Garden Pipe Manufacturers in India [5 Best Manufacturers]

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Garden Pipe Manufacturers in India [5 Best Manufacturers]

The garden pipe is a simple yet useful tool that gardeners should have in their gardening equipment. Not only does it make watering the plants easier, but a good quality garden hose can be used for more than just your gardening needs. You can also use this product to wash your vehicle, give the driveway a good clean, etc.—tasks that are impossible without a pipe. Almost every household in India has at least one reliable garden pipe, and you should pick one too.

Given the many garden pipe manufacturers in India, you will have access to a wide range of options as a consumer. The biggest question is, which pipe would best suit my needs. In other words, which garden pipe can take care of my needs consistently. To answer this question, multiple factors must be considered. From the material of the garden pipe to its length, garden pipe manufacturers in India produce a variety of pipes.

Here are a couple of important things to look out for when purchasing a garden pipe:

1. Purchasing Intention and Purpose

A budding gardener requires a garden pipe. But there are other important reasons to own one—renovating or constructing new areas in your house will require pipes for cleaning and treating cement used to lay bricks (a method used in conventional Indian infrastructure). Maybe washing your car with a mug and bucket of water just doesn’t cut it anymore, and using a garden pipe makes a lot more sense.

2. The Right Size for you

A pipe that’s too long may be unnecessary, causing the pipe to bend at multiple points. This can lead to water flow disruptions and might clog your pipe. A pipe too short will be a nuisance, and you will find the pipe falling short while gardening or cleaning. Make it a point to understand how many units (meters, preferably) you will need using a measuring tape.

3. Quality Check: Things to Look Out For

Finding garden pipes made of quality materials ensures long-lasting products. Pipes tend to get soft and sticky during the summers, making it harder to use them. They also tend to crack, causing leakages. A good garden pipe can be identified by its weight. It should weigh just right to carry around effortlessly. Over time, hoses tend to get brittle and break easily due to wear and tear along with constant exposure to the sun. This disadvantage is more prominent with rubber hoses. Therefore, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) garden pipes are becoming popular.

Here are some of the top garden pipe manufacturers in India:


Manufacturer Name


Established Year

Annual Turnover


Almighty Exports

Almighty Exports

Plot No.G-2155, Road 1 H, Gate No.3 - Kishan Gate, Near Galaxy Stamping, Lodhika GIDC, Metoda, Rajkot - 360021, Gujarat, India

Contact Number: +91-8048762078


10-20 Crore


Laxmo Polyflex Industries

Laxmo Polyflex Industries

Plot No. G-1935/3, Gate No.: 2, Almighty Gate Main Road, GIDC Metoda., Rajkot - 360021, Gujarat, India


10-25 Crore


Darshan Industries

Darshan IndustriesPlot No. 2213/B, Kranti Gate, G. I. D. C., Metoda, Rajkot-360021, Gujarat, India 


2-5 Crore


Mitras Technology

805, Crown Heights, Hotel Crowne Plaza Complex Sector 10, Rohini, New Delhi- 110085, Delhi, India


10-25 Crore


Tubeline Polymers

Tubeline PolymersShed No. 4 & 5, Mini Industrial Estate, Water Tank, Malipuram, Kochi, Ernakulam-682511, Kerala, India 


1-2 Crore

1. Almighty Exports

A trusted company for PVC fittings and parts for almost 10+ years, they manufacture products such as flexible hoses and hose fittings. They have built a solid customer base. Almighty Exports manufacture and export products. With a company strength of approximately 40 employees, Almighty Exports is proactive—it is one of their core values. Started by childhood friends Mr. Ruchit Makadie and Mr. Tejas Virparia in 2016, this is an agricultural equipment manufacturing venture. Quality assurance is another key feature of this company. The flexible PVC products produced are in line with IS15265 Standards of High Quality. Some of their popular PVC products include Suction Hoses, Flexible Pipes, and Flexible PVC Hoses. The high-grade material used to manufacture these pipes using advanced technology is built to withstand long hours of wear and tear. With a high melting point, the chances of corrosion due to heat and environmental exposure are minimal. As one of the top garden pipe manufacturers in India, Almighty Exports also produces PVC air hoses. They have recently expanded their operations through a new factory acquisition in Lodhika GIDC, District of Rajkot.

2. Laxmo Polyflex Industries

CEO Mr. Ashwin Ghedia leads Laxmo Polyflex, a company that manufactures and exports PVC pipes. The Laxmo teams are experts in engineering, designing, quality auditing, and warehousing. Their expertise in the agricultural field is unparalleled, with almost 35 years in this industry. To Raise Efficiency & Prosperity Of People With Gratification By Providing Quality Solutions’ is their motto. This small company of under 25 people strives to maintain quality and ensure customer satisfaction. They are on the list of the best garden pipe manufacturers in India. Nepal is a major country to which they export.

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3. Darshan Industries

One of the largest plastic producers in the world, this company was founded in 2013. They are primarily exporters, with South Africa and Dubai being their top countries. PVC manufacturing takes place in their factories in Gujarat and undergoes multiple quality tests before being sold in retail. Product distribution is also handled by the company. Darshan Industries keeps its prices very competitive, making it one of the leading garden pipe manufacturers in India. With a humble 5 crore turnover per year, this company of 11+ employees is led by Mr. Raj Patel.

Plastic hose-pipe in the garden in front flowers

4. Mitras Technology

Named after and founded by Mr. Anil Mitra, this company was started with only a few people. Their employee headcount is nearly 100 today, all instrumental in building the company’s brand. Mitras Technology proudly functions as an exporter, wholesaler, retailer, supplier, service provider, distributor, and trader. Not only do they manufacture PVC garden pipes and hoses, but they also deal in high-pressure appliances, fire safety equipment, compressed air equipment, etc. This diverse company offers diverse products. Their impeccable reputation in the market is solely due to the processes involved in quality assurance and material integrity.

5. Tubeline Polymers

Tubeline Polymers is headed by Mr. Edward Mathew, who has been monitoring and mentoring the company since its inception in 2011. They strictly deal only in manufacturing, with a quality-conscious approach and low departmentalisation. As a small group of employees, they ensure transparency in their business affairs. They manufacture high-quality PVC garden hoses, diesel pipes, and braided hose pipes (built for more durability).

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Q. What are the types of garden pipes available in India?

Ans. Flexible PVC pipes, braided hose pipes, garden hose pipes, flat hose pipes, and nylon braided hose pipes are the most popular pipes in the market.

Q. What is considered ‘good quality’ among garden pipes?

Ans. The diameter of pipes should be large enough to enable higher water flow. A thick pipe will ensure fewer cracks and tears. The material should be robust and show no signs of breakage. Braided pipes are considered more durable.

Q. Where can we find garden pipe manufacturers in India?

Ans. Indiamart, Amazon, and Flipkart have a good selection of garden pipes. You can also contact the manufacturers directly through email.

Q. How useful are garden pipes?

Ans. Garden pipes can be used for gardening, washing, construction, etc.

Q. Who are the best garden pipe manufacturers in India?

Ans. Some of the best garden pipe manufacturers in India are:

  • TubelIne Polymers
  • Almighty Exports
  • Mitras Technology
  • Laxmo Polyflex Industries
  • Darshan Industries
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