Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India [Top 5 Companies]

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Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India [Top 5 Companies]

Glass bottles made of glass by glass bottle manufacturers in India come in a wide range of sizes, but the most common sizes are between 200 millilitres and 1.5 litres. Glass bottles are commonly used for culinary sauces, soda, liquor, cosmetics, pickling, and preservation. These bottles are functional and have a role in commercial enterprises. Ancient man created the first bottles or jars. To produce glass, ingredients were heated, and clay shapes were dipped into the molten liquid. When the glass cooled, the clay inside was chipped away, leaving only the hollow glass vessel.

Future Prospects for glass bottle manufacturers in India

The India Glass Packaging Market is expected to develop at a CAGR of 6.94% during the forecast period. Packaging manufacturing and production, as well as related industries, are only located in a few countries where packaging has a significant economic influence. The focus has switched away from the glass packagers of the nation and toward the pharmaceutical industry.

In pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, India has the world's second-largest workforce. The pharmaceutical business will expand during the next decade, according to the Indian Economic Survey 2021. The pharmaceutical industry in the nation is predicted to be valued at USD 41 billion in 2021, USD 65 billion in 2024, and USD 120-130 billion in 2030. ​

The non-porousness, impermeability, eco-friendliness, and aesthetic appeal of glass bottles are contributing to their increase in their use in the packaging industry. The glass industry is well established in India and has long been a cottage industry. In recent years, the company has shifted from manual labour to sophisticated automated technology. According to Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd, India's per capita glass packaging usage (1.8kg) is far lower than that of other countries.

Increased consumer environmental consciousness is also boosting the glass packaging industry since glass packaging is a reusable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging. Consumer lifestyle changes and growing disposable incomes are also expected to drive industry growth.

Increased competition from other forms of packaging, such as aluminium cans and plastic containers, is one of the market's major concerns. The goods are lighter in weight than thicker glass, and they are becoming more popular among producers and buyers due to decreased carriage and shipping expenses. Furthermore, in recent years, the glass packaging sector has focused on strengthening traceability to reduce counterfeiting in the nation.

The glass manufacturers in India are talking about using permanent markers on containers to safeguard customers from the dangerous behaviour of counterfeit goods producers. The country's current trend of investing in COVID-19 vaccines is emerging as a key driver of vial growth. According to IBEF, the Indian pharmaceutical industry meets more than half of the worldwide demand for different vaccines and about 40% of the generic market in the United States and 25% of all drugs in the country.

Only the use of glass packaging solutions, particularly bottles, is expanding in India, as Indian consumers prioritise eco-friendly and health-conscious options and choose glass packaging over other options. Furthermore, the country is home to a bevvy of enterprises that provide glass packaging solutions for a variety of sectors, like Hindustan National Glass and Asahi India Glass.

In addition, two of the country's most well-known hotel brands, Marriott and Taj, announced plans to phase out the usage of PET bottles in favour of paper-sealed reusable glass bottles. The activities of other players are expected to occur in the next few years, boosting the country's need for glass bottles.

Several glass packaging businesses have invested in India's expansion ambitions due to the country's increasing demand. Such development goals are projected to continue in the coming years, fuelling demand for glass bottles and containers over the projection period.

Top Glass bottle manufacturers in India

Name of Manufacturer


Piramal Glass Limited

4213/5/3, M Swamy Temple Street, 2, A, Subramanyanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560021

Ajanta Bottle Pvt. Ltd

A109, RG Complex, Motia Khan, Above HDFC Bank, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110055


C-19,20, Industrial Estate, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh 283203


Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd. 2, Red Cross Place, Kolkata - 700001. West Bengal, India

ShopGuru India

Agra Rd, near Meera Chauraha, Humaunpur, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh 283203

1. Piramal Glass Limited

PGP Glass Private Limited is a well-known pioneer in glass packaging design, fabrication, and decorating (flaconnage). They established the benchmark in packaged glass industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and perfumes, and speciality food and beverage.

Under the worldwide renowned brand name "PGP Glass," they provide packaging glass in over 50 countries. With 12 furnaces and 65 production lines, they have a total capacity of 1475 tons per day and a design, manufacture, and decorative presence throughout the United States, Sri Lanka, and India. To meet the needs of their worldwide clientele, their production facilities provide premier options in terms of layout, design, and technology.

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2. Ajanta Bottle Pvt. Ltd

Ajanta Bottle Private Limited (formerly Ajanta Packaging Company) has been manufacturing glass bottles and jars since they were founded in 1981. It’s among the well-known brands where the production of high-quality, trustworthy, and verified glass bottles and jars throughout the world.

With a presence in five countries abroad and every state and union territory in India, they cover the glass packaging demands of all of India's leading food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries with a variety of 177+ glass bottles and glass jars. The firm operates warehouses in Roorkee, Mumbai, and Delhi.


Eagle Glass Deco (P.) Ltd. is a well-known Glass Decoration Unit in Firozabad, India (India). It was founded in 1996 and was officially registered with the Kanpur Registrar of Companies on August 20, 1996. Eagle Glass Deco (P.) Ltd.'s directors are 1) Shri Devendra Kumar Jain, who has been working in the glassware industry for over forty years, and 2) Shri Rajendra Prasad Jain, who is equally experienced and involved in the glassware industry.

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H.N.G is a prominent producer, exporter, and supplier of Perfume Bottles, Medicine Bottles, Bottle Accessories, and other related things with over five decades of expertise. The company provides high-quality packaging for the fragrance, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries. Among the services they provide are complete bottle design, manufacture, and accessories. To meet the unique needs of their customers, they strive to create unique and fashionable glass bottle designs. In addition, they adhere to the ideals of accurate labour, high-quality inputs, and comprehensive integration of all client demands.

5. ShopGuru India

Shopguru India has climbed to the ranks of famous glass producers by providing a diverse range of high-quality, eye-catching, and soft to touch glass items. They have risen through the ranks by capturing the hearts of their consumers with our Tea Light Holders, GlassFish Bowls, Glass Bottles, Glass Jars, Glass Tumblers, and All Kinds of Glass Items. They have been able to design and deliver their services on time and with ease due to their continual investment in cutting-edge technology. This is why the company, based in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, is regarded as one of the greatest in the business.

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The India Glass Packaging Market helmed by glass bottle manufacturers in India is competitive due to the presence of several industry rivals, resulting in moderate market fragmentation. To grow their market share, market actors use techniques such as product innovation, alliances, and mergers and acquisitions.

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FAQs on Glass Bottle Manufacturers

Q. Which company is the largest among the glass bottle manufacturers in India?

Ans. Piramal group is the largest glass bottle manufacturer in India.

Q. Which company is the largest glass manufacturer in the world?

Ans. Saint-Gobain S.A. is the largest glass manufacturer in the world.

Q. Which city is known for its glass industry?

Ans. Firozabad is known for its glass industry.

Q. Which state is the leading producer of glass in India?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh is renowned for its glass industry.

Q. When was glass first manufactured?

Ans. Archaeological evidence suggests that the earliest man-made glass appeared around 3500 BC in the areas of Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt.

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