Water Tank Manufacturers in India [Top 11 Manufacturers]

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Water Tank Manufacturers in India [Top 11 Manufacturers]

Below is a list of some water tank manufacturers in India who deliver the best quality water tanks.

  • Sintex
  • Neropure
  • Easytanks
  • RC Plasto Tanks and Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
  • Supreme Industries
  • Storewell
  • Vectus
  • National Plastics
  • Aquatech
  • Supreme
  • Sheetal

1. Sintex

  • Sintex is undoubtedly the best and the most widespread company to deliver high-quality water tanks. Established in 1931, this company is the largest plastic water tank manufacturer in India. It also has offices in other countries like the USA, France, Germany, Africa, and Asia.
  • You can easily see a Sintex water tank in black or white shade in almost every Indian house. They have a wide variety of water tanks in different colours and shapes. Moreover, they also manufacture underground water tanks, antibacterial water tanks, and loft tanks.
  • Besides producing water tanks, they also make other plastic-based products such as waste containers.

2. Neropure

  • Neropure is a high-quality stainless steel water tank manufacturer in India. They are best in the case of storing water without worrying about contamination. They also maintain the temperature of the water.
  • Neropure is well-known for its hygiene, durable, and highly resistant products. They use high-quality products to construct their tankers. Their tank's life expectancy is a minimum of 20 years.
  • A steel water tank can be best for areas with high temperatures. During scorching days, the plastic of the tanks melts or reacts with water. This reaction causes serious problems when an individual ingests the water. Therefore, steel tankers are the best alternative for a healthy water supply.

3. Easytanks

  • Easytanks to deliver with stainless steel water tanks. Their steel is of very high quality and durable. Their water tanks are best for storing drinking water for commercial and domestic use.
  • Easytanks have the best functioning inlet, outlet, and overflow system. Their tanks are narrow-shaped and space-friendly, and you can easily place them anywhere. They have a capacity of about 7000 litres of water.
  • Their tanks are the best and most modern way of storing water, especially drinking water.
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4. RC Plasto Tanks and Pipes Pvt. Ltd.

  • Founded in 1986, RC Plasto has managed to become one of the leading water tank manufacturers in India despite the heavy competition in the market. They manufacture two, three, and even six-layer water tanks. They possess an ISO 9001-2001 certification and have more than 10,000 dealers in India.
  • They provide foam tanks, cartridges, loft tanks, tank filters, and special rainwater harvesting filters. Thus, you can approach them for every type of tank requirement. Moreover, they also manufacture gold water tanks, which are best for storing drinking water. They are free from any bacterial contamination.
  • They also manufacture plastic pipes, sanitary ware, and bathroom fittings with water tanks. This aspect provides them with a stronghold in the competitive world.

5. Supreme Industries

  • Founded in 1942, Supreme Industries now has a net worth of USD 410 million. They are the best and oldest water tank manufacturers. They produce 45,000 tons of polymers per year.
  • They are leaders in producing layer tanks and delivering tanks with 2, 3, and 4 layers. They produce loft and underground tanks and tank covers.
  • Besides tanks and tank covers, they also build drainage and piping systems. Their headquarters is in Mumbai.

6. Storewell

  • Storewell offers a wide array of products for both commercial and domestic uses. They have a wide variety of storage drums, planters, Kalash Kumbh, litter bins, and wheelbarrows. The manufacturing of these products is a three-step unique rotational moulding technology. These steps include loading the polymer into the mould, then heating it to a fusion of its polymer, cooling, and then unloading the mould.
  • Storewell has a wide range of water tanks in black colour ranging from 200 litres to 10,000 litres. They have two models: ISI and non-ISI models. The difference between them is non-ISI models have layering tanks with 2, 3, and 4 layers.
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7. Vectus

  • Vectus is the first company to add blow-moulded tanks. Being the first, they are the biggest manufacturers of moulded tanks in India.
  • The polymers used by the company to produce the tanks are from Low-Density Polyethylene with high-Density Polyethylene. They distribute their products almost everywhere in the country. They possess an ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • The tanks are antibacterial and have different colour ranges. They have a capacity of 400 to 1200 litres with a warranty of 5 years. They possess 4-layered tanks.

8. National Plastics

  • National plastics are the producers of specified plastic water and different chemical storage tanks in India. Their tanks have a capacity of 500 litres to 5,000 litres and come in a large variety: loft tanks, underground tanks, and vertical tanks.
  • The tanks of National Plastics are triple-layered in a shiny white colour. They have three layers to prevent any UV penetration and prevent any bacterial or fungal activity.

9. Aquatech

  • Aquatech products are specially made from the process of Biaxial Rotomoulding. They have a very compact shape and are lightweight. They quickly catch a customer’s eye.
  • The tanks have a free-standing horizontal shape, enabling you to carry them easily to different places. They have special UV protection; therefore, you can use them both indoors and outdoors.
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10. Supreme

  • Supreme is a seven-decade-old trustworthy company. They are the biggest plastic product manufacturers in India.
  • The tanks have a capacity of 500 to 1000 litres of water. The three-layering system makes the tanks UV resistant and prevents any microbial activity. Water temperature also remains stable inside the tanks.

11. Sheetal

  • Sheetal is the first-ever company in India to get an ISO 9001-2000 accreditation. They are high in demand, especially in Northern India. The tanks have an attractive pink shade and are a little transparent, which helps to check the water inside. It is highly durable and resistant to harsh climatic conditions.
  • Besides supplying water tanks, they deliver different materials, mainly dustbins, many kinds of biomedical bins, different types of trolleys, many waste collection and tricycles, household bins, also and landfill sites.
  • Thus, they possess a stronghold in the market. They supply the tanks in different cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Shillong, Haryana, Chennai, Kolkata, and others.


It is very important these days to keep tanks in every household and industry. Above mentioned are the top water tank manufacturers in India, their history, the materials and the technology they used. Hope the facts will make your choice easier.

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FAQs on Water Tank Manufacturers

Q. Which company has the best water tanks in India?

Ans. The best water tank manufacturers in India are:

  • Sintex
  • Easytanks
  • Aquatech
  • Neropure
  • Store well
  • Vectus
  • National Plastics

Q. Which tanks are best for storing drinking water?

Ans. Poly tanks are best for storing drinking water. They are UV resistant and heat resistant too. Moreover, they inhibit microbial growth. The layers prevent bacterial or fungal production inside the tanks.

Q. What is the price of a Sintax 1000 litre water tank?

Ans. The price of water tanks varies from which type of tank you choose. The cost of 1000 litres of a three-layer sintax water tank is about Rs. 8694.

Q. How to choose a water tank?

Ans. Choosing a water tank is a crucial step. Every house or industry needs a water tank to meet water requirements.

You must know about the area where you have to place the tank. If you have to keep the tank outdoors, go for a triple-layered tank. In the case of drinking water storage tanks, choose steel tanks instead of plastic tanks.

If you don’t have enough space and often change places, choose compact horizontal tanks for convenience.

Q. What is the best material for water tanks?

Ans. The best material for manufacturing water tanks is polyethene. The tanks made up of polyethene have a long life and are highly durable.

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