Bleaching Powder Manufacturers in India [5 Best Manufacturers]

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Bleaching Powder Manufacturers in India [5 Best Manufacturers]

Bleaching powder is a white powder that includes the odour of chlorine, calcium hydroxide. The formula is Ca(OCl)2. It is used to create bleach and disinfectant. As per the forecasts, the global bleaching powder market will rise considerably in the coming five years.

The top bleaching powder manufacturers in India are as follows:

1. Shree Chemical Industries

Shree Chemical Industries was established in 1980. It is one of the leading manufacturers of bleaching powder in India. It has been awarded with the certification of ISO 9001-2000 for the quality and system. A bleaching powder is a powder made of calcium hypochlorite. It is used as a chemical widely and is one of the most effective and strongest oxidising agents.

The company exercises the Mangalmurti Brand SBP, which is an ISI-marked quality control check. The company follows all the steps from procuring the material to the finished product. The properties of the product include -

  • Molecular weight – 143
  • Specific gravity – 2.35 at 200°C
  • Odour – Pungent
  • Physical state – Solid
  • Chemical Identity – CaO (CL2) – CAS No. 7778 – 54-3

2. Shreenathji Chemicals

Shreenathji Chemicals was established in 2013. The bleaching powder manufacturer is primarily a trader and wholesaler of high-quality industrial chemicals, dyeing chemicals, and food chemicals - all processed by the vendor's channel with optimum-grade compounds and advanced machines. The chemicals offered by them are used in various industries for several different purposes, such as purifying, colouring, and processing chemicals for industrial purposes. The company follows all the international quality standards to give the utmost customer satisfaction.

The company also provides all the chemicals to the clients in moist-proof and safe packaging options. It helps to avoid potential harmful reactions to the environment and other surroundings. All the elements are checked carefully by the quality controllers. The clients widely appreciate the chemicals in packaging, accurate composition, product quality, safe use, lack of odour, long shelf life, effectiveness, and efficient usages. The product details are as follows:

  • Molar mass – 142.98 g/mol
  • Form – powder
  • Density – 2.35 g/cm3
  • Purity
  • Used as a mordant in dyeing
  • Soluble in water
  • Precise pH value
  • Competitive pricing
  • Purity
  • Accurate composition
  • Reduces pH of soil
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3. Acuro Organics Limited

Acuro Organics Limited is a well-known manufacturer of bleaching powder in India. The company has been in the business for over 40 years and has accomplished extensive milestones over the years. It is one of the leading exporters and manufacturers of bleaching powder to government suppliers. The company has been awarded the ISO 9001, 18001 and 14001 certificates for their excellent quality. It also has an NSF certification. The company is committed to delivering high-quality products to its customers and offering the best customer service possible.

The products are available at an affordable price, and the powders are used to disinfect the swimming pool water or drinking water. The controllers of the quality in the company strictly supervise the manufacturing process to ensure the international quality standard.

The quality standard is formulated with the reaction of solids of calcium hydroxide with chlorine. The bleaching powder is a combination of basic chloride (CaCl2), H2O with slaked lime, and calcium hydrochloride Ca(OCl)2.

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4. Rajdoot Specialties Private Ltd.

Rajdoot Specialties Private Ltd. was established in 1997. The bleaching powder manufacturer is quite famous and is one of the leading traders, importers, exporters and wholesalers of sodium metabisulphite, calcium chloride, and more. All the chemicals are used safely and sent in moisture-proof packaging. Quality is one of the foremost aspects of the company. The company also has a 100% customer satisfaction rate. The products are extensively used by huge companies worldwide. The company also provides grade products of supreme quality to patrons.

