Top Biotech Companies in Bangalore [Top 6 Companies]

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Top Biotech Companies in Bangalore [Top 6 Companies]

India is one of the first few countries, among the developing countries, to have recognised the importance of biotechnology to advance the growth of agricultural, industrial, health sectors and of the country at large.

Per the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency, the biotechnology sector in India is the key contributor to 70% of WHO's vaccines (essential Immunisation Schedule). India also ranks 48th on the Global Innovation Index.

The biotech industry in India comprises over 5,000 companies (760 core companies and 4,240 start-ups). And is aligned around five significant segments: BioPharma, BioAgriculture, BioIndustrial, and the combined segment of BioServices comprising BioIT, CROs, and Research Services.

Bangalore, the IT Capital of India, is also known as the Biotech Capital. Almost 30% of the Indian Biotech Companies are in or around Bangalore, and the top ten companies capture 47% of the market.

Bangalore is host to leading biotechnology companies and start-ups like Bicon and provides the best growth environment for emerging start-ups in this sector. Over the years, Bangalore has become the leader in India's biotechnology industry.

Following is a brief description of some of the leading biotech companies based in Bangalore:

1. Biocon Limited

Nature of Business


Year of Establishment


Annual Turnover

Rs. 6000-8000 crores

Main Products

INSUGEN (RH-insulin), Itolizumab Molecule (treatment for Psoriasis), etc.

Biocon Limited is India's leading pharma biotech company and is also ranked in US-based Science magazine's top Global Pharma and Biotech Employers list.

The main objective of Biocon is to provide access and availability to high-quality and advanced therapies for chronic diseases. In most of such cases, the treatment costs are quite high, but with the initiatives of Biocon, the same have been made affordable for a major section of society.

Biocon Group consists of more than 10 subsidiaries, 5 of the Indian. The group is run by an efficient key management team supported by more than 12000 employees consisting of exemplary bioscientists, engineers, and business managers.

The company was founded by its present Executive Chairperson, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, to provide worldwide access to innovative and affordable healthcare. The major areas in which Biocon operates are-

  • Generics.
  • Biosimilars.
  • Branded Formulation.
  • Novel Biologics.

Biocon has also developed the first recombinant insulin produced in India and an antibody-based head and neck cancer treatment. It has also been contributing in areas of Education, Environment, and Rural Development. Biocon has built a global-level manufacturing infrastructure to support its operations and achieve its long-term goals of making a global impact. Over the years, it aims to attain sustainable growth balanced with societal interests and make a difference in healthcare.

2. Biozeen

Nature of Business

Biopharmaceutical and Manufacturing

Year of Establishment


Annual Turnover

$90 Million

Main Products

Fermentor, Bioreactor, Crystalliser

Biozeen has been a major manufacturer and supplier of automated bioprocess technologies. It is aiding the biopharmaceutical industry in developing competitive vaccines and biologicals through Bioprocess Engineering, Plant automation, Fabrication technologies, and customised bioprocess hardware.

Its specialities include a unique business model, customised and simplified solutions yielding repeated and reproducible batches, process targeted and innovative solutions, regulatory compliant services, and faster delivery timelines.

With the knowledge base of promoters and diverse experience and expertise pool of more than 500 employees, Biozeen has –

  • Engineered designs that are 65% energy-efficient
  • Delivered solutions that are 30% cost-efficient
  • Designed and engineered equipment demonstrating upto6 times improved yield
  • Empowered 1500+ professionals to serve the industry better and still counting.

One of the innovative offerings of Biozeen besides Fermentor, Bioreactor, etc., is the Bioinactivation System that caters to the inactivation of biowaste generated at every step of the Biopharmaceutical production. Another product line of Biozeen is the Regulatory Services offering validation services for filters from all major filter manufacturers.

Biozeen has proven its innovation in operations and delivery of quality by winning various quality awards like the Indian Achievers Award for Quality Excellence and compliance certificates by FDA, ICH, WHO-GMP, etc.

3. Credora Life Science

Nature of Business

Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare

Year of Establishment


Annual Turnover

$5 Million

Main Products

DNA Ladders, DNA Isolation Kits, Molecular Biology Services

Credora Life Sciences is a rapidly growing Biotechnology Company based out of Bangalore, India. It is the only comprehensive solution provider focused on Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer and infectious diseases. Credora Life Sciences has easy access to scientists. Its ability to interact directly with end-users enables organizations to make independent decisions about their Research Ideas, empowering them to control their needs proactively.

Other specialities of Credora offerings are Molecular Biology, Animal cell culture, Cancer Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, rt PCR Bangalore, Genomic Services, Mutation Analysis, SNP Discovery Sequencing, DNA Sequencing, Cancer and Cell Biology, Food Testing, and Water Testing.

