Top Chemical Companies in Bharuch [Detailed List]

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Top Chemical Companies in Bharuch [Detailed List]

Chemical companies in Bharuch form the largest cluster of chemical industries in India. With over 730 MSMEs manufacturing a variety of chemicals, the production units mainly comprise dyes and pigments, pharma, and pesticides.

Chemicals have become an essential part of our lifestyle, from detergents to artificial fabrics to paints and agricultural products. People use a range of chemicals in their everyday lives, leading to substantial growth in the global chemical industry. The Indian chemical industry accounts for over 80,000 diverse commercial products.

Bharuch is the Chemical Capital of India

The location and availability of raw materials influence the production capacity of any chemical industry. Bharuch's proximity to Narmada makes it easier to establish chemical plants and factories. It is a heavily industrialised area with chemical plants for textiles, fertilisers, paints, dyes, and dairy products.

Also, the production cost of chemicals is largely affected by labour costs. The average number of daily workers for small and medium units is 44995, and for medium and large units, it is 33393. With over 16524 registered units, Bharuch is often called the chemical capital of India.

Bharuch is primarily known for textile and dye chemicals.

It is a major textile manufacturing hub known for its traditional clothing design, Bandhani. Moreover, it supplies the globally famous Bafta cloth to several parts, mostly Europe.

India owns 16% of the global production of dyes and dye intermediates. With that said, 67% of MSMEs in Bharuch produce dyes and pigments. Moreover, the Ankleshwar cluster of chemical companies in Bharuch has 100 to 1000 tonnes per annum.

Raw materials and diversification of chemical companies in Bharuch

Chemical manufacturing companies use air, water, limestone, sulphur, and fossil fuels. A majority of these raw materials are available in Bharuch, Gujarat. Natural gas, electricity, and firewood are the main fuels used in the Bharuch chemical companies.

They are converted into petrochemicals, agrochemicals, organic and inorganic industrial chemicals, polymers, fragrances, and ceramic products. Although these products can be used directly, manufacturing companies use such chemicals to produce other items. Many chemical commercial items are brought in for processing in Bharuch, if not for manufacturing.

India is the fourth-largest producer of agrochemicals globally and the third-largest consumer of polymers. As per the Entrepreneurial Memorandum 1988–2011, Bharuch witnessed an investment of INR 1,03,788.64 lacs in sectors including chemicals, petrochemicals, metallurgical, drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Best chemical companies in Bharuch that are doing well

The diversification of chemical companies in Bharuch makes it a formidable industrial hub for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Annually, 20-30% of the increase in small scale industries and 10% in large-scale industries in this district provide a steady growth chart. For a detailed glimpse into the thriving chemical industry, the best chemical companies in Bharuch are here.

1. Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilisers & Chemicals Limited

Established in 1976 on May 10, it is a publicly listed fertiliser and chemical manufacturing company in Gujarat. The company has seven directors, and Mamta Verma directs 11 companies. This company is connected to 29 other companies through its directors. For the financial year 2021, its operating revenue range is over 500 cr with a 14.56% increase in net worth.

GNFC is among the top chemical companies in Bharuch; it mainly deals with fertilisers that align with their progressive vision. Starting fertiliser manufacturing in 1982, it has become one of the largest single-stream ammonia-urea complexes. They have plans for expansion in related areas for diversification.

  • Revenue: over INR 500 cr
  • Type: Petrochemicals
  • Products and services: Ammonium nitro phosphate, urea, petrochemicals, commercial lab testing, tissue culture, soil water analysis, IT.
  • Address: P.O.: Narmadanagar – 392 015. District: Bharuch, Gujarat, INDIA

2. Apex Agro Industries

One of the leading manufacturers of plant-based fertilisers in Bharuch, Apex Agro, came into existence in 2012. It is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:20004 certified, and GMP approved company. They manufacture a variety of organic fertilisers, ranging from soil conditioners and water-soluble fertilisers to npk fertilisers and plant stimulators.

The rigorous testing of agro and plastic products adhering to quality standards makes them a trustworthy source for premium fertilisers. The company takes an eco-friendly approach by producing an organic range of agrochemicals.

  • Revenue: INR 2-5 cr
  • Type: Agrochemicals
  • Products and services: Bio Fungicides, Organic pesticides, Micronutrient fertilisers, Chelated fertilisers, Bio miticides seaweed-based fertilisers, Granulated fertilisers, and sulphur-based products
  • Address: Apex Agro Industries. Plot No. 140, Behind Atithi Resort, Chawaj, Railway Phatak, Bharuch, Gujarat 392001
chemical lab during experiment with periodic table of elements

3. Solvay Specialities India Pvt Ltd

Solvay is a multi-speciality science company that leverages technology to improve lives. It delivers chemicals, materials, and innovative solutions while contributing towards a safe, sustainable future. The company caters to the aerospace, electronics, consumer goods, food industry, building, batteries, healthcare, environmental and energy, and industrial applications markets.