Calcium hypochlorite is known as an inorganic compound. The formula is Ca (ClO). It is a mixture of calcium chloride and lime. The product details are as follows:

  • Formula – Ca (ClO) 2IUPAC
  • Soluble in water
  • Anions – calcium chloride
  • ID – Calcium hypochlorite
  • Density – 2.35 g/cm
  • Brand – Aditya Birla
  • Colour – White
  • Weight – 25 kgs
  • Molar mass – 142.98 g/ml
  • Minimum order quantity – 100 kg
  • Form – powder
  • Packing size – HDPE BAG
  • Grade – Min 34%, Min 32%, Min 33%, Min 35%, etc.
Pink scoop of white powder

5. Hare Krishna Alum and Chemicals

Hare Krishna Alum and Chemicals was established in 2006. The bleaching powder manufacturer has been famous for maintaining its high-quality standard over the years - the products are made with the finest quality of raw materials. They procure their raw material from trustworthy and reliable vendors. The company's products are inspected at every level to ensure the best quality. The inspection is done by an expert team, who supply and produce the best products in the market.

The main component of the bleaching powder is calcium hypochlorite, which is an inorganic compound. The formula is Ca(ClO)2. The main ingredients include chlorinated line, chlorine powder, and bleaching powder.

Bleaching powder does not dissolve in water. It is used for medium-hard water. It comes in two forms: hydrated (hydrous) and dry (anhydrous). The properties of the bleaching powder include:

  • Colour – White
  • Quality – Optimum
  • Purity – 97%
  • Applications – Organic chemistry, sanitation
  • Form – Powder
  • Grade – Min 34% - 35%

Bleaching Powder Manufacturers


Shree Chemical Industries


Gate No. 43,Ghosapuri,

Jalna Road, Beed 





Shreenathji Chemicals


No. 201, Antriksh Complex, Opposite Yash Complex, Gotri Road

Vadodara - 390021, Gujarat, India



Acuro Organics Limited


B-19, Sector-1, 

Noida - 201301, UP, India


+91 - 888 2 777 000


Rajdoot Specialties Private Ltd.


PS Qube Suite No 918, Newtown, Kolkata, North 24 Parganas-700161, West Bengal, India



Hare Krishna Alum and Chemicals


6-A-3, Bapu Nagar,

Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India - 311001





To conclude, we can say that bleaching powder is a mixture of calcium hydroxide and chlorine. It is a white powder, and its chemical formula is Ca(OCl)2. It is highly used in India to create bleach and disinfectant. However, it is essential to use the bleaching powder in the right way. Some of the bleaching manufacturers are mentioned above for you to look at if you want to buy bleaching powder as per your requirements.

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Q. What is bleaching powder?

Ans. Bleaching powder is a white powder that includes the odour of chlorine, calcium hydroxide. The formula is CaCl (OCl). 4 H2O. It is used to create bleach and disinfectant. As per the forecasts, the global bleaching powder market will rise considerably in the coming five years.

Q. What is the cost of 1 kg bleaching powder?

Ans. The cost of 1 kg bleaching powder varies from company to company. It also depends on the quality of the product. However, based on the company and quality, you can purchase the 1 kg bleaching powder for INR 350 to INR 1000. You can check the different chemicals used in the bleaching powder and select them as per your preferences and requirements.

Q. How is bleaching powder manufactured?

Ans. The bleaching powder is manufactured by the action of chlorine gas on dry slaked lime (Ca (OH)2 C a (OH) 2). The chlorine gas is produced from the process of Chlor-alkali.

Q. Is bleaching powder harmful?

Ans. Bleaching powder can act as a harmful agent. It kills most types of mildew, algae, bacteria, viruses, and moulds. It also lightens or whitens the colour of certain clothing materials. The household bleach usually contains 3-8% of sodium hypochlorite. It is not toxic for the skin but can irritate your skin if you have soft skin. It can also irritate the eyes, skin, and other body parts.

Q. Can we smell bleaching powder?

Ans. As described on the product label's instructions, the smell is not a major concern when properly working with the bleach. The human hose can smell and identify chlorine at .002 ppm. However, some of the irritation and health risks are there.

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