Manufacturing Companies in Kerala [Top 10 Manufacturers]

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Manufacturing Companies in Kerala [Top 10 Manufacturers]

Manufacturing companies in Kerala supply the products that are required for existence and provide jobs to individuals. Every industry has its significance and is equally responsible for meeting the needs of the client. Every person intends to buy the best product. This is quite reasonable because if we are putting money into something, we expect it to be best and last for a long time.

In this article, we have discussed some of the leading manufacturing companies in Kerala.

1. JR Rubber Industries

Address: Thadapparambu, Mulankunnathukavu P.O Thrissur - 680581

This company was established in 1994. They are the leading manufacturers of rubber moulds that are essential for the construction industry. They create high-quality moulds that are used for the wet casting of tiles. The headquarters for the company is situated in Thrissur. This company has a huge export network, where they sell their products to twenty-nine countries globally. They are appreciated for the quality and durability of the product they provide. They sell almost every type of mould ranging from PVC moulds, plastic moulds, rubber moulds, compound wall moulds and much more.


2. Palakkad Surgical Industries

Address: Petronet road, Wise park, Kanjikode East, Kanjikode

This company was established in 1961. This enterprise is engaged in manufacturing products related to surgery and medical requirements. They are known worldwide and are appreciated for the class of products they build. They make an effort to create items in-house in order to keep up with the field's frequent improvements and requirements. They develop products for the medical care of patients, medical IT and sterile products. The firm has several certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and IEC 60601.


3. Traco Cable Company

Address: Seaport airport road, Irumpanam P.O, Kochi - 682309

This enterprise was established in 1964. It is the leading manufacturer for power cables, weatherproof cables, XLPE, house wiring cables, AAC conductors, control cables and ACSR conductors. The company is dedicated to producing products for buildings, residences, and other construction purposes for over five decades. Their products are extensively used by the governments of Goa and Kerala for the railways, telecommunication and electricity. The company is certified with ISO 9001 and is appreciated for its consistency and serviceability for years.


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4. Winjet Polymers

Address: Kinfra Textile Park, F Block, Pallivayal P.O, Thaliparamba, Kannur - 670142

The company was established in 2013. The enterprise is known as one of the leading manufacturers in developing PET plastics and PET bottles. They employ high-quality polymers to create appealing and trendy items. They boast about providing innovative solutions and cost-effective products. They have experience of a decade and expertise in the field. The company also opens the space for customisation. This helps them to bring more customers and remain at the top.


5. JAJ Equipment Industries

Address: Major Industry Area, Ollur P.P, Thrissur - 680306

The company was established in 2006. They are renowned for the manufacturing of kitchen hoods and working tables. However, they also manufacture trolleys, exhaust systems, refrigeration systems, and cooking ranges. The company holds a place in the list of Trade India’s list of verified sellers who offer products of superior quality. Many big companies rely strongly on this enterprise. The companies include ASTER MIMS, KTDC, Thalappakatti restaurants, and many more. Hence they receive a heavy demand from these customers regularly and are appreciated for the quality of their service.


6. Darvaas Industries

Address: Ganga tower, Robinson Road, Near Sayoojyam residency, Palakkad - 678001

The company is known for manufacturing fibre doors. These doors are water-resistant, economical and easy to maintain. The company focuses on building environmentally friendly products. Their products are used extensively in different buildings, whether institutional or residential, due to the number of advantages they provide.


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7. Ojin Foods Private Limited

Address: Melekendy 11/491A, Convent, Kozhikode - 673032

The company is a part of the oilseed mining industry and produces several products like jams, sauces, and payasam. They also retail out their products in wholesale markets. They are very famous in their region for the quality of the products they provide. Its firm specialises in baker's things and manufactures all of their products from natural ingredients, which they sell wholesale.


8. Parisons Group of Companies

Address: Corporate office 6/1183, Kunhipari buildings, Cherooty road, Calicut - 673032

The company was established in 1982. This enterprise is a food manufacturing company that primarily deals with the production of numerous food oils, cooking fats, biscuits, and teas. They are also into R&D, services, logistics, trading, and retailing activities. The company is known as one of the leading companies in South India for the manufacturing of products like edible oils. All the products manufactured are made from 100% natural products from the richness of Kerala. They are known for the authenticity of the taste of the products they produce. Earlier the company used to be a wheat flour mill but now they produce products like green tea, bread, instant cake mixes, and semolina.


9. Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Company

Address: 7th floor, KSHB office complex, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi - 682036

It is a government company that falls under the public sector. The firm was founded in 1964. Engineering services and products are offered by the organisation. They also take projects that have national significance. Brushless alternators, frequency converters, and power packs are among the components manufactured by the business for missile programmes. The company also manufactures products for the defence, that is, army and navy, including products like radar applications and military power cars. The company also supplied products in the famous projects namely Falcon, Prithvi, Trishul and Akash.


10. Barch Lighting

Address: Building no. 37/280-B1, AIMS-Jawan Crossroad, Ponekkara, Kochi - 41

The company was initiated in 2007. This enterprise works as a leading manufacturer of numerous types of lights. They are known for creating the perfect ambience in a space by providing the appropriate lighting for it. The vast range of products includes the street, track, panel, slim, down, junction, bulbs and much more. Since lighting is essential for every space, their company sells products to a wide range of construction projects ranging from hospitals, residences, institutes and offices.



These were some of the leading industries in Kerala. Every company is unique and holds a place and reputation in the market. With the help of their expertise in the subject, they can manufacture products that contempt the customers. All of the firms mentioned above are well-known for the services they offer and the high quality of their products. Hope this information helps you.

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Q. Why is manufacturing important?

Ans. Manufacturing is referred to as a source of generating economy and is a source of innovation on commercial grounds. It contributes to the improvement of people's living conditions. It is essential because it reduces the weight in the agricultural sectors and develops job vacancies in secondary and tertiary sectors.

Q. What is the need for innovation in manufacturing?

Ans. As we know, the industrial revolution has changed the way we look at industries. It has changed the way we consume goods. Hence innovation is required to upgrade the standard and compete with the world.

Q. What are the principal industries in Kerala?

Ans. There are many industries in Kerala that produce goods. The ones who are reliable on the raw products through agriculture and the ones who rely on mineral resources like the petrochemical industries. Apart from this, Kerala is famous for producing handicrafts and related products. However, they are primarily engaged in food manufacturing industries.

Q. What are the risks associated with manufacturing?

Ans. It involves distribution disruptions, federal, state/provincial, or local regulations, labour concerns, competition, etc.

Q. How does manufacturing affect the economy?

Ans. It helps improve the chain of production and aids in generating employment.

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