Bamboo Products Manufacturers in India [6 Best Manufacturers]

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Bamboo Products Manufacturers in India [6 Best Manufacturers]

Bamboo Products manufacturers in India depend on bamboo as their raw material. Bamboos are tall tree-like grasses native to tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates in East and Southeast Asia. One can also find them on Pacific and Indian Ocean islands.

According to Bamboo Products manufacturers in India, the everyday use of bamboo is to build homes in rural and semi-urban areas. As a result, it's sometimes referred to as "poor man's wood." However, that isn't all.

All over the world, bamboo and bamboo-based products are used to create a wide range of indoor and outdoor products. Their abundant growth and species versatility are helpful for various purposes because of their abundant growth and species versatility. Bamboo is also used in many industries, lowering the cost of product development. This article will discuss the future of the bamboo and bamboo-based product industries.

Uses of Bamboo by Bamboo Products manufacturers in India

Bamboo has been used in several consumer products. In India, bamboo product manufacturers have significantly impacted the Indian industrial economy by using bamboo in many industries. It is a raw material in the production of consumer goods. Bamboo is primarily used as a substitute for wood. It's also used in food production, and it's crucial to many small businesses. Handcrafted items are also made from bamboo strips. Most of these handmade items, such as baskets and trays, jars, lampshades, mats, and other items, are used in agriculture. Here's a list of bamboo-based products:

  • Handicrafts: These are primarily decorative items made by humans using only their hands and, in some cases, a few minor tools to make craft items out of bamboo sticks. It takes a significant amount of time, patience, and knowledge. This product is primarily exported to other countries for cosmetic purposes.
  • Bamboo Sticks: Bamboo is a popular construction material. Bamboo is used to build temporary structures for religious ceremonies in some parts of the world, most notably India, and priests also use it in purification rites. Bamboo sticks known as 'Agarbatti' are commonly used in Indian Puja rituals.
  • Bamboo Paper: Many industries now use bamboo, including bamboo paper production. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for paper. Bamboo pulp paper is nearly as good as paper made from wood pulp. The only difference between wood-based paper is that it has a lower tensile stiffness.
  • Bamboo Furniture: Many hotels and restaurants use bamboo furniture to decorate their interiors. Bamboo furniture is uncommon in private residences. Bamboo furniture lasts a long time due to its resistance to climate change.
  • Bamboo Ply Board and Mat: Bamboo is used as a flooring material in some designer homes. Ply boards and mats are made from bamboo sticks that have been planned and widened. To make the objects mentioned above, one must press together the flat sticks with resin.

Prospects for Bamboo Products manufacturers in India

The global bamboo market was valued at USD 53.28 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% between 2021 and 2028. Increasing infrastructure development investments, raised use of sustainable building/construction materials, and rising consumer awareness of the uses and benefits of bamboo will drive the market during the forecast period. Using bamboo and rattan has numerous environmental, economic, and social advantages. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows in diverse climates but thrives in tropical climates. It absorbs 40% more CO2 and produces 35% more oxygen than trees, resulting in significant improvements in air quality. Carbon fixation, soil erosion control, and environmental purification are all aided by bamboo cultivation.

On the other hand, Rattan palms are primarily grown in tropical rainforests. Rattan is light, durable, and relatively flexible. It can also be grown alongside other tree covers, such as fruit orchards and rubber estates, demonstrating that rattan cultivation can be a secondary source of income for farmers.

Bamboo and rattan cultivation is a financially viable method of alleviating poverty in rural societies and assisting people in sustaining and supporting their livelihood. The cultivation of bamboo and rattan is encouraged in the majority of Asian countries, including China, India, Japan, and African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon.

Bamboo and rattan are increasingly replacing timber as preferred materials for Bamboo Products manufacturers in India because they are less expensive to harvest, transport, and sell. They are water-resistant and last a long time.

Because of these advantages, bamboo and rattan have long been useful in furniture, shelter, and handicraft items. One can also make flooring, charcoal, mats/screens, and woven products from bamboo and rattan. As a result, many commercial applications will boost bamboo product sales, fueling the market growth over the forecast period.

In 2020, industrial products dominated the market, accounting for over 35% of total revenue. Bamboo and rattan are raw materials for various processed goods, including industrial goods and furniture. Plywood, flooring, and pulp and paper are among the most common of these applications.

Bamboo and rattan shoots have medicinal properties. Bamboo shoots provide several health benefits, including digestive aid, spiritual healing, mental alertness, and treatment of depression and respiratory diseases. Rattan is also anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory. These factors will likely drive the growth of the shoots segment over the forecast period.

For example, the Indian Parliament passed a bill in December 2017 to declassify bamboo as a tree, resulting in lucrative growth opportunities for mid and small-scale manufacturers of processed bamboo products.