Credora was founded by Smitha Murthy, also the director of the company. The company operates to offer a significant contribution in finding biotechnological solutions in the area of cervical cancer, as well as other neurodegenerative diseases. Its goals include-

  • To revolutionise Molecular and biotechnological technologies in India.
  • To be a centre of excellence for graduates and postgraduates in Biotechnology and provide them hands-on, world-class experience.
  • To develop new high-quality products and services for the diagnostic market based on the most sophisticated technologies available.
  • To provide inexpensive, high-quality diagnostic products and thereby substitute the exclusively imported diagnostic products.

4. Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of Business

Research and Technology, Manufacturing

Year of Establishment


Annual Turnover

Rs. 500-1000 crores

Main Products

Industrial Enzymes, Processed Fishmaws, Animal Feed

Novozymes South Asia Private Limited has been majorly in the manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) business for the last 24 years, and currently, company operations are active. Current board members & directors are Gobichettipalayam Sreenivasan Krishnan, Peder Holk Nielsen, Mikkel Viltoft, and Manish Kumar Mittal.

With a team of 500+ employees, Novozymes India has grown and spread itself in the areas of R&T, manufacturing, business functions, and a shared service centre. Novozymes lays high emphasis on Research and Development and invests nearly 14 per cent of its global revenue in Research and Technology annually, with one of the key R&T facilities located in Bangalore. The various product lines in which Novozymes operates are-

  • Minerals
  • Starch-based Ethanol
  • Industry Waste Water Treatment
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Bleach Boosting
  • Brewing
  • Bio preparation

Novozyme believes in positively contributing towards the sustainable future of the country. It works in close partnership with the customers and the global community to find biological answers for better lives in a growing world.

5. Gangagen Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of Business

Research and Development, Pharmaceutical

Year of Establishment


Annual Turnover

$1.5 million

Main Products

Protein Antibacterials

GangaGen, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on developing products to prevent and treat infections that are resistant to antibiotics through the application of contemporary molecular and clinical sciences. The company's technology has arisen from its studies of bacteriophage and bacteriocins, nature's antibiotics.

The company's treatment is a recombinant protein that binds to and kills Staphylococcus and offers a highly innovative approach to treat pneumonia and neonatal sepsis. Other operations include novel applications of bacteriophages, for example, in the poultry and aquaculture industry.

GangaGen's management structure consists of an efficient executive team supported by an experienced and knowledgeable Scientific Advisory Board, Mr Janakiraman Ramachandran being the CEO and Chairman.

Since its inception, GangaGen has been proactive in research and has engaged in various collaborative projects. The intellectual property of GangaGen includes 11 registered patents, primarily in Medical and Veterinary Science.

6. Automed Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of Business


Year of Establishment


Annual Turnover

$5 million- $8 million

Main Products

Process control valves, Dust Containment, Sterilisers

Automed is one of the leading manufacturers of various process automation equipment like Slat Conveyor, Loading Conveyor, Cell Therapy Isolators, etc. The enterprise focuses and provides process solutions in Food, Pharma, and Chemicals for clients in India and the SAARC region.

The specialisation of Automed lies in designing and building automation solutions customised to each client's particular business requirements. The efficient team of engineers and management of  Automed aim to deliver the required business results by integrating different world-class technologies with the client's existing equipment to eradicate onsite process challenges.

Over the years, Automed has also earned its name through innovative products like Automed Drum Inverters integrated with containment split butterfly valves for powder handling and transfers. Cell Therapy Isolator is another creation that allows multiple cell cultures to be treated separately. The after-sales service support of Automed is also appreciated and relied upon by its clients.

Indian biotechnology is built on entrepreneurship, innovation, developing domestic talent, and demonstrating value-based care. With the rising scientific potential of existing and upcoming biotech enterprises merged with continuous government support, the Indian Biotechnology market is expected to register a high growth to reach $12 Billion by 2025.

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Q. Are biotech companies synonymous with pharmaceutical companies?

Ans. No. Biotech companies are not synonymous with pharmaceutical companies; rather pharma is one of the many areas like agriculture and industrial manufacturing in which biotechnology is applied.

Q. Why is Bangalore known as the Biotech Capital of India?

Ans. Bangalore is a base for most of the leading biotech companies of India. With Karnataka Government's industry supportive policies and encouragement to biotechnology, Bangalore provides the best environment for the development of biotech startups and large companies.

Q. How is biotechnology applied in the food industry?

Ans. The food industry makes use of enzymes in the production of required food flavours, aroma and in improving the nutritional value. These are mainly used in Alcohol production, dairy and bakery.

Q. Where does India stand on a global scale in the sector of Biotechnology?

Ans. India accounts for 3% of the global biotech industry and ranks 48th as per the Global Innovation Index report 2020.

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