Ice Cream Manufacturers in India [Top Manufacturing Companies]

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Ice Cream Manufacturers in India [Top Manufacturing Companies]

On a warm summer afternoon, what else could be cooler than tasty ice cream? Ice cream is a form of dessert that no one can resist. With a range of innovative flavours, colours, textures, and types, India’s leading ice cream manufacturers have left no stone unturned when it comes to this irresistible dessert. Learn more about the offerings and stories behind the top ice cream manufacturers in India.

1. Amul – “Real milk. Real ice cream.”

Amul is perhaps the most recognised ice cream brand in India. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation owns this brand. One of the most iconic ice cream manufacturers of India, it uses foodstuff of the highest guaranteed quality. It is among the few companies that provide consumers with the authentic taste of camel milk in their ice cream. Each of Amul’s ingredients, including pigments, stabilisers, emulsifiers, and additions, is vegetarian.

  • Headquarter location: Anand
  • The range of ice cream includes:
  • Tri-cones
  • Tubs
  • Cups
  • Sticks
  • Camel Milk Medium Fat
  • Combo packs

2. Mother Dairy – “Happy Food Happy People”

The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), an Indian government body, owns the Mother Dairy label. Mother Dairy is India's biggest manufacturer of milk and milk-based products, with nationwide facilities. It is India's best inexpensive ice cream brand and among the most popular.

  • Headquarter location: Noida
  • The range of products includes:
  • Fruit, Indian, and continental flavours of ice cream
  • Mini Treats
  • Kulfis
  • Cassata
  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Fruit Licks

3. Vadilal – “Nothing but goodness.”

Vadilal Industries own this ice cream brand. Vadilal is rightfully regarded as the forefather of India's homegrown ice cream business. In 1907, Vadilal Gandhi, the company's founder, began making ice creams as a tiny soda maker. His successor expanded the company, making Vadilal one of the leading ice cream manufacturers in India. Offering over 200 different flavors, the brand focuses on developing ice cream to appease younger customers who enjoy experimenting with new flavours.

  • Headquarter location: Noida
  • The range of products includes:
  • Gourmet
  • Badabite
  • Flingo
  • Ice cream cakes
  • Kulfi

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4. Hindustan Unilever Brands – “A treat for every occasion.”

Hindustan Unilever Limited, a Dutch multinational corporation, is behind some of India’s most popular ice cream brands. The following well-known brands are under the same ice cream manufacturers in India:

  1. Cornetto: This specialised collection offers crispy wafers wrapped in iced chocolate and ice cream.
  2. Magnum: The Magnum luxury ice cream brand is part of the ‘Heartline’ ice cream range.
  3. Kwality Walls: Its one-of-a-kind flavour is popular practically everywhere. Kwality Walls’ ice cream has become accessible in over 40 countries.
  • Headquarter location: Mumbai
  • The range of ice cream includes:
  • Orange Mahabar
  • Lemon Blast, Cola Blast
  • Cloud Bite
  • Aamras
  • Mango Zap
  • Chocobar

5. Baskin Robbins – “Let’s take a ride in a world of scoops.”

Baskin Robbins began in India in 1993 as a partnership with the Graviss Group and was also previously known as America's worldwide ice cream company. The brand is notable for introducing items such as the caramel-flavoured ribbon ice cream, mousse-textured ice creams, and imaginative treats like the Polar Pizza Ice Cream Delight.

Baskin Robbins’ products are offered in hundreds of establishments throughout India. It is among the luxury ice cream manufacturers in India.

  • Headquarter Location: Mumbai
  • The range of products includes:
  • Ice cream scoops
  • Sundaes
  • Ice cream cakes
  • Thick shakes
  • Factory Sealed Homepacks
  • Freshly Scooped Homepacks
  • Twin Combo Packs
  • Gifting Packs

6. Creambell – “We eat all we can and sell the rest.”

Creambell is a joint project between Devyani Food Industries Ltd., India, and Candia, a French ice cream company. It provides a terrific selection of the creamiest ice cream varieties with a distinctive taste, just like the company label suggests. Creambell’s products are known for their top quality, delicious flavours, and nutrient content. It is regarded as India's fastest-growing ice cream franchise.

  • Headquarter location: New Delhi
  • Their ice cream collections include:
  • Fantasia
  • Royal Affair
  • Fun Twist
  • Sacch Mucch
  • Popular Affair

7. Arun – “Life's happy moments”

Hatsun Agro owns Arun, a popular ice cream manufacturer from South India. It is India's biggest private dairy enterprise, as well as Asia's fastest-growing dairy business and exporter. As quality ice cream manufacturers in India, Arun provides a wide range of ice cream bars featuring Indian sweet varieties and truly innovative flavours. While competing ice cream firms focused solely on cities, Arun chose to expand into suburban and eventually rural regions.

  • Headquarter location: Tamil Nadu
  • The range of products includes:
  • Ice cream bars
  • iBar Mini
  • iCones
  • Kaju Kismis
  • Rose Magic
  • Milk Fantasy
  • Cones

8. Havmor – “Goodness of pure milk in”

Satish Chona, a businessman from Karachi, founded Havmor in 1944. It has been a major player among the top ice cream manufacturers in India. Never skimping on customer satisfaction, Havmor offers ready-to-eat products like Strawberry Cheese Cake and over 160 different ice cream flavours like Pink Guava, Belgian Sensation, Caribbean Punch, Cookies and Cream, and Nutty Belgian Dark Chocolate. Lotte, a South Korean conglomerate, currently owns the property.

  • Headquarter location: Ahmedabad
  • The main ice cream flavour categories are:
  • Chocolate
  • Dry Fruits
  • Indian Traditional
  • Fruits
  • International


Even though India's ice cream business is strong, with top ice cream manufacturers in India producing superb varieties for prices starting at Rs. 10 per scoop or cup, per capita demand and consumption are low. However, the business is on the upswing. The market is positioned to include bigger companies and more inventive concepts as the customer base grows, personal wealth increases, and the tendency toward dining out grows. Nevertheless, the craving for ice cream remains the same for toddlers and seniors alike.

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Q. Which is the largest-selling ice cream manufacturer in the world?

Ans. Unilever is the undisputed largest ice cream distributor in the world. Unilever employs 149,000 people worldwide and is the world's largest ice cream maker. The corporation offers its products from over 400 premium brands in over 190 nations, with a foothold in 54 countries.

Ans. Vanilla ice cream is by far the most popular flavour in India. The fact that it goes well with any other ice cream, fruit, or other product is one of the reasons for its popularity. Chocolates, strawberries, and cookies and cream are close contenders.

Q. What is the volume of ice cream manufactured in India?

Ans. Surprisingly, India's per capita ice cream intake is now relatively low compared to growing global demand and when contrasted to the quantity of dairy India produces for the globe. India presently consumes 400 milliliters of ice cream per capita each year. In the fiscal year 2020, India manufactured over 200 million liters of ice cream.

Q. Which state in India consumes the most ice cream?

Ans. Delhi and Gujarat are tied for 30% of overall ice cream consumption in the country. Gujarat contributes to well over 12% of the country's ice cream revenues, totaling around 1.3 billion euros. The western part of India has a stronger preference for ice cream as a dessert, particularly when compared to other Indian cities.

Q. Does Baskin Robbins have vegan ice cream?

Ans. Vegan-friendly goods are becoming more common in India as plant-based meals become more prevalent. Therefore, Baskin Robbins India has also joined the club of vegan ice cream manufacturers. Non-dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Extreme are among its vegan options, made with fine ingredients and the creamiest coconut milk.

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