Top Chemical Companies in Ankleshwar [Top Companies]

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Top Chemical Companies in Ankleshwar [Top Companies]

A lot of new factories are setting up here, contributing to the town’s growth, both financially and physically. An additional benefit is the proximity to Ahmedabad and Mumbai, making it an ideal place for people searching for livelihood. Good connectivity also ensures easy transportation of finished goods outside and procurement of raw materials.

Owing to its popularity in chemical companies, here is a list of top chemical companies at Ankleshwar.

1. Tatva Chintan Pharma chemicals Ltd:

Tatva Chintan Pharma Chemicals is led by a trio partnership with Chintan Shah, Ajay Patel, and Shekhar Somani, having over 24 years of experience in this specialty. They have a strong, established business network with Indian and overseas clients.

About the company

The company deals in a diverse chemicals portfolio consisting of structure-directing agents, phase transfer catalysts, salts for electrolytes, batteries, and agrochemicals. It is one of the largest manufacturers of structure-directing agents currently in the country and ranked second on the world list. Their product may be one, but it has a varied application in multiple areas. Such as the structure-directing agents have a key role in focusing on environmentally sustainable processes. The company serves its products for other companies as raw materials such as paints, dyes, chemical pigments, and fragrance industries.

2. Vihita Chemicals private Ltd:

Vihita Chemicals Private Limited started its journey 30 years ago and has emerged as a leading manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical agents.

About the company

A small-scale industry started in the year 1990 has become a manufacturer and exporter with over 200 employees in their team. Under the leadership of Mr. Vital M. Patel, its managing director, the company has bagged many awards for their meticulous work and active realisation of corporate social responsibility. Mr. Vita Patel has also been awarded for the environment impact initiative by Healthcare.

3. Kanoria Chemicals and Industries Ltd:

Kanoria Chemicals and industries has its business running in mainly four areas of renewable energy, chemical manufacturing, automotive and industrial electronics, and textiles.

About the company

With three simultaneous running companies — one at Ankleshwar Gujarat manufactures alcohol-based intermediates and another at Visakhapatnam & Naidupeta Andhra Pradesh. The first manufactures Formaldehyde, Hexamine, and Phenolic Resins; while only Formaldehyde at the later one. All three facilities have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications. The company has received the Indian Chemicals Manufacturers Association (ICMA) Award for Water Resource Management in Chemical Industry.

4. Jackson chemical industries:

They established a chemical company in Ankleshwar in the year 1992. Since their beginning, they started manufacturing with dyes intermediates.

About the company

Their main products are para Amino azo benzene-4 sulphonic acid and have become the largest producer of the same in India. Led by Mr. Rajubahi Patel, who has specialised in the dyes and intermediates from the renowned institute UCIT, Mumbai has been a pillar of support for more than 2 decades of service to the company.

5. Ram dev chemical industries:

Started in the year 1995, the chemical pigments manufactured at this chemical company in Ankleshwar are bright and clean Phthalocyanine Pigments.

About the company

The paints are used as automotive paints, industrial paints, cement paints, drying enamels, stoving paints, acrylic paints. Also, it is used in making emulsion paste for printing under textiles.

These pigments have a very soft texture. The technical properties that set these pigments apart from others are light, weather, heat, as well as chemicals & solvent fastness. A high dispersing property makes them suitable for inks used for newspaper printing, magazines, web offset, UV screens, and flexes.

Researcher with glass laboratory chemical test tubes with liquid for analytical , medical, pharmaceutical

6. Harihar chemical industry:

The company started in 2006 and has four main divisions of chemical manufacturing. They manufacture dyestuff, Pharmaceuticals Intermediates, Packaging, and Import & Export.

About the company

The Harihar chemical industry is growing in more than 16 countries. An ice- plant at their manufacturing plant enables them to constantly improve product quality. The company can produce 900 MT of material daily with the help of 4 MOJJ sprays installed. All installed vessels are made of stainless steel, and they follow strict quality checks before approval.

