Cricket Bat Manufacturers in India [Top 6 Manufacturers]

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Cricket Bat Manufacturers in India [Top 6 Manufacturers]

Cricket is India’s most beloved sport. The cricketers on the national team are idols of young people everywhere. Their skill has transformed the sport into an art. Cricket bats are an essential piece of equipment for the game, and almost every Indian household has at least one. The equipment has evolved since the birth of the game, and India is home to some of the best cricket equipment companies globally. As a result, cricket bat manufacturers in India are highly regarded in the world of cricket.

The Wood Used for the Bat

Traditionally, willow is the wood of choice for a cricket bat as it is tough, light, and easy to work with. There is a specific variety of white willow used for the manufacturing of cricket bats, and it’s also called “Cricket Bat Willow”. The wood is further toughened by treating it with raw linseed oil. The premium quality of the wood is why cricket bats can handle high-speed impact without splintering or breaking. Cricket bat manufacturers in India and abroad prefer English willow over any other kind of wood.

Cricket Bat Industry in India

India has one of the most active cricket bat manufacturing industries in the world. In fact, the World Cup-winning Indian squads routinely use Indian cricketing equipment for their matches. In India, the wood used for cricket bats is harvested from willow trees found in the Northern states of Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, and Gujarat. Indian bats used by amateurs are often made of Kashmir willow - which is a cheaper alternative to the exclusive English willow. Cricket bat manufacturers in India routinely use Kashmir willow to craft exquisite bats.

The Best Cricket Bat Manufacturers in India

Take a look at some of the best cricket bat manufacturers in India.

1. Sareen Sports Industries - SS

Founded in 1969, one of the best-known cricket bat manufacturers in India is Sareen Sports, popularly known as SS. Its most famous and iconic product is the Sunridges bat, which was used by veteran batsmen like VVS Laxman and Virender Sehwag.

The main factory of the brand is located in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. They use wood sourced from India and abroad. It’s popular among professional cricketers of other countries as well. For example, the Protean middle-order batsmen Quinton de Kock and JP Duminy all played with the SS Retro bat. The brand is very popular in Pakistan and Bangladesh as well.

2. Sanspareils Greenlands - SG

Another classic Indian cricket bat brand is SG, used by amateur and professional cricketers in India and abroad. Established by brothers Kedarnath and Dwarakanath Anand in Sialkot in 1931, it is one of the oldest cricket brands in the land. After the partition, the Anand brothers shifted to Agra and Meerut.

It’s one of the most legendary cricket bat manufacturers in India, their bats have been used by stalwart sportsmen like Sunil Gavaskar, Rohit Sharma, Rahul Dravid, and Virat Kohli. Dravid used the SG King Cobra (made out of English willow) for some of the most memorable test cricket performances in his career. The bats have handles made of sarawak cane.

3. MRF Sports Goods

Another iconic cricket bat brand name is MRF, popularised by the “God” of cricket Sachin Tendulkar, who was also the main brand ambassador during his active years. Madras Rubber Factory or MRF is actually one of the oldest tyre companies in India. They branched out into cricket equipment in the 1970s and 1980s.

Right now, MRF bats are used by Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan. They have a fantastic line of English and Kashmir willow bats - making them the most popular cricket bat manufacturers in India among cricket fans in India and abroad.

4. B. D. Mahajan and Sons - BDM

BDM is a classic Indian cricket equipment brand that started in 1986. This is one of the best cricket bat manufacturers in India, and they’re very well-known for their affordable professional bats. Like most Indian cricket bat companies, BDM is also based in the city of Meerut. They have a stunning line of products made of both English and Kashmir willow. BDM was used by many of India’s most well-known cricketers, such as Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, and Virat Kohli.

BDM has also managed to exert considerable influence in overseas markets. Their bats are popular among amateur and first-class cricketers in Australia and New Zealand. Their most iconic products are the BDM Dynamic Power and the BDM Boom, both are made of English willow.

5. A2 Cricket Bats

SS, SG, BDM, etc. are classic cricket equipment companies, preferred by experienced and newbie players alike. Launched recently, A2 Cricket is a new company taking the Indian market by storm. Their bats are crafted with premium English willow and conform to the highest quality standards. Indian skipper Mithali Raj is their brand ambassador and primary spokesperson.

