Best Markets in Odisha [Best Shopping Spots]

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Best Markets in Odisha [Best Shopping Spots]

Odisha is known as a cultural heritage state. Vibrant arts and handicrafts in Odisha have made the state a prominent cultural location in eastern India. One of the greatest aspects of Odisha Tourism is the availability of a wide variety of shopping choices. Puri is a hub for craft shopping options, such as stone sculpture, seashell handicrafts etc. Raghunathpur is another town famous for pattachitra paintings, tussar paintings etc. You have to take Odisha’s art and craft back to your home; otherwise, your visit will be incomplete.

Here in this article, let’s know about some famous markets in Odisha.

1. Unit 1 Market

Also known as Hatta Market, this market has acted as the primary distributor of household products to Bhubaneswar and the surrounding region for several generations now. It is also the largest wholesale sector in Bhubaneswar. The bulk of Odisha’s wedding shopping takes place in this market. It is a one-stop-shop where you can purchase groceries, vegetables, clothes, bridal footwear, bride’s accessories, sarees, and so on. Bargaining is also not necessary, as the rates are very fair.

2. Ekamra Haat

You must go to ‘Ekamra Haat’ if you are on an ethnic-themed shopping expedition in Odisha. There are 42 handloom shops located within a 5-acre market. Odia traditional and tribal handicrafts and handlooms are what this market specialises in. A large exhibition is held on the adjacent ground, giving visitors even more choices.

3. Unit 2 Market

Those who suffer from shopaholism may enter the Unit 2 Market building. In the city, locals consider it the centre of all shopping zones. This is an open-air market, which covers a wide area. The market is believed to be completely stocked with products meeting any price range. Women especially enjoy this market, and there are plenty of reasons for it. The market is focused on various types of ladies’ handbags, shoes, trinkets, and scarves.

4. Nayasadak, Silver market

Purchasing silver jewellery when shopping in Odisha is strongly recommended. Filigree silver has been the state’s most valuable export commodity for 600 years. Stunningly ornate, classical, or contemporary silver Filigree styles are an excellent purchase for your journey to Odisha. Nayasadak is the centre of silver Filigree sculpture, where streets are filled with boutiques and showcases where people can purchase silver jewellery.

5. What is Filigree Work

Filigree Work is fine sculptured jewellery and other silver objects. The precision of the carving is almost like fine silver has been woven together. Alternatively, you can purchase jewellery or tiny jewellery boxes in Filigree Work. Odisha’s outstanding Filigree Work is worth appreciating; so, be sure to check it out if you admire silver artworks.

6. Raghurajpur Market

The village of Raghurajpur is different from other villages because it holds a special place in India’s cultural map. It is well-known for its prominent Pattachitra painters. Most of the houses in this village have excellently decorated outer walls that feature murals depicting scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Apart from making Pattachitra paintings, the inhabitants of this village often make handicrafts such as palm leaf engravings, stone carvings, and tusser paintings.

  • What are the Pattachitra paintings? The unique painting style of Odisha is known as Pattachitra. These are delicate paintings done on palm leaves utilising a piercing and colouring technique.
  • What is Stone Sculpture? The Stone Sculpture of Odisha is one of India’s very few locations where sculpting is still done. You can see a lot of roadside workshops where sculptors are busy sculpting stone images.
man packing the colourful saree

7. Saree Mandir

There is just one place to go if you want to look for wedding dresses and lovely sarees, and the famous place is Saree Mandir.

Odisha has something if you are a saree lover-

  • Kotpad Sarees: These sarees are typically handwoven by the Odisha tribes of Koraput. The heftiness and roughness of coarsely woven fabric are indicative of handmade products.
  • Pasapalli Saree: This is the one that resembles a chessboard, usually constructed out of black and white with a splash of red. It is the most common Odisha saree, one which all Odisha women wear with little variation. But these sarees are quite expensive.
  • Sambalpuri Ikkat Saree: This is the unique saree that is sewn using thread that has been coloured. The strategy requires a clear sense of design such that the right thread is positioned in the right place and makes the fabric very colourful. Designs may be intricate, although light fabrics are typically used in these.
  • Bomkai Sarees: These sarees emerge in Odisha, Ganjam district, and are well known for the finest borders and Pallas. Typically, you notice fish motifs on these sarees that are deemed favourable.
  • Sea Beach market: There are three big beach markets close to Puri seaside where you can see the very crowd; the three places are the Swargadwara area, the area in front of the Puri hotel, and the Penthokota area. You will mainly find shops and stalls selling seashell products in these areas, such as items made out of shells and oysters and handloom products.
  • Orissa Modern Art Gallery: The only gallery in the state of Odisha that presents a permanent display of selected contemporary works of art is the Orissa Modern Art Gallery (OMAG). It has been established as a means to promote Odishan contemporary art artists. Mrs Karen Kent and Tarakant Parida founded the Orissa Modern Art Gallery in India.

The Craftwork of Odisha-

  • Palm leaf baskets: Temples in Odisha send out prasad in square baskets crafted from dried palm leaves, such as the Jagannath Temple in Puri and the Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar. Many come with a cover and a jute rope attached.
  • Jagannath Murtis: One of the most famous souvenirs from Puri is the miniature Jaganath carved out of wood, just as they are in the main temple. These murtis are always found in black, white, and yellow colours.
  • Sholapith for decoration: These products are created to decorate temples and houses with thin slices of Sholapith. Visitors often purchase the sholapith for home decoration or to offer to the deities.
  • Sarankul Market: All household products, all goods used in our daily life are available here. It is also a place for worship.  
  • Shahid Nagar Market: It is the market where national brands including Pantaloons, Central, Kalyan Jewellers and Westside opened their first outlets in the state. Many big brands have exclusive outlets here.


The state of Odisha is particularly rich in numerous handicrafts, weaving, drawings, and various types of art, including cuisine. It is not only a city with temples, but Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, has earned notoriety for other purposes. Tussar silk, woven cloth-like Tussar silk, sculptures, and exquisite regional paintings are also well popular as handicraft pieces. Neighbouring town residents also come to the city to enjoy shopping and carry those lovely things home. In Bhubaneswar, people also purchase some of the most notable items, such as sarees and skirts, decorative things like purses, mirrors, jewellery boxes, trays, tabletops, utensils, and more. Start preparing your journey to Odisha, and then buy stuff of special and personal importance for your near ones.

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Q. What can I buy in Odisha?

Ans. Filigree sculpture, Pattachitra paintings, Stone sculpture, handloom products, Copper jewellery, Sambalpur sarees etc.

Q. What can I buy in Puri?

Ans. You need not skip Bomkai, Sambalpuri silk, and cotton sarees while shopping in Puri.

Q. What is Odisha’s famous food?

Ans. Following are famous food of Odisha:

  • Chungi Malai
  • Macha Ghanta
  • Pakhala Bhata
  • Dahi Vada
  • Khaja
  • Rasgulla

Q. What is the famous sweet in Odisha?

Ans. The Odia variant of the well-known North Indian sweet is Chhena jalebi. The main distinction between the two varieties is that the jalebi of Odisha is produced from cottage cheese and has a gentle feel as opposed to the conventional jalebi.

Q. What are some of Odisha’s finest malls?

Ans. Followings are some of the finest malls of Odisha:

  • The Esplanade One Mall
  • City Centre Mall
  • Forum Mart
  • The pal Heights and Symphony mall
  • SR Central Shopping Mall
  • FE2 Arcade and Forum Galleria Mall


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