Top Chemical Companies in Vadodara - Leading Manufacturers [2022]

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Top Chemical Companies in Vadodara - Leading Manufacturers [2022]

A culturally and historically important city in Gujarat, Vadodara, was Baroda. People of diverse ethnicities live in Vadodara, Gujarat's third-largest city. It is well connected by road and air transport networks, which has led to increased employment over the last few years and helped promote overall development. Many investors opened their manufacturing units here due to the availability of raw materials and skilled labour.

All of the company's products go through extensive testing and evaluation to ensure that they are safe to use and will not harm people. A reasonable price is also offered on their chemical products, so everyone can afford them. Moreover, the companies also export their chemical products to foreign countries, and their demand has been on the rise ever since.

Top Chemical Companies in Vadodara

Among the top ten chemical companies in Vadodara, we will show you the ones with positive customer feedback and are on the trend today.

1. Simalin Chemicals

Under the technical collaboration of Chematur, Sweden, Simalin Chemical Industries was established in the year 1973. Besides Vadodara, this company also has offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Delhi. This chemical company is famous for its methanol production as methanol is widely distributed throughout India's chemical hubs. Simalin Chemicals was able to generate a name for themselves quickly.

2. Comed Chemicals

This company was founded in 1986 and offered a variety of chemicals in the pharmaceutical and medicine fields. More than 7 million gelatin capsules are produced by this company every day. The majority are exported abroad. They manufacture EHG capsules among the top 5 manufacturers in India. In addition to serving over 250 clients every day, they manufacture pharmaceutical products and chemical products according to the highest standards.

3. DACL (Diamines and Chemicals Limited)

DACL's production of different ethyl amines has created not just unique products but has also been a pioneer in developing the market for these products. By producing ethyl amines, a rarely made compound worldwide, the company has established its presence in the market and is successfully catering to the needs of many industries.

The company philosophy is to provide total customer satisfaction. A commitment to providing quality products and services has led to the company becoming a major supplier of Ethyleneamines. The company offers a variety of packaging options that suit the customer's needs, from 25 kg fibre drums to customised packaging to bulk packaging in ISO containers.

4. PAT Impex

Its products are used by hospitals, poultry farms, pharmaceutical companies, the oil and gas industry, and dairy companies. It is also an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company that takes pride in only top-quality products in the markets. Since its inception in 2009, the majority of the company's products have been used in all states of India and exported overseas.

5. Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Limited

Chemcon boasts itself as one of India's largest manufacturers of calcium bromide. A trustworthy name in the pharmaceutical industry catering to significant manufacturers of different APIs and worldwide for over two decades, this company manufactures calcium bromide, sodium bromide, and zinc bromide for significant oil and gas companies worldwide.

Hexamethyldisilazane is the most extensive product produced in India that is meant to fulfil the needs of the market in India. Understanding the needs of the silane industry, they provide products with complete customisation to suit specific application requirements.

6. Gujarat State Fertilisers And Chemicals Limited

A wide range of chemical products is produced by this company, which began working in 1962. Many of their major industrial products are in high demand today, such as anhydrous ammonia, nylon 6, oleum, and others. In addition to Sulphur-based products, they also offer numerous other products required during the application of fertilisers.

7. Transpek – Silox Industry Private Limited

In this company, chemicals that have a wide range of applications such as textiles, paints, coatings, ceramics, and personal care are produced.

Their primary products are sodium formaldehyde sulphoxylate (SafoliteTM) and zinc formaldehyde sulphoxylate (SafolinTM), which are in high demand worldwide. In addition, they manufacture zinc oxide, zinc dust, and other products related to zinc.

8. Western Chemical

Western Chemical has been a trendsetter in the established and upcoming industries by portraying the best examples of modern technology and expertise. WCC has been satisfying its customers internationally since the early old days when flying was still a luxury. It is one of the only companies to manufacture and supply High Grade Activated Carbon & its Products internationally at affordable prices.

9. Vitarag Chemicals

A leading chemical manufacturing company in Vadodara was established in 2006. A large part of its market value comes from its casting cleaners and two-in-one chemicals. One of the best products of this company, the RLN 27 DE rusting, is essential for factories and industries. This company also produces paint chemicals that meet exceptionally high safety standards.

10. Monachem

Founded in 2000, Monachem LLP produces over 1,000 speciality chemicals from more than 100 chemical factories in India and offers innovative sourcing services in over 35 countries. A company specialising in speciality chemicals, Monachem LLP, provides chemical contracting and sourcing services.

The company provides global buyers with sourcing services and a wide range of speciality chemicals made in India, primarily by small and medium-sized chemical manufacturers.

A wide range of speciality chemicals is available from the company located in India.

Providing a one-stop service for speciality chemicals in India to global buyers, Monachem LLP works with international buyers.

11. Best Value Chem Pvt Ltd.

The company offers a variety of products required for the effective treatment of water and has been highly respected in that industry. The chemical products they manufacture are high in quality and content, and they are essential to our daily lives.

12. Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Limited (GACL)

The company produces 1087 TDP of Caustic soda, making it one of the largest producers in India. Chlorinated paraffin, benzyl alcohol, and several other particular chlorine derivatives are currently in high demand.

13. Pkchlorochem

The unique part about this company is that it also handles logistics support and owns a fleet of trucks and storage facilities. PKCPL has a strong balance sheet and adequate banking facilities for the benefit of consumers across the length and breadth of the country.PKCPL offers a complete line of industrial chemicals and speciality chemicals.

PKCPL has the infrastructure to meet customer deadlines while maintaining high-quality services. It offers material management and logistics services that are value-added. They are also affiliated with many NGOs and Voluntary Organisations.

14. Kadillac

In the heart of Vadodara, Kadillac has a well-built production facility with technically advanced machines, well-equipped testing and sampling facilities, an R & D unit, a packaging unit, a warehouse, etc. A team of experienced professionals oversees the facility, possessing sound knowledge and skills of all involved processes. Investments in developing resources help them sustain higher levels of productivity in production.

The company maintains a large warehouse that is well-equipped and spacious. Maintaining inventory with efficiency is made easier with a well-designed Warehouse Management System. In addition, their ability to store our products in bulk quantities ensures that all consignments are delivered promptly to all their clients.

With some of the top chemical companies in Vadodara, Vadodara takes pride in building a better ecosystem for industry players to establish themselves. It encourages new entrants to enter the market. We hope you found our list exhaustive and knowledgeable at the end.

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Q. What kind of chemicals are manufactured in Vadodara?

Ans. Chemical manufacturers use lubricants, food and drinks, paints and coatings, leather, oils, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.

Q. Where do the chemical manufacturers in Vadodara get their raw materials from?

Ans. Fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, oil), limestone, sulfur, air, water, salt, and various specialised raw materials cover the majority of their raw material requirements.

Q. What is the chemical that is most in-demand in India?

Ans. India showcases a strong need for acyclic alcohol. Many chemical companies in Vadodara focus on the production of the chemical.

Q. Why chemical industry requires credit to perform?

Ans. Chemical industries require material on a credit basis to maintain their input-output flow. Even business people buying chemicals deal in bulk quantities and rely on credit for the same.

Q. Is Chemical Industry in Vadodara profitable?

Ans. Yes, the chemical industry in Vadodara and all over India is a profitable affair. Even some of the companies present in Vadodara export their chemicals internationally.

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