Bamboo basket on the street market

Challenges for Bamboo Products manufacturers in India

Toxic chemicals used in producing processed bamboo and rattan products such as furniture, flooring, pulp, and paper have called for the introduction and implementation of stringent laws and regulations. Such regulations could have a long-term negative impact on the supply, cost, and sales of bamboo and rattan products. These factors may stifle market growth during the forecast period.

Furthermore, the global COVID-19 outbreak slowed market growth in production and consumption. The bamboo market experienced weak demand for bamboo products due to the nationwide lockdown, which restricted public movement, affecting the global consumption of bamboo products.

The Asia Pacific is the world's largest producer of bamboo, with countries such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China affected by the pandemic. Strict border closures and lockdowns disrupted manufacturing company operations, affecting bamboo export because the region is the world's largest distributor of bamboo products.

Top Bamboo Products manufacturers in India

1. Kerala State Bamboo Corporation

Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd., which was founded in 1971, is owned entirely by the Kerala government. Its primary goals are to develop and promote the bamboo, reed, cane, and rattan industries, as well as to produce and trade bamboo, reed, cane, and rattan products.

You can contact them via email.

2. Epitome Bamboowood Products ( Mutha Industries )

Mutha Industries is proud to bring environmentally friendly initiatives to your home. By introducing the country's first eco-friendly options, it hopes to change the way people decorate their homes in India. Its bamboo flooring, decking and cladding, doors, door frames, and stunning custom-made furniture options all have a look and feel of hardwood.

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3. Beco

Beco is a well-known brand that offers sustainable & eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics and packaging. And have the vision to help every individual contribute to saving the environment.

Their bamboo made products are facial tissues, toothbrushes, reusable kitchen towels, toilet rolls, and organic baking paper.

They also have some eco-friendly products like cleaners, compostable garbage bags, shopping bags etc.

Shop their products from the website, Amazon, or Brown Living.

making of different types of baskets

4. The Bamboo Bae

The Bamboo Bae was founded by two travel enthusiasts with an idea of a plastic-free environment for the love of nature. They are based in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh and offer a variety of everyday essentials that help in sustainable living and travelling.

Their product range has toothbrushes, soy candles, wooden combs, soap dishes, clothespins, recycled paper pencils, travel-friendly cutlery, coconut shell bowls and candles.

Their products are available on their website, Amazon, and Brown Living.

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5. Madake

Madake was founded in 2019 in Manipur, Chennai, and is dedicated to producing innovative and practically useful day to day bamboo products. Their vision is to offer valuable substitutes of superior quality, sustainable products to essentials that we use every day.

Their product range offers everything from home essentials, bathroom essentials and spa collection. They offer towels, soap bars, toothbrushes, earbuds, pens etc.

You can shop for their luxury products on their website.

6. Codesustain

Codesustain works together with artisans, small scale manufacturers, and NGOs. They are building an ecosystem that is sustainable for both consumers and artisans. Their Kaca collection has handcrafted products made with bamboo, kauna, and seagrass. They are not just eco-conscious but also socially aware. 10% of their profits go to NGOs for uplifting underprivileged communities.

All their products are sustainable and ethically sourced. Their collection includes handbags, table placements, shopping bags, serving trays, platters, etc.

You can shop their products from their website, Tata Cliq or LBB.

You will find the contact details and other details in the table below.

Sr. No.





Kerala State Bamboo Corporation

Angamaly, Kerala



Epitome Bamboowood Products

Bodhjungnagar, Agartala




Mumbai, Maharashtra

Website, Amazon, Brown living


The Bamboo Bae

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Website, Amazon, Brown Living



Manipur, Chennai




Pune, Maharashtra

Website, Tata Cliq, LBB


Over the forecast period, the Indian bamboo products market will grow steadily, as are Bamboo Products manufacturers in India. The growing popularity of bamboo products as an alternative to traditional timber due to their numerous benefits and low cost is driving the Indian bamboo products market. Furthermore, the rising demand for eco-friendly products will propel the market during the forecast period.

Do some market research in your area before investing in the bamboo industry. Ascertain that your profit over time will be sufficient to cover your investment. It is an industry that will undoubtedly expand in the future, with virtually limitless opportunities.

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Q. Where are Bamboo Products made in India?

Ans. Kamrup, Nowgong, Darrang, Sibsagar, and Lakhimpur districts produce them.

Q. Which state is famous for its Bamboo industry?

Ans. West Bengal is well-known for its bamboo crafts and cane goods.

Q. What state is known for Bamboo Art?

Ans. Bamboo and cane crafts have a long history in Arunachal Pradesh. Men usually practise this art.

Q. Which state is known for its Bamboos?

Ans. Mizoram is known as the country's Bamboo Queen.

Q. Where does bamboo grow in India?

Ans. It grows naturally just about everywhere in India except Kashmir.

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