Manufacturing Companies in Surat [Top Companies]

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Manufacturing Companies in Surat [Top Companies]

Located at the mouth of the Tapti river in the Indian state of Gujarat, Surat is one of the largest and most efficient industrial hubs in Western India. Apart from being the second-largest city in the state, Surat also has one of the fastest-growing economies in the country. In 2020, the city's GDP was estimated at $68 billion. It’s India’s biggest hub for diamond cutting and polishing - and is also well-known for textiles, petrochemicals, steel, and pharmaceuticals. Here is a brief look at the top manufacturing companies in Surat, which are major contributors to the economy.

#01 Jaykar House - Diamond Cutting & Polishing

  • Almost 90% of the world’s diamonds - used in jewellery/industrial equipment - are processed in the city of Surat. One of the biggest names in this niche is Jaykar House.
  • Established in 1999, Jaykar has become one of the biggest diamond processing companies operating in the city.
  • They use state-of-the-art technology to provide customers with high-quality diamonds and gemstones.
  • This diamond processing company makes use of the best infrastructure currently available in the field. For example, their diamond processing equipment and raw materials are sourced from stalwart companies like Lexus India, Atlas, Laser SOS, etc.

#02 Wellona Pharma - Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and More

  • The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is very active in India, and Wellona Pharma is a powerful player in Gujarat. They have a massive manufacturing compound, and all of their products are subjected to rigorous quality testing.
  • The company and its manufacturing operations have been certified by the World Health Organisation and ISO.
  • They also have an impressive portfolio of products - ranging from medical equipment like syringes, inhalers, etc. to medicines like antibiotics, antifungals, etc.
  • When it comes to manufacturing companies in Surat, Wellona Pharma is one of the most recognisable players.

#03 Sunrise Glass Industries Private Limited - Glass Containers

  • Sunrise GIPL is a Surat-based manufacturing company specialising in the production of glass containers.
  • Despite being a young entrant into the market, Sunrise GIPL has managed to secure a project outlay worth Rs 700 million.
  • It is also located close to the raw material source and has access to the container market. Sunrise specialises in highly exclusive glass bottles for wine distilleries, beer breweries, soft drink companies, etc.
  • They have also teamed up with a lot of companies in the F&B and pharmaceutical sectors. They’ve worked with Nestle and United Spirits.

#04 Aether Industries - Manufacturing of Intermediates and Chemicals

  • Chemical industries in India will not be able to flourish without the existence of companies like Aether Industries.
  • This company specialises in chemical intermediates and active ingredients used in the production of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and industrial chemical industries.
  • Based in Surat, Aether’s plant has a production capacity of 4000 metric tons. The production facility is fully automated and is looked after by a team of highly trained and experienced engineers.
  • The distributed control system (DCS) automation of this company gives it a unique place in the list of companies.
Laser cutting of metal

#05 Altret Industries - Industrial Products, Cleaning Products, and Services

  • Altret Industries and Chemicals was founded in 1999 by the Lokhandwala family. Based in Surat, Altret is one of the most highly specialised chemical manufacturing outfits in the city.
  • In 2012, the outfit received ISO 14001:2004 certification and went on to win an award from the newly formed Clean India initiative.
  • This company has an impressive grasp over water and combustion chemistry - and have come up with high-quality cleaning products over the years.
  • Some of their clients include the Aditya Birla Group, the Gujarat state electricity board, Anand Hospital, etc.

#06 Surat Textile Mills Limited - Polyester Yarn, Viscose Yarn, and Fabric

  • Surat is extremely well-known for its thriving textile sector, which is why this company is one of the top manufacturing companies in Surat.
  • It has two large plants within the Surat district and city limits, in the areas of Jolwa and Vareli.
  • Established in 1945, STML is one of the biggest institutions in the state. This company trades on the BSE and is one of the most profitable manufacturing companies in the state.
  • The main products that STML specialises in are spindles containing polyester yarn, viscose yarn, and fabric.
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#07 Anubha Industries - High-End Sustainable Fabric and Textiles

  • Anubha Industries is a textile mill based in Surat that specialises in producing modern fabric like denim, khakis, etc.
  • Their ethos is sustainability and they are one of the most eco-friendly manufacturing outfits in the state.
  • Anubha has more than 30 years of experience in this sector and it has made quite a name for itself over the years.
  • Using the fabric technology of Toyota and Morrison, Anubha Industries produces 4 to 5 kinds of denim.
  • They work with organic fabrics such as hemp, cotton, etc. to come up with their products.

#08 Vishwakarma Steel Fabrication - Steel and Metal of High Quality

  • Established in 1989, VSF is one of the oldest steel fabrication factories in Surat.
  • They have an extensive portfolio of specialised steel products, such as staircases, gates, tables, etc.
  • With the use of stainless steel and iron, VSF will be able to provide clients with products curated for their unique needs.
  • Despite being a relatively small outfit, VSF has managed to do decent business in the city over the past 30 years.
  • They also have a small but well-assembled team of engineers, quality analysts, technicians, skilled laborers, and marketing experts.

#09 Tulsi Paper Mills Private Limited - Paper and Office Supplies

  • TPMPL is a paper mill based in Surat that specialises in producing high-quality bond paper by recycling waste paper.
  • The company has various qualities of recycled paper on offer, ranging from standard copy paper to high-quality bond paper with a higher GSM.
  • Apart from paper, the company also produces paperboard, which is highly useful in manufacturing industries.
  • It has a maximum capacity of 82500 metric tons, making it one of the most efficient paper mills in Gujarat.
  • Its two main products are gray back duplex board and white back board.

#10 Blue Moon Machines and Manufacturing - Engineering and Boiler Experts

  • Industries require the right infrastructure to be productive, and Blue Moon is a Surat-based institution that provides companies with the technology that they need.
  • As one of the largest engineering solutions and manufacturing companies in Surat, they specialise in boilers, yarn technology, fabric processing, chemical industries, and polyester production units.
  • Blue Moon was established in 1968, making it one of the oldest companies in the business.
  • Some of their most illustrious clients include the Damodar Threads, National Textile Corporation, etc. Their boiler and chemical sectors are used by Essar Steel.


Up These have been the 10 top manufacturing companies in Surat that have been operating for a very long time. Over the years, they have made a sizeable contribution to the economy of the city as well as the state. Their accounts and books are all managed with the help of powerful accounts and inventory management systems like OKCredit.

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Q. Why is Surat also called the diamond city?

Ans. Surat is home to some of the largest diamond polishing and processing industries in the world. As a result, it is also referred to as the diamond city of India.

Q. Why is Surat well-known as a major industrial hub?

Ans. Apart from diamonds, Surat has also been a centre for textiles, steel, paper, and other industries. Due to its proximity to the sea, Surat has always been an industrial hub.

Q. Which are the biggest industries in Surat?

Ans. Surat’s biggest and most profitable industry is diamond and gemstone processing. Apart from that, the city has done very well recently due to the industries of textiles, steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and paper.

Q. Are all these manufacturing companies in Surat certified?

Ans. All of the companies listed in this blog have been certified by governmental and NGO agencies. Many of them have also received the pertinent ISO standardisation certifications they need to operate.

Q. Why is Surat such an important city in 2021?

Ans. Surat is one of the fastest growing economies in the country. According to a report, the GDP of the city will grow by 9.2% annually from 2019 to 2035.

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