7. Atul chemicals Limited:

The inception of Atul Ltd was around 74 years ago. They have consumer statistics of around 4000 consumers belonging to 30 industries and spread across 90 countries. Their par excellence growth is attributed to their 3000 plus employees.

About the company

They have over 900 products and 400 formulations. There are two reporting segments: Life Science Chemicals and Performance and Other Chemicals.

8. Ambica chemical industries:

Ambica Chemical industries were established in the year 1989 with a mere 20 employees.

About the company

There is only one production unit, and it has a warehousing facility. The primary advantages of this chemical company are having a spacious warehouse, having multiple payment options provided, them providing quality packaging for their products, and timely delivery of their consignments. Their product range consists of Nebivolol HCL and Levocetirizine Di HCL.

9. Zandu Chemicals Limited:

ZCL, or Zandu Chemicals Limited, as it was formerly known as, is a regulatory compliant chemical company in Ankleshwar. The company accords top priority for quality and EHS & S norms.

About the company

They deliver a broad range of advanced intermediates and active ingredients spread across the globe with an estimated revenue of 90%. More than 50 % of their revenue is generated from their patent. The setup is a strategic and preferred supplier to global generic pharma companies.

10. Meridian Chem-Bond Limited:

The Meridian Chem- Bond Pvt. Limited was conceived by leading industrialist Mr. Anil Jain in 1997. The company aimed at producing monochloroacetic acid and its derivatives because of supplying to the Agrochemicals, Pharma companies, Bulk Drugs production, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and many more.

About the company

The company is the largest manufacturer of Monochloro Acetic Acid and its derivatives. With 3 running units, it has around 200 employees, and it is spread in an area of 50000 sq. meters. The company owns inventories, production centers, R&D, quality centers, laboratory, packaging division, maintenance, and finished goods warehouse. It is one of the key suppliers to many global companies with a production capacity of 24000 tons when all three units are put together.


Ankaleshwar has slowly grown into a hub of chemical factories. This small town is well-connected with railways and roads. Recognised as one of the most growing industrial towns in the country, it falls under Bharuch district, Gujarat.

Factories at Ankleshwar are equipped with high-quality machinery and sophisticated tools making the companies ready for future demands of chemicals and dyes. New testing machines are ensuring the best quality chemicals to the vendors. These Chemicals factories have also been equipped with proper disposal of waste mechanisms.

Also, the Ankleshwar railway station is located at the intersection of NH8 and the station road, which makes it more accessible from all sides of the city. The Bus stand is also situated on the station road in the western section. Furthermore, the proposed airport at Ankleshwar will soon be a reality.

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Ans. Chemical industries naturally flocked towards Ankleshwar because of its strategic connectivity and supportive legal system from the state government. It has a suitable and conducive climate all year round. Clear and sound legal laws with a supportive state government make it all the more easier.

Q. How many chemical companies are in Ankleshwar now?

Ans. From more than 2000 established industries at Ankleshwar, there are over 1500 different chemicals producing companies in Ankleshwar. These include paints, dyes, pigments, inks, and pesticides.

Q. Chemicals produced at chemical companies in Ankleshwar are used for?

Ans. The chemicals produced in these companies mainly cater to pesticides, herbicides, food and beverages, paints, dyes, and other pigments. These are then used as raw materials for other products.

Q. What is a heavy chemical industry?

Ans. Industries that manufacture chemical products for leather, paper ink, paints, textiles, varnishes, and medicines are called heavy chemical industries.

Q. What are the types of the chemical industry?

Ans. There are many sub-segments of chemical industries, namely, Chemical Wholesaling Industry, Organic Chemicals Industry, Inorganic Chemicals Industry, Fertiliser Manufacturing Industry, Pesticide Manufacturing Industry, Soap & Cleaning Compound Manufacturing Industry, Chemical Product Manufacturing Industry, Dye & Pigment Manufacturing Industry.

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