Top 10 Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in India

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Top 10 Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in India

Hydraulic cylinders are devices capable of converting fluid pressure energy into mechanical energy. They help produce linear motion and forces by using hydraulic liquid. These devices are also known as pneumatic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinders are used in various devices as actuators. The cylinders perform actions like turning motion, rotational motion in the form of pendulum actuators, and much more. Pneumatic cylinders are classified according to their actions, which might be single or double. A single-action hydraulic cylinder acts in one direction only as it is pressurised in a single direction. However, cylinders that are pressed in both directions create double actions, i.e., along the x and y axes.

Top companies manufacturing hydraulic cylinders are as follows:

Since several companies produce hydraulic cylinders in India, not everyone is the best. Hence, it would help if buy the cylinder from someone who knows the trade well to obtain a product that lasts longer and is affordable at the same time. But finding the ideal company for this purpose seems complicated; therefore, we’ve provided the information of some well-known companies in the field. They are trusted, reliable, and outstanding.

1. SANTEC Exim private limited:

Address: Plot number - 150, sec-08, Imt Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122051

It is an Indian firm that manufactures a wide range of hydraulic cylinders at competitive pricing. They manufacture telescopic jack cylinders known for their quality and performance. They are also certified by the ISO 9001-2000 from the UKAS and the U.K. Hence, they ensure superior quality. They provide cylinders whose bore diameter ranges from twenty-five millimetres to eleven hundred millimetres. The diameter measures range up to seven hundred bars. The stroke lengths of the cylinders are up to thirty. The cylinders are constructed with the help of welding, bolting, and a single piece, that is, non-welding methods.

2. Zenith hydromatic

Address: GIDC, Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

This firm manufactures a wide range of hydraulic cylinders, including single-ended hydraulic cylinders, telescopic cylinders, double-ended hydraulic cylinders, and tie hydraulic rod cylinders. They produce products with a vast difference in the stroke length, diameters, and pressure they can stand. Also, they have specialised in developing essentials related to hydraulics. If interested, you can request a call from them to get a quotation for the price.

3. Spareage hydro

Address: Number 58. Abhishek Industrial Estate, Girnar Scooter Compound, Ring Road, Odhav, Ahmedabad - 382415, Gujarat

It is a Gujarat-based firm that produces hydraulic cylinders in a wide range of specifications. Loader cylinders, ST52 Hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic press heavy-duty cylinders, tie hydraulic rod cylinders, welded cylinders, and hydraulic cylinders for lifting items are among the products available. They are well-known for offering long-lasting materials, simple installation, solid designs, and high-strength goods.

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4. Kangaroo hydraulics private limited

Address: plot no - G-1350, Opp. Meera Dairy products, Near accurate industries, Taluka Lodhika, Rajkot - 360021, Gujarat

This company is a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying numerous types of hydraulic cylinders like heavy-duty cylinders, flange-type hydraulic cylinders, industrial hydraulic cylinders, and stainless steel cylinders. They manufacture cylinders with a coating of zinc, which means they are galvanised, to protect them from rusting, thus, increasing the life expectancy. They are reliable and renowned for their quality and performance. They are also well-known for providing accurate dimensions.

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5. Swapnapoorti hydraulics

Address: shop no-2, Nitin Complex, Gulve Wasti, Bhosari, Pune - 411039, Maharashtra

It is a Maharashtra-based corporation founded in 2020, manufacturing and selling high-quality hydraulic cylinders and associated goods at reasonable prices. They provide single-end, double-end, tie-rod, and industrial hydraulic cylinders with a wide range of stroke length, diameter measure, and pressure it can withstand. They provide outstanding service and are popular for their designs.

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6. LEO engineers

Address: A1 923/4, GIDC, Makarpura, Nr. Vasu Pharma, Opp. Pakona Vadsar. P.C. - 390010, Vadodara, Gujarat

Established in 1997, this company is well-known for providing top-quality products and winning customers' trust. They produce products like different hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, and much more. They are authorised dealers in Gujarat and are trusted for their services. They also prepare special purpose machines, which makes them unique and allows the customers to get all the machines related to hydraulics in one place only.

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7. Vektra engineering

Address: 23-B, A M Gosh Road, Budge, Kolkata - 700137

This company has specialised in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders particularly for replacement purposes in industries and construction vehicles like cranes. Their products are being exported to numerous countries like Canada, Nigeria, Germany, Mauritania and many more. Hence they are reliable and known for their [performance and quality of products. They make products for companies like Caterpillar, Volvo, Hitachi, Komatsu and more. Hence they are extremely qualified in their job.