Based in Lucknow, A2 cricket has an amazing line of English willow products. The A2 Astral, A2 Acme, and the A2 Vertex are the most popular cricket bats that they currently make. Their website also has a very popular feature where customers can design their own unique bats. Despite their recent launch, A2 Cricket has made a name for itself as one of the finest cricket bat manufacturers in India.

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6. CEAT Tyres and Cricket Equipment

Just like MRF, CEAT is another Indian tyre company that has made its entry into the world of cricket. Although first established in Turin, Italy, CEAT has made its mark in the Indian market.  Their bats 'Hitman' and 'Resolute' are used by Indian ODI skipper Rohit Sharma and opener Ajinkya Rahane.

In fact, the Hitman is made of English willow and is one of the finest cricket bats in the country. It is an example of expert craftsmanship, and it is suited for all kinds of batting styles. The handle of the autographed bat has been made with premium Singapore cane. As far as cricket bat manufacturers in India go, CEAT is one of the most recognisable and iconic.

Some Advice About the Maintenance of New Bats

  • Newly bought cricket bats are not ready to be played with. Before they can be used, they need to be broken in.
  • The soft fibres of the wood need to be hardened to withstand the impact of the hard deuce ball when used in a match.
  • To do so, experts use a method called “knocking”, where the bat's face is struck repeatedly with an old cricket ball or a special wooden mallet.
  • It is also advised to fill in the soft fibres of the bat’s wood by oiling it with raw linseed oil. Linseed takes time to dry and toughens up the wood properly.
  • Treatment with the oil also protects the bat against changes in humidity and temperature, which are very volatile in the Indian climate. Otherwise, the bat may snap or split into two. Bats have also been known to warp.
  • Bats used regularly need to be oiled from time to time. This gives the batsman better control over the shots they make.

Cricket bat manufacturers in India provide the equipment you need to keep your bat in good condition. Like the professionals, you need to devote time and attention to your bat daily.

Some Useful Info About Cricket Bat Manufacturers in India

Here is a helpful summary of the information about the biggest cricket bat manufacturers in India.


Estd. in

Located in

Annual Turnover

Bat Grades

SS Sports


Agra and Meerut, UP

$73.95 million 

Grade 1 to 4

SG Sports


Meerut, UP

$39.69 million

Grade 1 to 4

MRF Sports


Chennai, TN

$2.2 billion

Grade 1 to 4

BDM Sports


Meerut, UP

$3.3 million

Grade 1 to 4

A2 Cricket


Lucknow, UP

$4 million

Grade 1 to 4

CEAT Cricket


All-over India

$840 million

Grade 1 to 2


This has been a conclusive list of the top cricket bat manufacturers in India. In fact, there are many other lesser-known brands and independent craftsmen operating in the city of Meerut. However, the quality of their bats is not as good as these brands. When it comes to cricket bat manufacturers in India, it’s a fact that brands like SG and SS will have a product quality that is unmatched by any other company.

FAQs On Cricket Bat Manufacturers

Q. What size cricket bat should I use?

Ans. The size of the bat depends on your age and height. Shorter individuals and kids use harrow bats, while adult players prefer full-size bats with short/long handles. Look at the visualisation chart used by the cricket bat manufacturers in India.

Q. Which is better - English willow or Kashmir willow?

Ans. English cricket willow wood is better compared to Kashmir willow wood. It is lighter and sturdier, and gives batsmen better control over their strokes. This is why cricket bat manufacturers in India sell English willow bats at a higher price.

Q. How long do new bats need to be knocked in for?

Ans. New bats need to be knocked in for at least 4 hours before being played with. Cricket bat manufacturers in India recommend proper knocking in for at least 6-8 hours.

Q. Why are cricket bat companies based in Meerut?

Ans. Meerut is home to many classic cricket bat manufacturers in India, such as SG and SS. It is also home to small-time bat craftsmen who make customised handmade bats.

Q. Which is the best cricket bat in the world?

Ans. Many people have differing opinions, but there is some consensus that the SS Magnum and the SG King Cobra are the best Indian cricket bats. Other cricketing bat manufacturers in India may beg to differ.

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