:

  • End yoke
  • Flange yoke
  • Mechanics style components
  • Propeller shaft
  • Sae assemblies
  • Center bearing assembly
  • Compact series components
  • Companion flange

Location: 44-59, Sector-D2, Sanwer Road, Indore

6. Vora Wires Industrial

Vora Wires Industrial founded in 1973 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is one of the major manufacturing companies in Indore specialises in manufacturing and selling a comprehensive range of Industrial Wires and Shutters. Reliability has always been a top priority, as evidenced by their BIS License 6006 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications. Furthermore, their high-tech manufacturing plant has a large manufacturing capacity of 1200 MT, allowing them to fulfil large customer requests within a short period. High corrosion tolerance, compressive strength, and structural correctness are all aspects of the product line. Engineering, petrochemical, and construction industries all use these items.

Products Manufactured:

  • High Carbon Stress Relief HTS Wire
  • High Carbon Stress Relief Wire Shots
  • High Carbon Stress Relief Spring Steel Wires
  • High Carbon Stress Relief Spring Steel Wire
  • High Carbon Stress Relief Mild Steel Wire
  • PC Strand Wire
  • High Carbon Stress Relief Industrial Wire
  • High Carbon Stress Relief Shutter

Location: D-1, D-2 & C, Sector-A, Sanwer Road Industrial Area, Indore

7. Hitech Metal Formings

Hitech Metal Formings' manufacturing plant has received ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification. They place a high value on quality and supply the best items produced by manufacturing companies in Indore. We seek to offer our clients quality solutions, timely delivery, and competitive prices by utilising superior infrastructure, large production facilities, and a devoted youthful workforce. The manufacturing company is focused on providing the finest possible solutions to industrial demands by utilising high-tech tools and gadgets. Hitech Metal Formings offers a top-notch supply chain management system that allows us to satisfy the demands of industrial clients within the agreed-upon period.

Products Manufactured:

  • Bed rails
  • Cross-member
  • Sheet metal parts
  • Fabricated assemblies
  • Cab door vent
  • Various spare wheel carrier
  • Air tank
  • Aluminium footsteps

Location: Near Indo German Tool Room, Sanwer Road, Gram Bhorasala, Indore


Indore is the commercial hub of central India, and any changes in its economy directly influence India's overall economic situation. Indore's economy is growing in all sectors, including traditional agriculture industries and sophisticated multinational and IT firms. Indore is quickly becoming an influential Tier-2 city in India, owing to the expanding representation of small and large IT enterprises. Nevertheless, both new manufacturing companies in Indore and the old textile sector co-exist in harmony, with several businesses producing wholesale clothing.

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Q. What manufacturing companies are present in Indore?

Ans. Metal manufacturing, such as alloy, car, and steel industries, are also important parts of the Indore economy. Apart from such historic commercial development, Indore is fast becoming India's Tire II city attracting all kinds of manufacturing companies in Indore.

Q. Why is Indore preferred by manufacturing companies in India?

Ans. Indore as an economy can provide cost-effective equipment, inexpensive real estate, improved transportation connections, the presence of education centres, and chances in numerous manufacturing industries, among other things. Additionally, the intangible aspects like lifestyle, living pace and safety also contribute to preference from many big and small businesses.

Q. What is the oldest manufacturing sector present in Indore?

Ans. Indore, which boasts some of the best quality rich black soil on the Malwa Plateau, has developed to become India's fourth-biggest cotton textile powerhouse. Indore is well-known for its handlooms, particularly the Maheshwari and Chanderi silk sarees. Some other old and traditional businesses, such as ceramics and hand-loom weaving, are still in operation, making them one of the important manufacturing companies in Indore.

Q. What is Indore’s contribution to the Indian economy?

Ans. Indore's GDP (PPP) is estimated to be $1,740,000 million ($23.18 billion) in 2020-21, according to a survey undertaken conjointly by Dainik Bhaskar and IIM-Indore. In 2016-17, the country's nominal GDP per capita was INR 1,07,930. A biennial global investors' meeting is also held in the city, which draws venture capitalists worldwide.

Q. What are some of the latest developments in Indore?

Ans. TCS has opened an offshore software development facility in Indore with a site area of approximately 1.5 million square feet. Collabera has also said that it intends to establish facilities in Indore. Infosys is investing Rs 1 billion in Phase I of the Super Corridor to build a new development center in Indore. Infosys has requested 130 acres (53 hectares) of land in Indore for its new plant, which will employ roughly 13,000 people.

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