8. Jit Industries

Address: Sur no 20, Plot no - 17, Everest Industrial Zone, Opposite Poonam Dumper, Gondal Road, Vavdi, Rajkot - 360004, Gujarat

This company offers a variety of hydraulic cylinders ranging from telescopic to single action, double action, everything. They are performing as a lead member in providing the services in the area. They are also engaged in manufacturing, exporting, and making a wholesale trade for all the products they manufacture. The wide range of products includes hydraulic jacks, direction control valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic seals, and tractor-trailer accessories.

9. Tandem Hydraulics Private Limited

Address: Plot no -17, Street no. 4, Punjab Expeller Compound, Meerut Road Industrial Area, Ghaziabad - 201001, Uttar Pradesh

This company serves as a manufacturer and exporter of parts of numerous hydraulics. It includes products like hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power valves, control valves, hydraulic spool valves, directional control valves, and much more. It is a company based in Ghaziabad, U.P., and is performing as a leading company for the products it sells. Also, they are popular for the services they provide in terms of products and quality.

10. Shivangi Hydraulics

Address: Plot no - 163, Block-E, Sanjay Colony, Near water tank, Sector - 23, Faridabad - 121005, Haryana.

It is a company based in Haryana, known for selling, exporting and manufacturing a wide range of products. This company was established in 2010. It produces products like hydraulic cylinder parts, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic lifts and much more. The company’s performance is commendable, and it is renowned for providing durable, corrosion-proof, study, durable, easy-to-install products. It also trades spare parts of the crane. Hence, they are proven to be effective in the service they provide.


As a retailer or supplier, we know the use of the hydraulic cylinder and the need of securing the appropriate one on the first go. These products are expensive, and cannot be bought again and again. They have to be reliable, with assured quality and outstanding performance for a longer period. The hydraulic cylinders are used for numerous purposes like construction vehicles, industrial purposes and forestry purposes. They are needed in large quantities and for that, we have to make sure we are investing at the right place. Many companies discussed above are reliable and trusted by customers for their work. Hence, you should consider them. And if not then you should research and decide which type of cylinder is required to suffice your purpose.

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Q. What type of hydraulic cylinder is required?

Ans. You have to understand the environment in which the hydraulic cylinder is to be placed. As the environment plays a major role in deciding which type of cylinder is to be placed. The variations in the pressure can impact the working of the cylinder and its fatigue life. The pressure tends to rise and lower smoothly in the steady application. However, it can be magnanimous in cycle works.

Q. What are the applications of a hydraulic cylinder?

Ans. The pneumatic cylinder has a wide range of uses. They are suitable for both industrial and mobile applications. Hydraulic presses, cranes, forges, and packing machines are examples of industrial applications. Whereas mobile applications are the agricultural machinery, marine equipment and vehicles used in construction.

Q. What should be considered when purchasing a hydraulic cylinder?

Ans. When purchasing a cylinder, it is critical to evaluate the kind of cylinder, maximum operating pressure, bore diameter, stroke, and rod diameter. In which the term stroke refers to the distance travelled by the piston through the cylinder. A typical hydraulic cylinder comes with different stroke lengths, and the sizes of the strokes differ from a fraction of an inch to many feet. The maximum operating pressure refers to the maximum amount of pressure sustained by a cylinder. Bore diameter can be defined as the diameter of the bore of the cylinder. The rod diameter refers to the diameter of the piston that is fixed in a cylinder.

Q. What functions do the sensors perform?

Ans. The cylinders include numerous types of sensors. Different types of pressure sensors and position sensors can be used in hydraulic cylinders to detect cylinder fatigue. They also provide accurate information about the pressure inside the cylinder. With the position information, we can calculate the speed of the cylinder. However, with the help of a pressure sensor, we can get information about the force the cylinder can exhibit.

Q. What are the configurations for a typical hydraulic cylinder?

Ans. The measurements of any hydraulic cylinder depend largely on the stroke length, rod diameter, bore diameter. The variation in the value of stroke length can be up to a few centimetres to many metres. The bore diameter ranges from a few millimetres to up to two metres. Also, the rod diameter, also known as the piston rod diameter, has measurements ranging from 1.5 centimetres to more than 50 centimetres.

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