Solvay is a leading chemical manufacturer in Bharuch and spans over 64 countries with 23000+ employees. It offers various products and solutions to SMEs and entrepreneurs across different industries. Polymers, phenols, peroxides, surfactants, solvents, and metal derivatives are a few.

  • Revenue: Over INR 500 cr
  • Type: Diverse
  • Products and services: Mining chemicals, antioxidants and stabilisers, lithium derivatives, process materials, solvents, polymers, and more.
  • Address: 3526-27, GIDC, Panoli Industrial Estate, Bharuch - 394116

4. ZCL Chemicals Limited

ZCL Chemicals Limited is one of the most successful chemical companies in pharmaceuticals in Bharuch. Established in 1991, the company specialises in niche therapeutic areas. It manufactures and exports active pharma ingredients, advanced drugs, and intermediates. To unlock the growth potential of controlled substances, they have partnered on projects requiring complex chemistry and technology.

Narcotic APIs like Methadone, Methylphenidate, Alfentanil, and advanced intermediates and derivatives are their major commercial products. Their specialisation includes CNS segments such as ADHD, pain management, anti-vertigo, anti-inflammatory, and more.

  • Revenue: INR 100-500 Cr
  • Type: Pharmaceuticals
  • Products and services: Drug and drug intermediates, narcotic and CNS advanced derivatives
  • Address: Plot no. 3102/B, G.I.D.C, Ankleshwar 393 002, Dist. Bharuch, Gujarat, India

5. Ramdev Chemical Industries

Incorporated in 1991, Ramdev Chemical Industries is among the top pigment manufacturers in Bharuch. It specialises in phthalocyanine blue and green pigments and dye pigments. The company is primarily known for its Ramafast pigments for printing inks, paints and coatings, and plastics.

The company is environment-centric as they have their effluent treatment plant. Measuring the health and safety of the environment is their prime concern when making business decisions.

  • Revenue: Authorised capital of INR 50 lacs
  • Type: Pigments and paint chemicals
  • Products and services: Phthalocyanine Pigment Blues and Green-7, Indian inks, paints and plastic chemicals
  • Address: Plot No. 3441/B, G.I.D.C Estate, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393002

Final word: Opportunities in Bharuch chemical industry

The chemical industry in Bharuch is expanding with demand for diverse chemical products in both national and international markets. Setting up environmentally friendly industrial units is of utmost importance in the district; thus, opportunities for sustainable business ideas are welcome.

Moreover, entrepreneurs and investors can leverage the growth potential of the chemical industry with the Bharuch manufacturing sector. The global market provides opportunities for SMEs and MSMEs.

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When looking for leading chemical companies in Bharuch, one cannot miss a few frequently asked questions.

Q. What are the raw materials for chemical companies in Bharuch?

Ans. As an industrial hub, Bharuch gets an unfair advantage due to its location. River Narmada on its East and proximity to Dahej port facilitate raw materials supply. Water, sulphur, air, salt, limestone, and fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas are the most useful raw materials for the chemical manufacturing sector of Bharuch.

Q. What niches do chemical manufacturers in Bharuch cater to?

Ans. Chemical manufacturers in Bharuch specialise in agrochemicals, petrochemicals, dyes, textile chemicals, polymers and pharmaceuticals. Thus, the niche-specific industries that Bharuch caters to include lubricants, food and beverages, adhesives, paint and coating, textiles, leather, and pharma.

Q. How to start a chemical business in Bharuch?

Ans. To start the chemical business, one must first decide what type of business they want to start: manufacturing, processing, export, raw material supply, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Planning and research are crucial as they help locate where the business will stand in the next few years and what risks are involved. Look for market, competition, and collaboration opportunities for diversification. Following permits and licences are digital marketing to leverage an online audience.

Q. Which commercial products should small businesses in the chemical industry focus on?

Ans. Small businesses in the chemical industry deal with end products. They sell it to the consumers directly. The products range from cosmetics, cleaning detergents, paints and dyes to automobile essentials and electronic gadgets.

Q. What are the major categories in the chemical industry?

Ans. On a basic level, the chemical industrial sector is divided into speciality chemicals, life sciences, and consumer products. Adhesives, sealants, industrial cleaning chemicals, etc., come under speciality chemicals. Vitamins, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, etc., are examples of life sciences chemicals. Consumer products include everything from dyes detergents to plasticisers, and cosmetics, to name a few.

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